Cargo Pants Are Not Just For The Military, Here Are 11 Ways To Rock This Utility Trend

cargo pants outfit

From combat boots to utility vests, military trends have a way of coming back in style year by year. And this time around, it’s cargo pants! Plus, following the rise of the early noughties via the Y2K aesthetic, it’s only natural for these slouchy army bottoms to follow suit. Below, we’ve compiled a list of cargo pants outfits to help you style this throwback trend without being stuck in 2002. 

Cargo Pants Outfits For Men And Women


blazer outfit
Credit: @_jjang.e and @sora_ppp via Instagram

When in a fashion rut, there’s nothing a classic black blazer can’t fix. Fashion TikToker, Jjang E,  brings an edgier and sleeker touch to his cargo pants in an all-black outfit and silver accessories. Prefer a more casual style? Then take cues from Korean model, Park Sora, who’s owning the baggy trend from head to toe. 

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Button-Up Shirt

button up shirt
Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

If you feel that a blazer is a bit of overkill or far too warm for our Malaysian weather, grab a loose button-up shirt instead. It achieves a similar juxtaposition between casual and formal as a blazer would, but in a lightweight and more breathable fabric. To amp up your style even further, pay special attention to the cut and design when picking out your shirt. It can be ruffles, asymmetrical buttons, or puff sleeves—these little details can make all the difference to your outfit. 

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Hoodie + Bucket Hat

hoodie cargo pants outfit
Credit: @kougrm and @alvssa_via Instagram

Own your hypebeast aesthetic in your cargo pants outfit with an oversized hoodie and chunky dad sneakers. Don’t forget to top it off with a matching hat of choice to elevate for an even cooler vibe. 

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Neutral Sweatshirt

Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

Prefer sweatshirts over hoodies? Opt for a neutral monochromatic colour palette to get a clean and effortless look. Keep in mind that the key to nailing the monochromatic style is the balance between lighter and darker shades. Your outfit shouldn’t just be in one main colour, but a gradient blend of hues. This will help prevent your outfit from appearing too one-dimensional. 

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Matching Utility/Cargo Jacket

utility jacket style
Credit: @x.xxrsk17 via Instagram

You can’t go wrong with styling your men’s cargo pants outfit in a full-on utility get-up. Apart from being functional, the extra pockets also bring a rugged element to your look. Plus, you certainly won’t need to worry about losing your house keys with this outfit! 

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Oversized T-Shirt

oversize t shirt style
Credit: @x.xxrsk17 and @shahdbatal via Instagram

It doesn’t get any comfier than throwing on your favourite oversized T-shirt to complete your outfit. Vintage graphic tees paired with the camo print of your trousers are a surefire way to make a bold fashion statement. 

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Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket cargo pants outfit
Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

Besides blazers, bomber jackets are another great way to elevate your simple white tee and cargo pants combination. Opt for a colour that matches your outerwear to the shade of your pants. Bear in mind, you don’t always have to carefully colour-coordinate your outfits and experiment with any style pairing you want. But if a seamless and cohesive look is what you’re going for, then having a set colour scheme is key. 

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Off-Shoulder Crop Top

off shoulder top
Credit: @riccipamintuan via Instagram

Want to put a feminine spin on your cargo pants outfit? An off-shoulder crop top will help offset the bagginess of your trousers while giving your ensemble a softer look. This style is perfect to make a lasting impression on a first date at brunch. 

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Look Cool & Rugged With These Cargo Pants Outfits

cargo pants outfit
Credit: @_jjang.e and @shahdbatal via Instagram

Cargo pants are no longer reserved for the military, as proven by these stylish cargo pants outfits for men and women. Besides these bottoms, low-rise jeans are also making a comeback as one of 2022’s hottest denim trends. Or if you’re not too keen on this drooping waistline hem, maybe the wide-leg baggy jean trend will better suit your fashion preferences. Head on over to Style By Shopee for more fashion inspo.

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