hotel with waterpark malaysia

It’s The School Holidays! Bring Your Family To These Hotels With Waterparks In Malaysia

The mid-term school holiday is nearly here. And if you’re planning to whisk your kids away to a hotel with a waterpark, good thinking. You’ll get to wind down in the comfort of your...
birth control for men

How To NOT Celebrate Father’s Day Early: A Lowdown On Male Contraceptive Methods

Don’t want to receive an early Father’s Day card? Didn’t pay attention in science class? Specifically Form 3 Science, Chapter 4? (Spoiler alert: It’s the chapter on reproductive systems.) We don’t judge, but it’s...
father's day card ideas

11 Adorable Father’s Day Card Ideas That Kids Can Make For Dad

Dads are simply the best. They give great life advice, they fix things at home like a pro, they say ‘yes’ when mum says ‘no’, and they never fail to make us laugh with...
musical instruments for kids malaysia

9 Unique Musical Instruments For Kids That Are Cooler Than The Piano Or Guitar

So you want to unleash your kid’s inner Lang Lang, Eric Clapton, or John Bonham. But have you ever considered musical instruments beyond the mainstream piano, guitar, and drums? If you haven’t, let us...
stem toys malaysia

From Robots To Microscopes: The 11 Best STEM Toys In Malaysia For Kids

Do you have a little MacGyver or Bill Nye at home, and you want to nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills? Then STEM toys are the way to go! They’re not just fun, they’re...
Swimming classes for kids kl pj

7 Best Swimming Academies In The Klang Valley Your Water Babies Can Dive Into

With Malaysia’s year-long summer, the cool azure waters of the swimming pool can be extremely inviting for kids. While toddlers will settle happily in the wading pool, older kids will want to splash about...
Mother's Day greeting card Malaysia

10 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Cards That Kids Can Make For Mum

It’s time to celebrate the mother figure in your family! For kids, one simple way to do so is by making a handmade card for mum. A personalised Mother’s Day greeting card means so...

15 Fun Games For The Road To Ease Your Kids Into The Balik Kampung...

The balik kampung and vacation season will soon be upon us, and we all know that long car rides and kids don’t go well together. When the restlessness hits, it might be useful to...
colouring books for kids

10 Best Colouring Books For Kids To Enjoy A Gadget-Free Creative Activity

Looking for a creative way for your children to spend their time at home that doesn’t involve screen time? Then try the humble colouring book! However, don’t just go for any colouring book. Pick...

How To Teach Kids To Read At Home: Tips, Tricks, And Tools

Reading is an essential part of our daily lives. It develops our minds, inspires our imaginations and creativity, and expands our vocabulary for more effective communication. This is why it’s important to expose your...