wide leg pants outfit

10 Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas To Master This Tailored Trend

From mom jeans to baggy jeans, it’s clear that loose bottoms are all the rage in 2022. Besides denim, there’s another pair of trousers we’ve noticed embracing the baggy style: wide-leg pants. These tailored...
light academia outfits

TikTok Fashion: What Is Light Academia And How To Achieve This Aesthetic

Another day, another lesson in TikTok Fashion, and this time it’s all about Light Academia outfits. For whatever reason, TikTok always seems to have a counterpart to its aesthetics. The grungy e-boy is juxtaposed...
types of heels

Here Are The Types Of Heels Trending In 2022 Including Mary Jane Heels And...

There is almost no in-between when it comes to choosing the types of heels you’d like to have in your closet. You’re either all for the extremely tall heels that are practically impossible to...
15 Jenama Tudung Paling Laris Dan Popular Yang Wajib Ada Dalam Koleksi Setiap Hijabista

15 Jenama Tudung Paling Laris Dan Popular Yang Wajib Ada Dalam Koleksi Setiap Hijabista

Trend hijab nampaknya semakin popular, seiringan dengan perkembangan fesyen Muslimah. Maka tak hairanlah kalau sekarang ni ada banyak jenama tudung popular yang ada di pasaran. Bagi hijabista pula, kepelbagaian jenama tudung ini memberikan variasi...
white shirt outfits

Fashion Basics For Men: How To Make The Most Of Your White Button-Up Shirt

Everyone should own a crisp, white button-up shirt in their closet. After all, its versatility allows it to be worn on both formal and casual occasions, giving you plenty of style combinations to work...
fesyen pelik artis dan selebriti malaysia

5 Fesyen Selebriti Malaysia Paling Unik, Berani Dan Mendapat Perhatian Netizen

Fesyen unik selebriti Malaysia memang selalu menjadi bahan kritikan atau usikan orang ramai kerana gaya mereka yang berani dan tersendiri. Kalau selebriti Hollywood tampil unik di acara-acara berprestij seperti Met Gala, artis dan selebriti...
types of friends in heartstopper

7 Types Of Friends (And Their Personal Styles) From Netflix’s Heartstopper That We All...

(Spoiler alert) Heartstopper, Netflix’s new queer, coming-of-age series, has been making our hearts flutter with its delightfully adorable love story. Adapted from the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, the show unfolds the growing friendship,...
types of hats

19 Outfit Ideas To Rock The Trendiest Types Of Hats In 2022

There are at least three purposes of wearing a hat. Apart from functional reasons such as to keep your head warm or block out the sun, another is to hide away any messy bed...
vintage outfits for women

TikTok Fashion: 24 Vintage Outfits For Women Over The Decades

Welcome back to TikTok Fashion 101, where we break down all the different aesthetics and what you need to recreate the style! In today’s topic, we’re looking into the vast world of the vintage...
Jom Intai Persiapan Hari Raya Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Q&A Istimewa Dengan Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. Jom Intai Persiapan Hari Raya Beliau!

Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2022 mesti dinanti-nantikan oleh semua umat Islam di Malaysia. Setelah dua tahun beraya di dalam suasana pandemik dan SOP yang ketat, nampaknya kali ini orang ramai boleh menyambut Hari Raya...