9 Affordable Women’s Activewear Brands In Malaysia For Chic & Comfy Gym Outfits

Gym outfits for women Malaysia

Going to the gym, heading out for a jog, or stretching it out in a Pilates class calls for a whole other set of outfits. Ladies, you know what we mean. While it’s important to look cute, the best gym outfits for women should work in favour of the activity you’ll be doing. After all, you don’t want to be caught mid-squat with a tearing seam, feel self-conscious over massive sweat stains, or fuss over baggy clothes getting snagged in equipment. And if you’re not keen to pay a premium for certain household brands, we’ve got some affordable alternatives for you. These ladies’ sportswear brands, including several Malaysian ones, offer high-quality pieces so you can build a versatile workout wardrobe without breaking the bank.

What Kind Of Clothing Is Best For Working Out?

What kind of clothing is best for working out
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Looking good while working out can help fuel your confidence, especially if you find the gym intimidating. But good gym outfits for women should go beyond style and aesthetics. Material, breathability, and fit carry equal, if not more, weight and here’s why.

Material & Breathability

Cotton clothes might make sense for working out since they’re light and breathable. But cotton’s exceptional ability to absorb moisture will result in heavy, damp, and sweat-laden clothes by the end of your workout. Instead, opt for moisture-wicking synthetic or blended fabrics that are designed to be breathable while still repelling sweat. That way, you’ll feel dry and comfortable in a jiffy, and ready to head to your post-workout brunch.


Fit is crucial when you’re shopping for women’s workout outfits, but the rule of thumb is to wear clothing that doesn’t get in the way of the activity. For instance, a loose-fitting tank top and running shorts will keep you light and comfortable if you’re practising for a 10K, but a fitted sports bra and leggings won’t get caught in equipment if you’re heading to the gym.

Shop These Sportswear Brands In Malaysia For Chic And Affordable Gym Outfits For Women

Who says you can’t have both?

1. Fenin

Fenin gym outfits for women Malaysia
Credit: Fenin Official Shop on Shopee

Not a fan of logos on your clothes? Fenin’s gym outfits for women are as plain as it gets—but in the best way possible. Take your pick from cute cropped tops and sports bras in an array of styles, or colour-coordinated workout sets. And if you’re in the market for buttery-soft leggings, bike shorts with pockets, or flirty tennis skirts, Fenin has them too. They’re all available in pretty pastel hues, and made with comfy, stretchable fabrics.

2. Moving Peach

Moving Peach Malaysia
Credit: MOVING PEACH Official Store on Shopee

For on-point women’s workout outfits, Moving Peach is an activewear brand in Malaysia that doesn’t compromise on style or quality. Whether it’s low- or high-impact sports you’re shopping for, you’ll find the right fit and support with Moving Peach’s comprehensive selection of sports bras and tank tops. High-rise leggings are available in a variety of colours too, as are long-sleeved jackets for ladies who struggle to break a sweat.

If you need to pick up a couple of accessories to go with your workouts, the Pilates socks, running headband, and resistance band are some of the best buys here.

3. Airdry

Airdry gym outfits for women Malaysia
Credit: Airdry Official on Shopee

Homegrown label Airdry is set to redefine sportswear with its ultra-lightweight microfibre gymwear. Its Air-Active Collection is made for women, comprising workout outfit essentials like leggings, flared pants, sports bras, and shirts. Apart from superior breathability and moisture-wicking benefits, every Air-Active apparel offers UV protection that shields your skin from harmful UV rays while you’re outdoors.

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4. Fitgear

Fitgear Malaysia
Credit: Fitgear Active on Shopee

Fitgear is a sportswear brand in Malaysia that prioritises practicality, comfort, and durability. Go with the Wind or Heather Series for breathable, quick-drying, and wrinkle-free shirts. Then pivot to the Fitgear x Aviva Collection for stretchy, seamless leggings, yoga bottoms, skirts, and biker shorts. Fitgear’s shirts, in particular, are said to have passed stringent stretch tests, so you can throw them in the washing machine time and again and they’ll stay in shape.

5. Decathlon

Decathlon Malaysia
Credit: Decathlon Official Store on Shopee

When it comes to affordable gym outfits for women, we can’t leave this sporting goods retailer out. Decathlon has a scattering of stores all over Malaysia, but did you know that they’re also available online? Gym goers will appreciate being able to purchase the same sports leggings, cropped tops, shirts, and shorts from the comfort of their couches. But the variety doesn’t end there. Decathlon also caters to more esoteric athletic wear, such as trekking pants, horse-riding jodhpurs, and golf polos.

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6. Lovito

Lovito gym outfits for women Malaysia

Lovito is best-known among ladies in Malaysia for its huge inventory of affordable clothes, but its trendy designs also extend to activewear. From cropped tops to sports tees and jackets to leggings, you’ll find fashionable options at Lovito minus the excessive costs that usually come with designer sportswear. If you’re more of a swimmer, Lovito also carries an assortment of swimsuits that will flatter the A to Z of body types.

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7. Motive Force

Motive Force Malaysia
Credit: Motive Force Muslim Swimming Attire on Shopee

Motive Force has gone beyond modest swimwear to provide budget-conscious Malaysian ladies with timeless athletic wear pieces, the building blocks of hijab-friendly workout gym outfits. Breathable and lightweight sports hijabs are available in a range of styles and drapings, as well as thigh-skimming dri-fit tops in regular to plus sizes. For Muslimah swimsuits, the fit-and-flare three-piece set is particularly popular for its modest yet flattering cut.

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8. ViQ Sports

ViQ Sports Malaysia
Credit: ViQ Sports on Shopee

ViQ Sports is a one-stop virtual shop for regular and hijab-friendly workout gym outfits for women. Its training tank tops, tees, and sports bras are designed to keep you comfortable as you move, while its tennis skirts, golf skorts, and tights are made for maximum stretch and flexibility. There are also solid Muslimah options, including turtleneck long-sleeved tops, palazzo pants, sports hijabs, and the best-selling hoodie tank that doubles as a hijab and modest exercise top.

9. Aviva Active

Aviva Malaysia
Credit: aviva.os on Shopee

Much like Airdry, this Malaysian sportswear label is all about the mighty microfibre fabric that helps sweat evaporate quickly. Between Aviva’s workout tops, sports bras, hoodies, jackets, and bottoms, its hip-lifting and tummy-tucking yoga pants and sports leggings would make flattering additions to any woman’s workout outfit. Also worth carting out is the three-in-one tight shorts that are versatile enough for lounging, swimming, and working out.

Build Your Gym Outfits For Women With These Activewear Brands In Malaysia

Gym outfits for women brands Malaysia
Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels

Rather than going for renowned sportswear brands in Malaysia, why not grab a couple of essentials from these affordable gym outfit brands for women instead? Despite their wallet-friendly prices, they also deliver on quality, comfort, and style. Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em!

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