21 Ways To Style All-Black Outfits Without Looking Boring

all black outfits

Sometimes, there’s just no beating a reliable all-black outfit. Regardless of whether you prefer a clean-cut, classy look or a casual, sporty style, a monochromatic ensemble in this timeless hue is sure to make any outfit appear more put together. Worried that your attire might turn out too “bland” or “boring”? Here are a few styling tips to make the colour black work for you!

All-Black Outfits For Men 

With A Sweatshirt 

sweatshirt, all black outfit
Credit: @nazreemmusa and hehoworld via Instagram

Sweatshirts may have been popularised as one of the biggest trends during the lockdown, but they are showing no signs of leaving any time soon. And what better way to dress up this cosy loungewear piece than in an all-black outfit? Malaysian fashion influencer, Nazreem Musa, offers a hot weather-approved attire by styling his sweatshirt with a pair of black chino shorts. Otherwise, you could also embrace the oversized, baggy trend through a loose set of pants if you prefer a more covered-up alternative. 

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With A Hoodie Set

hoodie style
Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

You don’t need to overthink your all-black outfits. On lazy fashion days, a simple hoodie and sweatpants set is all you need to look effortlessly cool when you can’t be bothered to dress up. 

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With A Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket, all black outfit
Credit: @_jjang.e via Instagram

Want to give your all-black outfit a more rugged touch? Then take cues from fashion Instagrammer, Jjang E, and start experimenting with textures in your ensemble. The large pockets featured on his cargo pants and the zipper details from the bomber jacket add an extra hint of edge to his look. 

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With A Leather Jacket 

leather jacket airport fashion
Credit: @hangsangseven via Twitter

If you’re planning a trip overseas to a slightly colder climate, now’s your chance to whip up your edgiest leather jacket! Draw inspiration from BTS Suga, and coordinate the colour of your belt buckle to match the silver elements of your jacket. This will give your all-black outfit a more cohesive look. 

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With A T-Shirt

t shirt all black outfit
Credit: @x.xxrsk17 and hehoworld via Instagram

Not too keen on long-sleeved tops? That’s no issue because you can still achieve a dapper all-black outfit even with your basic tee. Tweak your shorts and T-shirt combo by swapping your sandals for a matching pair of sneakers and throw on a bucket hat for a cooler, street-style vibe. Alternatively, you could also opt for some tailored, wide-leg pleated pants and dress shoes if you prefer a more polished look. 

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With A Button-Up Shirt

black button up shirt
Credit: @dailyhyuntae_ via Twitter

Moving on from the casual styles we’ve just covered, Stray Kids Hyunjin’s airport fashion puts a dressier spin on his all-black outfit for men. Here, he’s layered a black button-up shirt over his T-Shirt, instantly transforming his basic ensemble into a more sophisticated style. 

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With A Blazer 

blazer, all black outfit
Credit: @hehoworld and @gajenchandra via Instagram

Pairing your black blazer with matching pleated trousers and chunky sneakers is an easy way to smart yet casual. But if you’re not into a seamless all-black outfit, you can try incorporating different tones of black to prevent your get-up from looking too one-dimensional. 

Got a chest tattoo you want to show off? Then you could also consider going shirtless as, Malaysian TikToker, Gajen, has done with his look. 

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All-Black Outfits For Women 

With A Dress

feminine dress style
Credit: @mimmiiiya, @michellaccc, @jennierubyjane, and @ranim.alrifai
via Instagram

Ladies, we all know how essential it is to have a “little black dress” in our wardrobes. But really, why stop at one when you can have multiple variations of this classic one-piece? From cute and dainty to elegant and modest, there are many different styles available to fit your personal aesthetic.  

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With Shorts

blackpink lisa celine fashion show
Credit: @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Blackpink Lisa’s Celine all-black outfit stunned at the Paris Fashion Week Men’s closing show. Besides the dazzling halter top, we also love how her striking platinum blonde hair brings attention to her overall look. 

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With Flared Pants 

flared pants, y2k style
Credit: @tiny.pretty.j via Instagram

 Featuring low-rise, flared pants and platform slide-on sandals, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon is channelling some major Y2K fashion vibes in her all-black outfit

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With Accessories

all black outfits with accessories
Credit: @lalalalisa_m, @chrisellelim, and @furrazz via Instagram

Besides experimenting with tones, another thing you can do if you don’t want to commit to a full-on, black-on-black ensemble is by adding accessories to your look. This will help add a pop of colour and break up the monotony of this dark hue. 

Incorporating a printed headpiece, such as Raz’s plaid bucket hat and Chriselle’s polka-dotted bandana will make a bold statement. Otherwise, you could also go the more subtle route with matching details like Lisa’s red scarf necklace and loafers. Plus, you’ll get to show off your new hair colour

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With Edgy Boots

edgy boots, punk style
Credit: @urfavramen and @bae.trisyia via Instagram

Not a huge fan of accessories? Then try switching up your all-black outfit with a striking pair of platform boots instead. They’ll give you a boost of height and confidence that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

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Look Sleek With These All-Black Outfits For Men & Women

all black outfits
Credit: @_jjang.e and @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

From sweatshirts to platform boots, we hope this guide has shown you how to style your all-black outfit for men and women beyond just T-Shirts and pants. Prefer a maximalist style that favours even bolder prints and accessories while still sticking to a darker colour palette? Then maybe TikTok’s popular e-boy and e-girl aesthetics will become your new signature look. 

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