14 Cool Ways To Style A Bucket Hat Based On Your Personal Style

bucket hat outfits

We’re not going to lie, we didn’t think the bucket hat style would stick around for as long as it did. And yet here we are, in the middle of 2021, with the retro head accessory making its rounds on social media. From hypebaes and hypebeasts to bold Y2Ks, there are many different ways to wear the gen-Z fashion staple. Ahead, we’ve compiled a list of bucket hat outfits to help you style it the right way, according to your fashion aesthetic. 

How To Style A Bucket Hat: 14 Outfits To Inspire Your Next #Ootd 

The Hypebae/Hypebeast

hypebast and hypebae bucket hat outfit
Credit: @xuminghao_o and @juliaadang via Instagram

Outfit 1: For a hypebeast-inspired bucket hat outfit, style the headwear with a matching sweatsuit or hoodie set to stay both cool and comfortable. Chunky sneakers are a must, so bring out your FILA Disruptors and flaunt them confidently in this streetwear ensemble. 

Outfit 2: Ladies, you can style it the hypebae way by starting with a white ribbed tank top to cinch in the waist and show off your feminine silhouette. Then, throw on a vintage windbreaker and slip into your favourite sweats to complete the look. Finish with your good ‘ol  Nike Air Force 1’s to maintain your effortless swagger. 

The ‘90s Kid

90s kids
Credit: @alvssa_ and @blancamiro via Instagram

Outfit 1: Embrace the ‘90s era with a loose flannel shirt worn over a white T-shirt and baggy jeans. For shoes, pull on some black combat boots to take on a grungier approach to the overall look. Or stick to your go-to sneakers for a more casual style to your bucket hat outfit

Outfit 2: Travel back in time by wearing your bucket hat with a pair of classic denim overalls. Since this one-piece get-up is relatively simple and plain in design, pick a colourful printed bucket hat for some added flair. 

The Soft Girl

soft girl bucket hat outfit
Credit: @alvssa_ and @alllisonho via Instagram

Outfit 1: If the soft girl aesthetic is up your alley, style the bucket hat with pastel-coloured outfits. Reach for a cropped cardigan to wear over a tennis skirt or dainty floral dress to exude ultra girlie vibes.

Outfit 2: For a more laid-back take of the soft girl aesthetic, your bucket hat outfit can consist of a cardigan and mid to high waisted mom jeans. Grab a versatile pair of white sneakers to complete the look. 

The Blazer Boss

blazer boss
Credit: @juliaadang and @official_yeonjun via Instagram

Outfit 1: One of the chicest ways to style your bucket hat outfit is with a powerful boxy blazer. For ladies, you can wear it with an oversized blazer as a dress for a sexier appeal. Pair it with biker shorts underneath so you don’t unintentionally flash anybody. 

Outfit 2: For guys, wear your blazer with matching pleated formal pants for a more modern version of a suit with a streetwear appeal. Top it off with a bucket hat that’s within the same colour scheme for a polished monochromatic style. 

The K-Pop Oppa

bts jungkook style
Credit: @koreadispatch via Instagram and entertain.naver.com

Outfit 1: When they’re not dressed in elaborate outfits, most K-pop idols will rock a bucket hat for their casual airport fashion looks. BTS’ Jungkook is a repeat offender with his trusty black bucket hat to complete his signature all-black style. He has fans swooning with a leather jacket thrown over a blue Hawaiian-inspired shirt, and black skinny jeans

Outfit 2: If you’re already sweltering at the mere sight of the first outfit, then go for this bomber jacket attire instead. And look out for materials like satin and nylon. They’re still not the most breathable of fabrics but they’re definitely going to be easier to wear in our tropical weather. Keep it simple with, you guessed it, a plain black T-shirt and chunky black sneakers

The K-Pop Princess

hyuna and lisa style
Credit: @hyunah_aa and @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Outfit 1: Hyuna is known for her quirky, adventurous style. She’s not afraid to dabble in some of the oddest outfit combinations. Think avant-garde mixed with granny-chic infused with everyday wear and you get a quintessential Hyuna look. In this outfit, she pairs a white bucket hat with a puff-sleeved jacket (get a similar one here), a white blouse, loose boyfriend jeans, and leopard-print sneakers. It shouldn’t work, but the Korean solo singer proves otherwise.

Outfit 2:  Is Hyuna’s look too much for you? Then bring out your “hot girl summer” style with Blackpink Lisa’s bucket hat outfit. Pairing a pale pink wrap top with black ripped denim shorts is a sure-fire way to look #staycation ready (even if you can’t travel anywhere at the moment). 

The Bold Y2Ks

y2k, bucket hat outfits
Credit: @alvssa_ and @juliaadang via Instagram

Outfit 1: The 2000s were all about being unapologetically loud with the clothes you were wearing. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the Y2K aesthetic is about making a statement. So don’t be afraid to go all out with a bold hue from top-to-toe, such as this mini purple slip dress to coordinate with your sling bag and bucket hat.

Outfit 2: You don’t always have to dress in bright neon colours and patterns to tap into the bold Y2K spirit. For those who love neutral tones, you can still rock the Y2K style with earthy hues, like this brown tank top paired with a tie-dye wrap skirt look. Remember to keep your bucket hat and shoes in the same palette.

Style Your Bucket Hat With These Different Outfit Aesthetics 

bucket hat outfits
Credit: @xuminghao_o, @juliaadang, and @official_yeonjun via Instagram

No matter your style aesthetic, there are many ways to incorporate a bucket hat into your everyday wear. Besides these 14 styles, you can also complement your bucket hat outfits with the trending sweater vest and coat your nails with these chic nail art designs to add some spice to your overall look. Want to give bangs a try but don’t know what style suits your face shape? Then find your match from one of these 10 fringe types

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