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simple nail art design

No thanks to Covid-19, getting our nails done is a luxury that none of us can enjoy as often as before. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to make doing your own manicure at home a much easier process. Whether you’re into dramatic styles or prefer a minimalist approach, there’s definitely something for you amongst these simple nail art designs

Simple And Trendy Nail Art Designs To Enhance Your Aesthetic

Smiley-Face Nails 

smiley face nail art
Credit: @nailsbymh via Instagram

Cartoon nail art designs are big this year with their playful styles and bright colours. This throwback Y2K trend is all about self-expression and getting creative with how you coat your nails. 

Give your hands a fun makeover with bright smiley faces to put yourself in a happy mood! You can choose to paint your entire nail in pastel or neon shades for an extra pop of colour. Or allow the cheerful design to take the spotlight with a clear gel instead. 

Feminine And Retro Florals

flower nails
Credit: @nailsbymh via Instagram and love981.my on Shopee

Contrary to Miranda Priestly’s iconic quote in The Devil Wears Prada, floral designs are more groundbreaking than ever before, especially this year in 2021. This timeless print is getting a fresh new look with these simple nail art designs that are sure to give off a lovely touch of femininity to any outfit. 

From dainty daisies that adorn the tips of your nails to photo-realistic flowers, there are many variations of the delicate motif to suit your personal sense of style. 

Multi-Coloured Manicure

multi coloured manicure
Credit: @overglowedit and @betina_goldstein via Instagram

Rather than keeping your nail polish in the exact same hue for a uniform look, why not switch things up by painting each nail a different colour? This is by far the most simple nail art design to achieve. 

You don’t have to be too concerned about mismatching shades and as long as you know how to paint your nails, this is a style that you can easily replicate at home. If you’re still not too confident, then use a colour wheel as a reference when choosing your nail colours and pick the complimentary colours. 

Sparkly Rhinestone Accents

If you’re looking for a bold yet understated look, this simple nail art design is one you need to try. Rhinestone stickers have been the fashion and beauty world’s go-to accessory for some quick DIY glam. You can always rely on these tiny embellishments to add a little hint of pizzazz with minimal effort.

For beginners, it’s best to start off small with a neutral or sheer base colour and stick to a maximum of six stickers. You can either keep things minimalistic by sticking one rhinestone sticker at the centre of each nail or layer them at the base of your nails for something more extra.

Brightly-Coloured French Tips

french tips
Credit: @paintboxnails and @melodyyehsani via Instagram

With most simple nail art designs, less is more. One of the biggest trends lately is coloured French tips. So instead of fully coated nails, you’ll be letting your fingertips do all the talking. Like floral nail art, the French manicure design is no longer limited to its classic white tips and has been revamped with new twists. 

You can experiment with the thickness of how you paint your lines or play around with different shapes and patterns. However, if you’re still new to doing your own nail art, then the slanted French tips are a good place to start. 

How-to: Cut a piece of tape into a diagonal line, place it across your nails, and then fill them in with a nail gel brush liner. Alternatively, you can use the Kiss New Year Press & Go Manicure for a fuss-free method.  

A Touch Of Glitter

glitter nails
Credit: dashingdiva.os on Shopee

When in doubt, a sprinkle of glitter is always a good bet. Let your nails shine brightly with a sheer coat of shimmery glitter particles for a dramatic yet elegant style. For a subtle look, use sheer glitter nail polish to create a light sheen. 

You can also just paint one nail with glitter and have the rest of the nails coated with a matte polish. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to flaunt a full manicure packed with glitter. Opt for fake nails like this DASHING DIVA Magic Press Glitter Bomb set for a simple version of this nail art design

Yippee Ki Yay Cow Prints But Make It Fashion 

There’s always a main animal print that’s popular for the season and this year it’s cow prints. This nail art design is simple enough to do on your own without needing any major expertise. Just paint two coats of white nail polish, then add abstract black dots, and voilà, you’ve got the trendy cow print nails!

Use a large dotting tool for extra precision when drawing your dots. Have fun with different colours for a playful and vibrant style. If not keep it classy with your neutral black and white hues for more versatility. 

Marble-Lous Nail Prints

marble nails, simple nail art design
Credit: qnsi1.my and olivetreehome.my on Shopee

Marble designs have gone beyond our kitchen and home interior as they make their way to becoming one of the biggest nail trends in 2021. This simple nail art design can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on what look you’re going for. 

Taupe, earth tones are perfect for a muted and sophisticated style if you want a wearable but impactful option. If not, these gradient marble nail stickers will help you make a bigger statement. 


checkered nails, simple nail art design
Credit: kissnewyork.os on Shopee and @overglowedit via Instagram

As you scroll through Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a common trend that all your favourite influencers and celebs are sporting: checkered prints. The edgy pattern has moved on to the nail department, and it’s the It-girl’s coolest nail style to look chic and stylish. 

Plus, it’s a quick and budget-friendly way to modernise your outfits if you don’t feel like incorporating the loud design in your wardrobe. Admittedly, this nail art design isn’t the most simple of the lot as it requires a steady hand. So if you don’t have the patience for detailed work, then this checkered press-on gel will do just the trick. 

Complete Your Aesthetic With These Simple Nail Art Designs

simple nail art design
Credit: @nailsbymh and @overglowedit via Instagram

With easy alternatives like fake nails and nail stickers, doing your own manicure no longer has to be complicated. We hope that these simple nail art designs will inspire you to start experimenting with your own nails at home. You can even coordinate your manicured nails with these bold eye makeup looks, together with your soft girl outfits, and rock them in your next TikTok video. 

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