9 Easy But Creative Deepavali Art & Craft Ideas For Kids To DIY

Deepavali art and craft for kindergarten kids and preschoolers Malaysia

Popularly known as the festival of lights, the traditional celebration of Deepavali or Diwali is said to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It is also believed that the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, would visit her devotees on that day, blessing them with tremendous wealth and good fortune. To welcome the goddess into a home, clay lamps and colourful kolam designs are often displayed by the entrance. This age-old practice is why most Deepavali decorations and art and craft projects often feature bright hues, and lamps and lights of any kind. Kids will probably find this little bit of history interesting, but pairing it with a fun and easy Deepavali art and craft session will help bring the message home!

Easy Deepavali Art And Craft Ideas For Kids To Try

Here are nine simple but creative Deepavali art and craft ideas for kindergarten kids and preschoolers to DIY.

1. Paper Plate Kolam Art

If you’re looking for an undemanding Deepavali art and craft project that’s fun for kindergarten kiddos, this paper plate kolam art is a good place to start. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like making an actual kolam, and requires only simple cutting and pasting techniques.

Supplies you’ll need:

2. Bangle Candle Holder

If you’ve got any old bangles from past Diwalis lying around the house, don’t throw them out just yet. Transform them into these rainbow-coloured candle holders instead! Just make sure the kids put on a pair of disposable gloves while they’re working on the project, as it involves very sticky glue.

Supplies you’ll need:

3. Paper Lotus Light

Here’s a Deepavali art and craft project that looks beautiful but isn’t at all difficult for preschoolers. The only challenge is cutting out the paper petals, which will require some concentration and patience from your little one. Thereafter, everything comes together quickly, forming a blooming lotus that closely resembles the real thing!

Supplies you’ll need:

4. Tasselled Lotus Flower

Five ‘petals’, a circle, and a tassel are pretty much all you need to craft this Diwali wall decor. Between these three components, the kids will probably look forward to making the tassel most, which turns out to be surprisingly easy!

Supplies you’ll need:

5. Diwali Lantern

This Diwali lantern – much like the ones made during the Mooncake Festival – is an art and craft project that’s made for kindergarteners. All they need to do is cut in straight lines, paste both ends of the lantern together, along with the metallic tape and handle, and that’s it! 

Supplies you’ll need:

6. Paper Diya

With just a handful of supplies, children can recreate the diya (oil lamp) used during Deepavali by following this simple art and craft project. What’s interesting is that the 3D ‘bowl’ is made by folding circular sheets of paper then pasting them together to form a sturdy structure. But if the kids aren’t able to cut so many circles on their own, parents and teachers can help out too!

Supplies you’ll need:

7. Paper Tealight Garland

Teachers, if you need to teach Deepavali art and craft to a group of preschoolers, this is a project that requires teamwork. The best part is that it also doubles as a classroom decoration. Have each child create their own paper diya, then string them all together into a festive garland, or two! There’s even a printable outline, so there’s no need to trace shapes on the coloured paper.

Supplies you’ll need:

8. Plastic Spoon Candle Holder

With this Deepavali art and craft project, you can teach kindergarten children to give plastic spoons a new lease of life. Simply spray-paint the ‘bowls’ of the spoon then arrange them on a circular cardboard in an overlapping manner. It doesn’t even have to be gold in colour. Let the kids go as bold or as colourful as they’d like!

Supplies you’ll need:

9. Easy Diwali Paper Lamp

Go back to basics with this fuss-free Diwali art and craft activity. While it’s simple, it also gives kids the creative freedom to draw or colour as they’d like. Prepare a variety of materials for them to draw with, such as coloured pencils, crayons, and watercolour pens, and let their creative juices flow!

Supplies you’ll need:

Celebrate Diversity With These Deepavali Art And Craft Ideas For Kindergarten Kids

Deepavali art and craft for kindergarten kids and preschoolers Malaysia
Credit: Yan Krukov and Katya Wolf via Pexels

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, these Deepavali art and craft projects for preschoolers are a great way to embrace the uniqueness of this festival. Don’t forget to explain the significance of the celebration to your kids while you’re at it. Hopefully, this will inculcate a sense of racial harmony and understanding among the future generation. Last but not least, Happy Deepavali to you and your family!

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