You Need A Dash Cam While Driving In Malaysia. Here Are Our Top Picks

Ask anyone who has driven on a Malaysian road and they will probably have tons of horror stories to share. We are hardly the best and most courteous road users around, and the sheer number of accidents reported every year proved that time and time again. More and more vehicle owners have taken to installing a dashboard camera or a dash cam as a precaution against any untoward incidents. These recording devices come in very handy in resolving road-related disputes by presenting undisputed video evidence. Here are the best dash cam options to get in Malaysia to arm your vehicle with (which you really should).

What Are The Best Dash Cams To Buy In Malaysia?

From well-known brands like 70mai to a unit that costs less than RM100, these are our top recommended picks.

70mai A500S Dashcam Pro Plus+

70mai A500S Dash Cam Pro Plus+
Credit: 70mai Official Store on Shopee


70mai makes some of the best quality dash cams in Malaysia, and it offers no shortage of options. As one of their bestselling models, the 70mai A500S Dash Cam Pro Plus+ offers a lot in terms of features.

It comes with a front 1994P camera (and an optional rear 1080P camera) that lets you record in either direction. Not just that, but you can also use it for navigation with its built-in GPS features. Besides, the car camera recorder even comes with an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) with lane-departure and forward-collision warnings. You can opt for an optional hardware kit which adds a 24-hour parking surveillance feature that automatically records any hit-and-run collision while your car is stationary.

70mai A800S 4K Dashcam

70mai A800S 4K Dash Cam


For some vehicle owners, getting the best visual clarity from a dash cam is high on their priority list. If you want the highest quality recordings, the 70mai A800S 4K dash cam would be a great pick. It records in 4K UHD with a wide 140° FOV (field-of-view), so you are guaranteed top-notch visuals. Nighttime recordings are also clear thanks to its super night vision feature.

Furthermore, it offers GPS navigation and ADAS features similar to the 70mai A500S Dash Cam Pro Plus+.

DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam

DDPai Mola N3 Dash Cam
Credit: DDPAI Official Malaysia on Shopee


While it doesn’t record in 4K, the DDPAI Mola N3 dash cam still offers great visuals in 2K UHD resolution. Some of its other features include infrared night vision and 24-hour parking monitoring.

You can opt for the GPS or non-GPS model. The former will give you ADAS as well as speed and location tracking. However, you can save some money by going for the standard model if GPS is not a must-have for you. 

DDPAI Mini Dash Cam

DDPAI Mini Dash Cam
Credit: DDPAI Official Malaysia on Shopee


Want a small-sized dash cam that doesn’t get in the way of your view on the road? Consider this mini dash cam from DDPai. It doesn’t skimp on the features despite its tiny size.

With its 330° rotatable lens, you can not only record what’s outside your vehicle but the interior too. Ride-hailing drivers will appreciate having this feature as a safety measure against incidents involving their passengers. The dash cam records in 1080P Full HD resolution and has night vision. You have the option of installing a separate hardware kit to enable its 24-hour parking monitoring feature.

Yi Nightscape Dash Cam

Yi Nightscape Dash Cam


The Yi Nightscape Dash Cam boasts the best-in-class night vision feature as it is engineered to thrive in low lighting conditions. Powered by the Sony Starvis sensor, it delivers incredible light sensitivity performance and superior nighttime filming, making it one of the best dash cams to buy in Malaysia.

Moreover, the car camera recorder seamlessly integrates with iOS and Android devices via an accompanying app, enabling users to quickly navigate, download, and back up footage directly to their mobile devices. Being a battery-less dash cam, the Yi Nightscape dash cam never needs to be recharged. It will continuously record as long as it is plugged into the car’s USB port.

Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 2

Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 2
Credit: JOYBUY Official Store on Shopee


The Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 2 is an affordably priced yet feature-packed recording device for vehicles. It comes in two variants—a standard 1080p model and an upgraded one that records in ultra-clear 2K quality.

Besides features like parking monitoring and voice control, it uses an electrostatic sticker paired with heat-resistant adhesive to secure a much firmer mount on the windshield. Even better, the Xiaomi dash cam won’t leave any unsightly marks when removed!

GOQ A10 Car Camera Recorder

GOQ A10 Car Camera Recorder
Credit: GOQ OFFICIAL from Shopee


If you don’t want to spend more than RM100 on a dash cam, the GOQ A10 is a good budget option that can do both front and rear recordings simultaneously. Its 4-inch display supports Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode which gives users a multi-view of all the recordings going on. Don’t be fooled by its price tag though as it is fitted with no shortage of features including loop recording support, parking protection, and motion detection.

It does 1080P Full HD video recordings with its 170° wide-angle front lens and 120° wide-angle rear waterproof lens, the latter of which is an optional install.

Add Some Peace Of Mind On The Road With The Best Dash Cam In Malaysia

car windshield front view

Road accidents can happen when you least expect them. By having one of these best dash cams in Malaysia in your vehicle, you can rest assured knowing that you will have all the evidence you need to resolve any potential disputes arising from unfortunate accidents. As these car camera recorders also offer a myriad of features, they can be tremendously useful in providing all sorts of driving assistance. So, make it an essential item to have in your car today!

Besides keeping yourself safe while driving in Malaysia with the best dash cam, you should not neglect your car’s interior cleanliness too. These best cordless car vacuum cleaners will help make sure your car is spick and span!

Have any more best dash cam recommendations in Malaysia? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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