Got Doc Martens? Here Are 14 Ways To Style Them

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Besides Converse, there’s one other shoe brand that’s taking Gen Z by storm. From the cult-favourite 1460 combat boots to their latest chunky, platform sandals, you’ve probably seen some form of Dr. Martens shoe in most of your favourite influencers’ style looks. Just got a pair of your own but don’t know how to style them? Here are 14 different ways you can wear your Dr. Martens outfits to make the most of your new footwear. 

How To Style Your Dr. Martens Outfit In 14 Ways

With A Bucket Hat

bucket hat, dr martens outfit
Credit: @ricciyumang via Instagram

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit for an effortlessly cool aesthetic. With additional accessories, like a bucket hat or layered necklace, to go with your Dr. Martens boots, your ensemble will instantly go from basic to chic. 

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With A Beanie

beanie style
Credit: @drmartensofficial via Instagram

Not a big fan of bucket hats? Then complete your Dr. Martens outfit with a beanie instead! If you have a neutral colour scheme, opt for a striking neon hue to add a pop of colour to your look. 

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With Traditional Clothes

modern traditional wear
Credit: @urfavramen via Instagram

Put a modern twist to your traditional attire by styling your baju kebaya with Dr. Martens’ Oxford shoes. Draw inspiration from fashion stylist Deanni and play around with matching hues for a polished yet fun monochromatic ensemble. 

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With A Denim Skirt

casual dr martens outfit
Credit: @newageone via Instagram

If you’re not too big on boots or any other close-toed shoes, these Dr. Martens’s strap sandals are the choice for you. Their subtle platform heels are perfect for faking a taller height without compromising on comfort and instantly elevate any casual outfit. 

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With Denim Shorts

summer style
Credit: @drmartensofficial via Instagram

Forget about your classic denim shorts, because ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) are taking over this season. These bottoms have become an instant fave for their comfortable three-quarter length and baggier silhouette. And there’s no better way to complement this new fashion trend than with Dr. Martens’ chunky, leather sandals for a rugged touch to your summery look. 

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Anime Couple Dr. Martens Outfit

anime dr martens outfit
Credit: @sleepyboy_zzz via Instagram

Do you and your beau love binge-watching anime over the weekends? Then why not take cues from Japanese fashion influencers, Sleepy Boy and Karin, and represent your favourite anime characters in your matching couple outfits? For Tokyo Ghoul fans, Dr. Martens’ Oxford shoes are a must when recreating Haise’s academic look. Meanwhile, the higher-top, lace-up boots are a better match for Touka’s edgier, tomboy style. 

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With A Dress

dress style
Credit: @best.dressed and @pameluft via Instagram

You don’t need to limit your Dr. Martens outfits to just pants alone. Contrasting your dresses with a rugged pair of combat boots or Oxford shoes is a great way to add an extra hint of edge to your feminine style. 

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With Bold Prints

bold dr martens outfit
Credit: @drmartensofficial and @ricciyumang via Instagram

Amp up your styling game by experimenting with prints in your Dr. Martens outfits. Fellas, instead of stopping at a graphic sweater, try coordinating your socks to match the motif of your top. This will give your look an extra point of interest. Ladies, you can bring out your most vibrant patterned dress to make a bold fashion statement. 

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With A Sweater 

sweater style
Credit: @drmartensofficial via Instagram

While there’s no such thing as sweater weather here in Malaysia, it is possible to incorporate this knitwear piece into your everyday style. Though chino pants are typically the preferred choice, we suggest reaching for a pair of khaki, three-quarter shorts to wear your sweater with. Not only will it give your outfit better ventilation, but it also brings more attention to your boots. 

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With A Blazer

blazer look
Credit: @holanatasha via Instagram

When in doubt, you can always rely on styling your Dr. Martens outfit with an oversized blazer for a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. The contrast between the platform boots and the semi-formal outerwear strikes an interesting balance between business and punk. 

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How To Make Your Dr. Martens Hurt Less

Admittedly, while Dr. Martens are incredible heavy-duty shoes that can last for years and years, their sturdy material can be quite unforgiving on the feet. Try wearing your Dr. Martens indoors around the house for about ten minutes at a time to break in your shoes as much as you can. 

Once, you’re able to wear them for over an hour without any discomfort, you can start wearing your Dr. Martens outside. Even then, try not to overdo it and don’t wear them for long periods. We also suggest wearing really thick socks and padding the heels of your feet with plaster to protect yourself from blisters. 

Look Cool & Edgy With These Dr. Martens Outfits 

dr martens outfit
Credit: @ricciyumang and @drmartensofficial via Instagram

Now that you know what to do to break your shoes in, we hope you enjoy styling your Dr. Martens outfits as they become more of a staple in your wardrobe. Looking to expand your boots collection? Then check out our round-up of the six main types of boots every shoe lover should own.

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