No Cringey Dancing: Follow These Malaysian TikTokers If You’re Looking For Great Local Content

Malaysian Tiktokers

Love it or loathe it, there’s no stopping the TikTok juggernaut from dominating our social media landscape. It popularised the short-form video format, made vertical videos a norm, inspired countless copycats, and turned average Joes and Janes into mini celebrities. Anyone can be a TikToker, but not everyone can create content that attracts millions of views. And speaking of TikTokers, there’s no shortage of local content creators that make entertaining (and sometimes very informative) videos for our daily consumption. If you want to follow some Malaysian TikTokers to enjoy local content, here are among the best creators to check out.

9 TikTok Influencers In Malaysia Worth Following

Malaysian Tiktokers serving wholesome content!

1.   Khairulaming


#duet with @Gordon Ramsay #Duet haaaaa Gordon Ramsay noticed my video. Thank you! 🥹

♬ original sound – Khairulaming – Khairulaming

Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, better known as Khairulaming, is well known for his hugely successful sambal venture. Aside from his fiery Sambal Nyet Berapi business (good luck getting a bottle, BTW), the entrepreneur is widely followed on TikTok for his delectable Malaysian cooking tutorials. Such is his popularity that one of his recipe tutorials was even reviewed by Gordon Ramsay himself!

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2.   Sofyank96


It’s an honour to get to shoot with the sexiest man alive, Paul Rudd! Hope you guys enjoy this short video from us 🤍 *Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: #QuantumaniaMY is now showing in cinemas!*

♬ original sound – Sofyank96 – Sofyank96

For videos that will make your jaw drop, be sure to follow Muhammad Sofian bin Abdullah a.k.a. Sofyank. Despite his young age, he has established himself as one of the most talented digital creators Malaysia has ever seen. His VFX wizardry has even landed him opportunities to create videos with international stars, including Zach King, Paul Rudd, and Ryan Reynolds! With just green screens and his unbounded imagination, Sofian’s videos are always a feast for the eyes (and the mind).

 3.   ceddyornot


📍Imperial Dim Sum & Hot Pot @ Setia City Mall [Pork & Lard Free] Mahal ke tak? Honestly depending on how you order juga lah, when you go to Setia City Mall and you see this shop boleh je ask to see their menu. #FoodFestOnTikTok #MakanLokal

♬ original sound – Ceddy – CEO of Makan Makan – Ceddy – CEO of Makan Makan

Living in Malaysia means we’re surrounded by heavenly food left, right, and centre. There’s no way to try them all, of course, but you can refer to food reviews for the best recommendations. One of the best TikTok influencers in Malaysia to get them from is intrepid food reviewer Ceddy Ang. He’s a must-follow if you’re always on the hunt for your next food adventure—just don’t watch his videos on an empty stomach.

4.   eatwkriss


Answer @TikTok the amount of “kimchi isn’t vegan?!” questions i got after this 🥲

♬ original sound – kristin – kristin

Because we Malaysians have an undying love affair with food, here’s another food channel recommendation for you! While Ceddy brings his audiences on a gastronomy journey around town, Kristin a.k.a. eatwkriss mostly cooks up a storm in her home kitchen. Follow the young Malaysian TikToker as she dishes out simple yet delightful recipes that anyone can attempt! 

5.   ivor_xianz


Heres a non-American POV of flying 20 hours to attend Coachella 😂#coachella2023 #ivorgoing #coachellafestival

♬ original sound – Ivor trying so u dont hve to – Ivor trying so u dont hve to

What is it like attending Coachella? How much does the whole trip cost if you’re flying from Malaysia? And also, how much does it cost to have your face plastered on a New York Times Square billboard? All these and more are answered by Malaysian TikToker Ivor Lim Xian Z or ivor_xianz, who centres her TikTok channel around the premise of ‘trying everything so you don’t have to’. Yep, if you’re as curious as a cat, go follow her now for your daily dose of quirky adventures. 

6.   drima_vet


Visit to the vet. What to expect? #vetlife #TikTokGuru #JomBelajar #LearnOnTikTok #drima_vet #TahukahAnda #fyp #foryoupage #veterinarian

♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

Animal lovers, you will want to follow Dr. Salehatul Khuzaimah on her TikTok channel for educational pet care content. Besides dispensing helpful facts and tips covering a wide range of animals, her channel also frequently features adorable critters that will make you go, ‘Awwww’.

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7.   tbh77_oe


Double servis macam pro #tanboonheong #jgnganjiong #badminton #fyp #LearnOnTikTok

♬ original sound – TAN BOON HEONG – TAN BOON HEONG

Any badminton lovers here? Tan Boon Heong is no doubt a household name in Malaysia for being a world-class badminton player. Having hung up his racquet in the competitive arena, he has since turned himself into a TikTok influencer in Malaysia who creates useful badminton-related content that shuttlers of all levels will find useful. Besides serving helpful pointers, Tan is also quite the joker, often injecting some lightheartedness into his videos.

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8.   andrew_oppa


What’s the words you hate?

♬ original sound – andrew_oppa – andrew_oppa

Everyone could use a laugh on a daily basis. Remember Andrew Soh AKA Andrew Oppa? The former MGAG entertainer is now a TikTok influencer in Malaysia who continues to deliver laughs with his shenanigans. If you enjoyed watching him goof around back in the day, now you can get more of Andrew’s humour by following him on Tiktok, where he pokes fun at everything and anything Malaysian.

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9.   Top Finds Malaysia


Super convenient for parties! Product in Bl0 [956] #racunshopee #shopeemy #shopeehaul #shopeecheck #shopeefinds

♬ original sound – Top Finds Malaysia – Top Finds Malaysia

Now, we do not know the identity of the Malaysian Tiktoker behind this channel, but it’s a must-follow for those who love to shop online. It showcases all kinds of random product finds that you can buy online, and who knows, some might end up being gems you can’t live without! If nothing else, it is a lot of fun discovering new products that solve everyday problems in innovative ways.

On that note, you can also follow Shopee Malaysia on Tiktok for similar random product recommendations.

Malaysian TikTokers Do More Than Just Dancing And #Challenges

a person holding a smartphone with Tiktok logo
Credit: Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

TikTok may have gotten a lot of bad reps for enabling cringey content, but there are plenty of genuinely delightful ones to be found too. These Malaysian TikTokers’  are making content that entertains, enlightens, and educates in bite-sized manners that aren’t time-consuming. The real challenge then, is not to let TikTok consume your life!

Got more recommendations for Malaysian TikTokers? Share with us in the comments section below!

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