Best False Eyelashes To Transform Your Eyes From Sad To Fab

7 Best False Eyelashes To Transform Your Eyes From Sad To Fab

Take it from an experienced user: Fake eyelashes do help enhance the appearance of your natural lashes, further flattering those beautiful eyes of yours. That said, there are different types of falsies to match...
eyeliner for hooded eyes

The Best Eyeliner Tips & Products For Hooded Eyes

Perfecting your eyeliner skills is no easy feat. Besides mascara, drawing on eyeliner is probably the easiest step to completely muck up your makeup. And for those with hooded eyes, the struggle is ten...
best eyelash curlers

The Best Eyelash Curlers For Asian Eyes To Combat Drooping Lashes

When it comes to Asian lashes, the struggle to keep them curled and lifted is all too real! But with the right beauty tools, even the droopiest, most pin-straight lashes can look doll-like and...
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7 Best French Nail Tip Designs To Try This Year

The French manicure has come a long way from its clean, white-coloured tips. Today, this minimalist nail art is taking on a bolder interpretation with a wider range of patterns and colours. From the...
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The Best Makeup Sticks To Simplify Your Daily Beauty Routine

There’s a reason why makeup sticks are taking over the beauty world. For one, unlike liquid formulas, you don’t need to worry about messy application. Blending is also incredibly fuss-free, as you simply need...
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Tampil Memukau Dengan Cara Makeup Simple Ni. Cuma Guna 7 Barang Makeup Sahaja!

Setiap wanita adalah berbeza. Ada yang sukakan makeup tebal malah ada juga yang sukakan makeup simple tapi cantik. Apa pun pilihan, sebenarnya tak ada cara makeup yang betul atau salah dalam mengenakan solekan harian...