13 Best Badminton Rackets In Malaysia & How To Choose One

There’s probably no other sport that unites all Malaysians like badminton. Our national shuttlers are known internationally, having pretty much won all major competitions. But global accolades aside, it’s a widely enjoyed sport. To be good at badminton—aside from hours upon hours of practice—is having the best badminton racket for your skill level. With so many badminton racket brands to browse through, choosing a model that suits you can be rather difficult. We’re here to help with this major decision, so you can play your best. 

How To Choose The Best Badminton Racket In Malaysia

Much like all other racket sports, donning the most expensive equipment on the court doesn’t guarantee victory. It’s more of knowing your style of play, abilities, and how the racket can further enhance those attributes. As a whole, here are a couple of things to consider before picking your weapon of choice. 

Weight: Each racket’s weight is denoted by a “U”. The smaller the number, the heavier the racket. It’s a matter of preference here; some players feel they drive shuttlecocks better using a heavy racket while others prefer more net-control with a lightweight option. 

Unit Weight
2U 91g – 95g
3U 86g – 90g
4U 81g – 85g
5U 76g – 80g
6U 71g – 75g
7U 66g – 70g

Balance point: The anatomy of a badminton racket is divided into three main sections: head, shaft, and handle. When thinking about how to choose a badminton racket, weight distribution between the sections is important. Head-heavy rackets result in powerful strokes, whereas a head-light racket is much easier to control for quicker smashes. 

String tension: If you play with more force, a higher string tension setting will add to your advantage. However, the downside is that it will snap easily as compared to lower string tensions, which last longer though yield less power. 

The Best Badminton Rackets In Malaysia For Beginners 

These options are great if you’re just starting out, or in the midst of gauging your playing style.

1.   Yonex Nanoray 70 Light

Yonex Nanoray 70 Light best badminton racket
Credit: Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Official Flagship Store on Shopee 

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly badminton racket for beginners, the Yonex Nanoray 70 Light is a solid choice. Known as one of the best badminton racket brands in the world, Yonex’s quality is second to none. Featuring a sturdy graphite frame, the Nanoray Z-Speed is evenly balanced, which gives you full control over the shuttlecock without slowing you down. Available in two bright colours, the racket certainly looks as good as it plays. 

2.   Yonex Arcsaber

Yonex Arcsaber best badminton racket
Credit: Supercourt Official Store on Shopee

The Arcsaber series is one of Yonex’s lighter models. As such, it’s also suitable for women and children. Furthermore, it gives you full control of delicate net shots and fast responsiveness on the court. Meanwhile, the oblong-shaped frame distributes the strings at a similar length, further expanding the range for effective smashes. All in all, the Arcsaber is the best Yonex badminton racket if you are a casual player who doesn’t want a sore arm the next day. 

3.   Yonex Nanoflare 001

Yonex Nanoflare 001 best badminton racket
Credit: Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Official Flagship Store on Shopee

Primed for high swing speed and manoeuvrability, the Yonex Nanoflare 001 is a head-heavy racket made with graphite material. While the aforementioned Nanoray 70 Light focuses on balance, the Nanoflare 001’s longer shaft gives players the control needed for quick, offensive plays.

4.   Victor JetSpeed JS01

Victor JetSpeed JS01 best badminton racket
Credit: victor.os on Shopee

The JetSpeed JS01 is a fun badminton racket to use, and one of the best for doubles. It’s light with an evenly balanced shaft, and a perforated grip surrounds the handle to prevent slippage. Despite its feathery build, the racket doesn’t feel flimsy at all thanks to a full-graphite body. Plus, it comes with a matching bag to store water bottles and sweat towels

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5.   Carlton Aeroblade TI

Carlton Aeroblade TI best badminton racket
Credit: Carlton Official Store on Shopee

A starter racket to withstand wear and tear, the Aeroblade TI comes with a tempting price tag of under RM100. Don’t be mistaken, the racket isn’t poor quality by any means. The body is constructed with hardy steel and the factory-laced strings ensure durability for long periods of play. Furthermore, an even weight distribution makes it good for both practising and competitive matches. 

The Best Badminton Rackets For Intermediate Players  

These options are suitable for players who have identified their playing styles, but want to continue working on their techniques.

6.   Yonex Astrox 88D

Yonex Astrox 88D best badminton racket
Credit: Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Official Flagship Store on Shopee

The 88D is among the latest models in Yonex’s Astrox line. A hard-hitting racket, the 88D is head-heavy to help you make powerful smashes with ease. Another cool thing to note is that the racket is built using the Rotational Generator System, a mechanism that shifts the momentum of each shot accordingly, resulting in lightning-quick returns. 

7.   Li-Ning Windstorm 72S

Li-Ning Windstorm 72S best badminton racket
Credit: Vsmash Sports on Shopee

Over the past decade, Li-Ning has ascended to become a prominent badminton racket brand, partly due to its roster of shuttlers and quality rackets. If you are looking for recommendations, check out the Windstorm 72S. Part of the Extra Skill Series, the racket shines best at rapid exchanges, making it an effective companion in a doubles game. The shaft is engineered to reduce drag, which also helps with the flexibility of the head. It works best with high-tension strings. 

8.   Yang-Yang Quantum Saber 8001

Yang-Yang Quantum Saber 8001 best badminton racket
Credit: Young Official Store on Shopee

Are you known for your aggressive style of playing? Can’t finish an exchange without deploying a killer smash? If this sounds like you, the Yang-Yang Quantum Saber 8001 will do you no wrong. The stocky Japan-made graphite shaft secures every stroke, so you don’t have to worry about any resistance in your shots. Meanwhile, the frame retains shape and is likely to bend and curve, no matter the abuse you put it through. 

9.   FELET Aero Carbon

FELET Aero Carbon best badminton racket

The Aero Carbon is a double-edged sword. In a sense that it’s adaptable to a variety of playing styles. Whether you are going on the offensive or hunkering down in defence, the Aero Carbon will sort you out. Additionally, its Aero Hexa Frame delivers devastating smashes without losing the force and control of the stroke. Overall, this is one of the best badminton rackets for intermediate players. 

The Best Badminton Rackets For Advanced Players

These options are suitable for seasoned players who require a reliable and sturdy racket.

10.   Gosen Gravitas 8.0SX

Gosen Gravitas 8.0SX best badminton racket
Credit: Vsmash Sports on Shopee

Gosen’s Gravitas series was introduced as an all-rounder racket for optimum playability. The novel frame shape provides a balance between speed, power, and control, allowing players to efficiently switch styles when required. A choice racket for players who crave flexibility on the court.

11.   Yonex Duora Z-Strike

Yonex Duora Z-Strike
Credit: Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Official Flagship Store on Shopee

The Yonex Duora Z-Strike is an offensive racquet designed to boost power, speed, and control, which gives players a tactical upper hand on the court. Not only does it pack a handful of racket technologies that include nanometric build material, isometric design, and lightweight T-Joint, but it is also used by some of the current world-class badminton players.

12.   Li-Ning Calibar 900C

Li-Ning Calibar 900C
Credit: Vsmash Sports on Shopee

Li-Ning is one other badminton racket brand that caters to high-level playing. Specifically, the Calibar 900C. As one of the most expensive badminton rackets on this list, it boasts a geometric racket frame that greatly reduces air resistance for powerful returns. All in all, a stellar racket to bring your game to new heights. 

13.   APACS Commander 80

APACS Commander 80
Credit: Vsmash Sports on Shopee

With a name as commanding as “Commander”, one should expect the racket to effortlessly defeat opponents of all kinds. And that’s exactly what this APACS racket aims to do. The construction revolves around APACS’s latest innovation build with high modulus graphite; from the slim shaft to the cylinder frame. The Commander 80 also boasts an aero design that helps decrease air resistance and creates a solid hitting feel and quick swings.

Choose The Best Badminton Racket In Malaysia For Your Next Game

a shuttlecock on a badminton racket
Credit: Frame Harirak via Unsplash

As restrictions start to loosen for indoor sports, badminton will once again become a popular pastime for Malaysians. If you wish to get back on court but lack proper equipment, you need to know how to choose a badminton racket. The brands on this list are worth checking out. To prep you for success, put on these best badminton shoes, a roomy bag to store essentials, socks, and appropriate apparel! For more choices on sports equipment, check out the Shopee Sports Mall for exclusive discounts and vouchers!

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