Getting On A Flight? Travel In Comfort & Style With These Airport Outfit Ideas

Comfy airport travel outfit ideas for women

When you’re on board a frigid airplane for hours with little to no personal space, putting on a cosy outfit is one thing you can do to stay comfortable. Oftentimes, the challenge is to balance comfort and style so you don’t step into pyjamas territory. You’ll also need to consider the climate of your destination and your flight duration while you’re planning your airport outfit ideas. So if you need a little nudge in the right direction, these nine sharply dressed ladies will stir up some worthwhile inspo.

Get Inspired By These Comfy Airport Travel Outfit Ideas For Women

No pyjamas here, we promise.

1. The White T-Shirt

White T-shirt comfy airport outfit idea
Credit: @rosiehw via Instagram

For comfy airport outfit ideas, take a cue from the queen of cosy dressing herself, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. We love how the model-actress combined a classic white T-shirt with on-trend parachute pants and square-toe heels. And the knitted sweater, draped casually across her shoulders, isn’t just a style statement—it also provides warmth for when the cabin temperature drops.

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2. The Knit Dress

The knit dress
Credit: @linhniller via Instagram

One of the best ways to look chic at the airport without sacrificing comfort is by wearing a knit dress. Since the fabric stretches, it hugs the figure and feels as though you’re wearing a blanket. A midi-length dress paired with a linen blazer keeps you nice and toasty in flight, while throwing on a pair of Adidas Sambas ensures this is an airport outfit idea made for walking.

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3. The Black Blazer

Black blazer comfy airport outfit
Credit: @helloimritz via Instagram

Here’s another way to style the blazer—this time a black double-breasted one—for a sleek but comfy airport outfit. Since you’ll be layering, don’t be afraid to show a little skin with a scoop neck cropped top as your base. But be sure to cover up from the waist down with wide-leg slacks and a monochromatic pair of Nike Dunk sneakers.

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4. The Athleisure

Credit: @kingharriett52 via Instagram

Seamless, buttery soft leggings feel like second skin, and when you’ve got hours of sitting to do, this is a little bit of ‘luxury’ that’s nice to have. Complement your favourite pair with the usual athleisure suspects—oversized sweatshirt, high socks, and sneakers—for the cushiest airport travel outfit idea.

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5. The All White

All white comfy airport outfit idea
Credit: @harperandharley via Instagram

Nothing screams ‘beach vacay mode’ more than an all-white outfit. And in this coastal grandma look, a crinkled button-down shirt adds texture to an otherwise monochromatic look. Half-tuck it into a pair of high-waisted raw hem jeans for a bit of polish, then slip into a pair of neutral-coloured sneakers for practicality’s sake.

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6. The Blue Denim

Blue denim
Credit: @emswells via Instagram

Here’s a variation of the previous airport travel outfit idea, which uses the button-down shirt as outerwear worn over a tank top. To lend extra comfort to the outfit, dress it down with a pair of distressed, relaxed-fit jeans and muzzle toe sandals.

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7. The Activewear

Activewear comfy airport travel outfit
Credit: @emmaleger via Instagram

For short-haul flights, full-on activewear isn’t out of the question as long as you fancy it up with the proper accoutrements. Anyone can put together a colour-coordinated sports bra and leggings, but it’s the contrasting bolero and platform Mary Janes that add sartorial flair to this gym-ready outfit.

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8. The Princess Diana

The Princess Diana
Credit: @deeecupps via Instagram

Don’t know what to wear? Just recall Princess Di’s winning formula: Sweatshirt + biker shorts + chunky sneakers + high socks. Since this is a leg-baring look, it would make an appropriately comfy airport outfit idea for shorter flights. Though you might want to pack a throw blanket in your carry-on just in case it gets chilly.

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9. The Parisian

Parisian comfy airport outfit idea
Credit: @clairerose via Instagram

This crew neck shirt, khaki trousers, and belt ensemble is straight out of the Parisian women style guide. But it works as an airport travel outfit idea for two reasons: it’s completely unfussy, and classy enough so you can head straight to an appointment the moment you touch down.

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Balance Style And Comfort With These Simple Airport Outfit Ideas

Comfy airport travel outfit ideas for women
Credit: @rosiehw and @harperandharley via Instagram

Comfort is key when you’re travelling by air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look chic and put-together at the same time. Based on these nine comfy airport travel outfit ideas, layering, loose clothing, comfortable shoes, and neutral colours seem to work best. Oh, and don’t forget to keep jewellery to a minimum, or you might risk stalling the queue at airport security or setting off the scanners!

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Cover photo courtesy of @rosiehw and @harperandharley via Instagram.

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