10 Ways To Pull Off Pink Outfits For Barbie Girls Living In The Real World

Pink outfit ideas Barbiecore

The Barbiecore trend is a homage to the iconic Mattel doll’s fantastically pink and undeniably feminine aesthetic. And with the highly anticipated Barbie movie hitting the theatres in a couple of weeks, it’s nobody’s guess why this vibrant and sweet style is having a huge moment in fashion. From bright fuchsia to blush pink statement pieces, we’ve rounded up 10 ways you can do pink outfits right—styled by ‘Barbie’ herself and the best fashion influencers on Instagram.

It’s Time To Think Pink With These Easy Outfit Ideas

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

1. Houndstooth Jacket

Houndstooth jacket pink outfit ideas
Credit: @whowhatwear via Instagram

This Barbie (Margot Robbie herself!) is channelling Claudia Schiffer in Chanel Spring 1996, and so Ken you—minus the hefty price tags. Throw on a pastel pink houndstooth jacket over a bandeau bra, then belt up a pair of beige khakis to recreate the iconic look. Don’t forget the two-toned slingback heels and tiny black handbag to complete this off-duty look.

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2. Halter Top

Halter top
Credit: @handinfire via Instagram

Now here’s a pink outfit idea that plays well in proportions. We love that the skin-baring colour-block halter top is counterbalanced by a pair of floor-grazing baggy jeans. Everything’s streamlined in Barbie’s favourite colour, save for the white mesh bag that offers a nice pop of contrast.

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3. Preppy Skirt

Preppy skirt pink outfit ideas
Credit: @aimeesong via Instagram

Is it just us, or is this giving Cher Horowitz from Clueless? To style this 1990s-inspired preppy pink outfit, keep it girly like fashion blogger Aimee Song with a striped cardigan, mini skirt, and pink chequered bag. But unlike Cher, add a little spunk to the overall look with a pair of studded black boots.

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4. Bucket Hat

Bucket hat
Credit: @lissyroddyy via Instagram

It’s been a minute since the bucket hat trend came around, but it doesn’t look out of vogue in this pink and white outfit idea. In fact, it perfectly captures the Barbiecore vibes when paired with an equally pink pair of baggy jeans, a fluffy flap bag, lace-up sneakers, and a white vest top. It’s right up the Gen Z alley, but isn’t overly extra for grabbing brunch or running errands.

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5. Soft Pink

Soft pink and white outfit idea
Credit: @evachen212 via Instagram

Trust Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen to rock a minimal but elegant pink and white outfit. Flaunting a pastel pink long coat and slacks with a soft grey sweater draped over her shoulders, the plush outfit is perfect for when spring beckons. If you’re taking to the streets, keep it practical like Eva with a pair of comfy white sneakers.

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6. Pink Chucks

Pink chucks
Credit: @rabi_gram via Instagram

For the soft girls, this is an easy pink outfit idea that’s covered up but doesn’t compromise on style. Simply pair a bubblegum pink sweater and Converse high-top sneakers with classic wide-leg denims. Complete the look with a loose, romantic braid with a couple of face-framing tendrils.

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7. Babydoll

Credit: @veganfashhun via Instagram

This is a Barbiecore outfit idea that straddles Lolita territory, and we’re here for it. The look shapes up with a fuschia-hued puff sleeve babydoll dress styled with chunky black Oxfords and pink socks. The knitted pink handbag perfectly rounds out this demure ensemble. But to take it up a notch, try styling your hair with Gen Z-approved accessories like claw clips and barrettes

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8. Coord Set

Coord set pink outfit ideas
Credit: @syazanasukiman via Instagram

If you’re thinking of going all-out hot pink with your Barbiecore outfit, the coord set is a lazy girl’s solution. It requires little effort to put together and is as comfortable as pyjamas. But with the right shoes and accessories, you can elevate it into an effortlessly polished night-time look.

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9. Sweats

Sweats Barbiecore
Credit: @yoyokulala via Instagram

Just as easy to pull off as the previous pink outfit idea, the sweatshirt and pants combo is a streetwear staple. Since the oversized fit and matching sneakers are loud enough, it’s best to keep things simple as far as accessories go.

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10. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants Barbiecore pink outfit ideas
Credit: @yoyokulala via Instagram

Owners of hot pink cargo pants, this minimal outfit idea only calls for a white slouchy T-shirt and casual sneakers. Fashion influencer Yoyo Cao complements her getup with a fuzzy orange beanie, but you can always go with a pink one to up the Barbiecore factor.

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Channel Barbiecore With These Chic Pink Outfit Ideas

Pink outfit ideas Barbiecore
Credit: @handinfire, @veganfashhun, and @lissyroddyy via Instagram

Remember that doing Barbiecore well isn’t so much about dressing yourself in shades of pink from top to toe. Pink and white outfits still hit the brief, but a pop of colour other than white can make a nice visual relief (orange and black seem to be recurring hues in these 10 outfits). Above all, do you and have fun styling yourself! 

Besides pink, you can lean into the monochromatic aesthetic with our guides on how to style all-white and all-black outfits. And don’t forget to swing by Style by Shopee for deals, vouchers, and coin cashbacks on clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

Cover photo courtesy of @handinfire, @veganfashhun, and @lissyroddyy via Instagram.

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