Slouchy Baggy Jeans Are In, Here Are 7 Different Ways To Style Them

If the sweatpants and mom jeans trends are any indications, it’s that looser-fitting bottoms aren’t going away any time soon. And we’re certainly not complaining! Who misses wasting five minutes just to squeeze into their pants? Skinny jeans who? We don’t know her, because this ultra-comfy ‘90s trend is taking over. Here are seven wide-leg baggy jeans outfit ideas to inspire your new street style casual looks. 

Wide-Leg Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas For Women 

With A Cowl Neck Camisole Top

blackpink jennie, baggy jeans outfit
Credit: @jennierubyjane via Instagram

When in doubt, style your baggy jeans outfit with a fitted camisole top. It brings attention to your tiny waist and balances out the excess fabric of the pants. Blackpink Jennie gives her look a simple Y2K touch with her hair tied up in a claw clip and elongated rectangular shades. We especially love the cowl neckline that accentuates her decolletage in an elegant yet sexy way. 

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With An Oversized Shirt

oversize shirt style
Credit: @farahemera via Instagram

Throw on your best oversized shirt for a more modest spin on the baggy jeans trend. Fashion influencer, Farah Emera, looks especially chic in a leather variation of the button-up look. It instantly elevates the outfit from basic to cool-girl vibes. 

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With A Bucket Hat

bucket hat, baggy jeans outfit
Credit: @alvssa_ via Instagram

Draw inspiration from Alyssa Lee and add a pop of colour to your everyday style with this ultra-bright green combination. Think a monochromatic look is a bit too full-on for you? Then do as Alyssa has done and match your hat with the colour of your top instead. And if your shirt is on the looser side, leave the last two or three buttons unbuttoned for an elongated effect. 

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With A Mesh Top

mesh top style
Credit: @cassiemasangkay via Instagram

You can never go wrong with a pair of white wide-leg jeans for a clean outfit. Fashion YouTuber, Cassie Masangkay, from duo ToThe9s, mixes sophistication and boldness by layering her ruched-up mesh blouse over her ribbed tank top. She’s also got her hair tied up in a high ponytail to let the eye-catching orange and blue tie-dye print shine.  

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Wide-Leg Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas For Men 

With A Button-Up Sweater Vest

button up sweater vest look
Credit: @mrbriansee via Instagram

Fellas, it doesn’t take much to take your basic white top and baggy jeans outfit to the next level. Sweater vests were a big trend of 2021 that’s going to be just as prominent in 2022! Not a big fan of wearing layers? Then a lightweight button-up sweater vest might be a better option for you. You can easily throw it over your T-shirt as you would with any outerwear but without suffering from the extra heat. 

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With A Sweatshirt

baggy jeans, sweatshirt outfit
Credit: @realstraykids via Instagram

Nothing is more effortlessly cool than a slouchy sweatshirt and baggy jeans outfit pairing. Stray Kids’ I.N. has opted for a cargo-designed iteration of this loose denim trend—perfect for showcasing his boyish youthful charm with a hint of street style swagger. 

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With A Varsity Jacket

varsity jacket fit
Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

With the resurgence of sweater vests and sweatshirts, it’s clear to see that college-inspired trends are here to stay! And coming right up is the preppy varsity jacket that’s been making its rounds on social media. There are many different ways to wear a sporty jacket, but sometimes, all you need is a trusty wardrobe staple like your go-to pair of baggy jeans to complete your outfit

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Stay Cool & Comfy With These Wide-Leg Baggy Jeans Outfits

baggy jeans outfits
Credit: @alvssa_ and @_jjang.e via Instagram

Wearing jeans no longer has to be such an uncomfortable experience as proven by these stylish wide-leg baggy jeans outfits. Want to give you look a subtle K-pop twist? Then you might want to check out these 13 Converse Run Star Hike outfit ideas and add the unisex sneakers into your shoe collection. Otherwise, the e-girl and e-boy aesthetic might be a better fashion match for you if you prefer a bolder style. Don’t forget to head on over to Style By Shopee for more trendy fashion updates!

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