best parenting books malaysia

Raising Kids Is Hard. Make It Easier With These 7 Best Parenting Books In...

From making sure your child eats and sleeps well to dealing with temper tantrums, parenting can indeed seem like a string of endless conundrums. In times like these, parenting books can be a useful...
Karen Siah postnatal postpartum exercise malaysia

Malaysian Pregnancy Fitness Instructor Gives Us The 101 On Postnatal Exercises

Pregnancy is a beautiful and life-changing experience, but it also alters a woman’s body in the process for better or for worse. This is why so much emphasis is placed on postpartum recovery, and...
Karen Siah exercise for pregnant women Malaysia

The Most Common Questions On Prenatal Exercises, Answered By An Expert

Pregnancy and exercise are two things that aren’t commonly associated with each other. Simply because there exists beliefs and old wives’ tales that any sort of exertion may harm a pregnancy. In reality, the...
types of braids for girls

12 Simple Braid Hairstyles For Girls That Even Dads Can Learn

Are you a mum running out of ideas on how to style your kid’s hair? Or a dad trying to figure out what else to do besides ponytails? Let braids come to your rescue!...
hotel with waterpark malaysia

It’s The School Holidays! Bring Your Family To These Hotels With Waterparks In Malaysia

The mid-term school holiday is nearly here. And if you’re planning to whisk your kids away to a hotel with a waterpark, good thinking. You’ll get to wind down in the comfort of your...
hand, foot, and mouth disease

HFMD Cases Are Surging. Here’s Everything You Need To Know, Including Legit Home Remedies

Just when we begin to live with Covid-19 in our midst, another infectious virus returns with a vengeance. This time, it’s hand, foot, and mouth disease, a viral infection that commonly affects infants and...
birth control for men

How To NOT Celebrate Father’s Day Early: A Lowdown On Male Contraceptive Methods

Don’t want to receive an early Father’s Day card? Didn’t pay attention in science class? Specifically Form 3 Science, Chapter 4? (Spoiler alert: It’s the chapter on reproductive systems.) We don’t judge, but it’s...
father's day card ideas

11 Adorable Father’s Day Card Ideas That Kids Can Make For Dad

Dads are simply the best. They give great life advice, they fix things at home like a pro, they say ‘yes’ when mum says ‘no’, and they never fail to make us laugh with...
postnatal massage for moms malaysia

7 Best Postnatal Massage Services For New Moms To Relax And Recover

The postnatal period is a crucial time for new moms to recuperate from the aftereffects of childbirth. After all, nine months of pregnancy and an arduous delivery can take a heavy toll on the...
lactation cookies recipes malaysia

5 Easy And Delicious Lactation Cookie Recipes To Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

We’ve previously written about how you can increase breast milk supply, but this time, we’re honing in on a specific snack on the list. Yes, you’ve guessed it – lactation cookies! These tasty treats...