Your Dad Will Find These Tech Gifts Useful, No Matter How Savvy He Is

An engraved Apple AirTag father's day gift ideas

Wallets, belts, neckties, “World’s Best Dad” mugs… we have all seen these cliche Father’s Day gift ideas before. Don’t get us wrong, they make for decent (if not a little boring) gifts and your old man would never frown on receiving them. But there are only so many new wallets, belts, neckties, and mugs that we can get for him before we run out of ideas. Don’t pull your hairs out just yet, as we have handpicked a list of tech-themed gift ideas that we think every dad will appreciate. Whether your dad is a tech nerd or a tech noob (sorry uncle!), these gifts will surely add value to his life!

Best Father’s Day Tech Gift Ideas For The Nerdy Dad

From getting your dad to be more physically active to keeping him occupied during his free time, you will definitely find something worthwhile with these Father’s Day tech gift ideas

1.   Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Mi

Instead of a wristwatch, get him a fitness tracker that can motivate him to get up and be more active (or lose the dad bod!). The Mi Band 8 from Xiaomi is a popular and affordable choice packed with many health and fitness features, including a blood oxygen level monitor.

2.   Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Google Store

The Google Nest Hub is a smart assistance device with a display that can do many smart things. We picked this with its video-calling feature in mind. Your dad will be able to easily hop on calls with his children and grandchildren wherever they are. After all, the ability to stay connected with family even while physically apart might be one of the greatest gifts any dad could ask for.

3.   Apple iPad (9th Gen) + Digital News Subscription + Netflix Subscription

Apple iPad 9th Gen father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Apple

Retired dads might struggle with too much free time on their hands. Why not keep them engaged with endless content with an iPad? Consider getting him a digital news or an e-paper subscription too if he is a news junkie. Also, why not throw in a Netflix subscription so he can catch up on the latest and hottest shows?

4.   Meta Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Impulse Gaming on Shopee

We’d like to believe that lots of dads are young at heart. While something like the PS5 might not jive with him, we think a virtual reality headset would make for a better Father’s Day gift idea. It not only provides wholesome fun and entertainment in spades, but also promotes active body movements for a good workout. The Meta Oculus Quest 2 is perfect because it’s easy to set up right out of the box.

5.   Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV father’s day gift ideas
Credit: WPM Online on Shopee

If your dad still watches from an old-fashioned TV, its okay! You don’t have to get a new smart TV for him to enjoy streaming content. For less than RM400, the Chromecast with Google TV will get the job done. Just plug in the little dongle to the HDMI port of any television, and it will have instant access to a variety of streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, Disney+and more. Plus, your dad will be able to cast videos playing on his smartphones to the bigger screen with just a few simple taps.

6.   Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Apple

Do you have a forgetful dad who often struggles with misplacing items like keys and wallets? Spare daddy dearest the anguish by getting him an Apple AirTag. The little puck ensures that he will never lose his most important items again as their whereabouts can be tracked with pinpoint accuracy using Apple’s advanced tracking technology. If he uses a Samsung phone, get him the Galaxy SmartTag instead which functions the same way.

7.   TP-Link Wifi Smart Power Strip

TP-Link smart power strip father's day gift ideas
Credit: TP-Link

We’re all about making our dad’s life easier, and a smart power strip is an apt product for that. With TP-Link’s wifi-enabled power strip, your dad will be able to control appliances connected to it such as turning them on and off on their smartphone (or via voice command) without even having to get up from the couch. Especially handy if your dad has movement restrictions. Besides three outlets, this power strip also includes two USB ports.

Best Father’s Day Tech Gift Ideas For The Not-So-Tech-Savvy Dad

All dads will find these super useful.

8.   70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam father’s day gift ideas
Credit: 70mai Official Store on Shopee

If your dad is still actively driving, a dashcam is one of the most thoughtful ideas for a Father’s Day gift you can get to ensure better security and protection for him on the road. Unsure of which among the gazillion models to get? We recommend the best-selling 70mai A500S dash cam which comes with dual-channel front and rear recording, Superior Night Vision, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features, among others.

9.   Russell Taylors BWS-10 12-in-1 Smart Digital Scale

Russell Taylors smart scale Father's Day gift ideas
Credit: Russell Taylors

The adage “health is wealth” rings truer the older one gets. Getting your dad something that is beneficial for his health is always a win, like a smart scale. This Russell Taylors weighing scale does more than just measuring weight and body fat, as it is also capable of monitoring skeletal muscle, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, protein rate, water intake, and more. It presents daily, weekly, and monthly health analysis through a companion mobile app. With it, your dad will be able to keep tabs on his health consistently the easy way.

10.   GINTELL G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager

GINTELL G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager father’s day gift ideas
Credit: Gintell MY on Shopee

If all you want is for your old man to relax more in his twilight years after years of hard work, consider gifting him a foot massage machine (if a massage chair is out of your budget). He can enjoy regular reflexology sessions at home which will do wonders for his overall health at no cost. Something like the GINTELL G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager would be an ideal choice, as it provides 360° foot massage with multiple synchronised workarounds that include heel top scraping, toe scraping, foot press, 3D guasa, and shiatsu massage.

11.   Edifier R1280DBs Speakers Set

Edifier R1280DBs Speakers Set father’s day gift ideas
Credit: EDIFIER Malaysia on Shopee

Have a music-loving father? Treat his ears with the Edifier R1280DBs bookshelf speaker set. Besides having wireless Bluetooth connection, these speakers can also be connected to a media-playing device (like a good old vinyl player) via cables for extra versatility. To top it all off, its classic wood finish will pass the vibe check with your old-school dad!

12.   Bosch Go 2 Solo Smart Screwdriver + Bosch Mini X-Line Screwdriver Bit Set

Bosch Go 2 Solo Smart Screwdriver + Bosch Mini X-Line Screwdriver Bit Set
Credit: Bosch Power Tool Flagship Store on Shopee

You can never go wrong with some handy power tools for the handyman dad. As this is a tech-themed Father’s Day gift idea, this is no ordinary screwdriver but an electric one. If your dad loves tinkering around and repairing items, this Bosch smart electric screwdriver will save him a lot of time and effort while being easy on the hand, thanks to its ergonomic design. 

13.   Self-Stirring Mug

A self-stirring mug
Credit: missdiysdnbhd on Shopee

What’s better than a “World’s Best Dad” mug? A self-stirring mug, we say! If your dad enjoys his daily cuppa or coffee, a self-stirring mug will make life so much easier for him. Who says gifts have to be costly to be good? After all, it’s the thought that counts!

Score Extra Brownie Points From Your Dad With These Father’s Day Gift Ideas

And there you have it! We sincerely hope some of these Father’s Day gift ideas will be able to help you get the perfect item that your dad will not only appreciate but also find immensely useful. There is nothing better than knowing that your gift will help enrich the recipient’s life in both big or small ways, more so when that person is among the most important individuals in your world. From all of us here at Shopee Blog, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome superdads out there!

Do you have any great Father’s Day gift ideas to contribute? Share them in the comments!

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