best mascara for asian eyes

These Are The Best Mascaras That’ll Curl, Lengthen & Volumise Asian Lashes

With our pin-straight, droopy, and short Asian lashes, finding a good mascara that will effectively hold our curls is an absolute must. It’s either that or opting for an eyelash extension, which may be...

The Best Gaming Headphones For Every Budget Level

Every (serious) gamer dreams of having a banging audio system in their gaming setup. While those with deep pockets and a big gaming space can afford to install a full-fledged surround sound system, most...
confinement centre kl

12 Confinement Centres In KL & Selangor For Personalised Postpartum Care

Gone are the days when expectant mothers have to go through the post-birth confinement period at home without access to postpartum experts. These days, there are many confinement centres throughout Malaysia offering top-notch services,...
korean natural makeup look

8 Simple Steps To Achieve The Natural Korean No-Makeup Makeup Look

Yes, we know, it’s quite ironic to put on makeup only to make it look like we’re not wearing any makeup at all. But, hey, sometimes we just want a fresh and simple look...

The Best Cameras To Get If You’re Into Vlogging And Live Streaming

In this age of TikTok, Facebook Live, and YouTube, anyone can be the star of their own show. All you need is the smartphone in your pocket to start broadcasting to audiences from all...

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