From Candles To Sheets: 19 Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia For Every Budget

Best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia

Housewarming gifts are notorious for being underappreciated, or worse yet, regifted. And that’s a real shame, because a thoughtfully chosen one can help a new house become a home. If you ask us, the key to getting a good gift is figuring out the recipient’s aesthetics and needs. But if you’re running a blank, let these 19 housewarming gift ideas inspire you. We’ve sorted them according to budget—from under RM50 to RM300—so you don’t have to spend a fortune just for the perfect gift.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia Under RM50

Nice and easy on the wallet.

1. Objet Home Scented Candle

Objet scented candle best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: on Shopee

Nothing feels more bougie (and relaxing) than lighting up a scented candle at home after the hours-long commute from work. These Objet ones come in beautifully embossed glass jars in a variety of floral, fruity, and earthy scents.

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2. Money Plant

Money plant
Credit: The Plant Project on Shopee

An indoor plant is a housewarming gift idea that can add some welcome green to a new pad. But the low-maintenance N’joy pothos, a green and ivory variation of the money plant, is also said to bring prosperity to its owner. Who wouldn’t like that?

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3. Japanese-Style Linen Apron

Apron best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Yiming on Shopee

With all the dishwashing and cooking they’ll be doing in their brand new kitchen, this minimalist slip-on linen apron is the best housewarming gift to protect them from accidental water or oil splashes.

4. Felli Eco Lock Glass Food Container Set

Glass container set
Credit: Samaria Cutlery on Shopee

We can safely say that this housewarming gift idea will be appreciated in every Malaysian household. It’s great for storing leftovers in the fridge and heatproof enough—without the lid—to double as a casserole dish.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia Under RM100

Good stuff for an extra RM50. 

5. 100% Premium Cotton Bathrobe

Bathrobe best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Zoe Home on Shopee

Getting a new pad ready can cost a pretty penny. And if that means putting staycations on hold, these plush bathrobes will serve up cosy hotel vibes right at home. Made from the finest cotton fibres, they’re soft and highly absorbent for post-shower lounging.

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6. Hejj Bamboo Butterfly Hamper

Hejj bamboo laundry basket
Credit: Hejj Official on Shopee

The Hejj Bamboo Butterfly Hamper features a contemporary design that will blend seamlessly into a minimalist home. The fabric basket is roomy enough for storing laundry, blankets, or toys, while the lid keeps messes out of sight.

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7. Crabtree & Evelyn Harvest Exfoliating Hand Wash

Crabtree & Evelyn hand wash
Credit: CRABTREE & EVELYN on Shopee

Certainly not the stuff (or price) you’d find in pharmacies, but this housewarming gift idea is a nice bit of luxury to have in the bathroom. Packed with botanical oils and lychee seed grains, it will leave overworked hands feeling soft and smooth, and smelling like a herb garden.

8. BACKLEY All Aboard Wooden Cutting Board & Serving Platter

Backley cutting board best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Backley Homes Official Store MY on Shopee

Whether it’s slicing, chopping, carving, plating, or serving, Backley’s multi-purpose wooden board does them all. Handmade using only the finest wood, each piece is unique in that it carries a one-of-a-kind natural grain pattern.

9. Niimbot D11 Label Printer

Niimbot label printer
Credit: Niimbot Official Store on Shopee

Organised homeowners in Malaysia will appreciate this housewarming gift idea for labelling spice jars and storage boxes. The palm-sized Niimbot D11 is Bluetooth-enabled and connects to its very own mobile app, allowing kids and adults to design labels on the phone with ease. 

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia Under RM150

Mid-range but not mediocre. 

10. Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Mint Online on Shopee

For new parents or tech-loving friends, the Google Nest Mini can be a huge help around the house. It’s practically the gift of a virtual assistant—they can stream music, set timers, dim the lights, or turn on the smart TV just by saying ‘Hey Google’.

11. Russell Taylors SpeedBoil Retro Kettle

Russell Taylors electric kettle
Credit: Russell Taylors on Shopee

This vintage-inspired housewarming gift idea won’t just stand out in a modern kitchen, it’ll also boil water in a hot minute for any tea or coffee fixes.

12. Profine Basic Stainless Steel Knife Set

Profine knives set best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Samaria Cutlery on Shopee

A sleek knife set is one of the best housewarming gifts you can get for an avid cook. This one by Profine includes a pair of kitchen scissors, four ergonomically shaped stainless steel knives, and a translucent stand that will have the knives in full display.

13. Custom Wine Glasses

Custom wine glass
Credit: Custom-made-it on Shopee

Let your friends drink to their new home with this personalised housewarming gift idea. Go minimalist or intricate with the etchings, and maybe pick up a bottle of crimson to go with the bespoke glasses.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia Under RM250

If you’re feeling generous.

14. GAIAS Throw

GAIAS throw
Credit: GAIAS Official on Shopee

Know someone who’s perpetually cold, even at home, with the fan on speed 1? Help them feel warm and toasty in their new abode with GAIAS’s super soft, super cosy knitted throw.

15. MUJI Aroma Diffuser

MUJI diffuser
Credit: MUJI Official Store on Shopee

If they’ve got young children at home, having a lit candle around the house may not be such a good idea. The best-selling MUJI Aroma Diffuser is a safer alternative to disperse a soft fragrance throughout the home.

16. Carote Eight Mile Place Cookware Set

Carote cookware set best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Carote Home Official Store on Shopee

Now here’s a housewarming gift idea that will fit right in a Nordic-style home in Malaysia. The cream-coloured pot and pans are made of non-stick, highly durable, and oven-safe granite. Plus, they come with a detachable handle, so the pans can perform triple duty as serving and baking dishes.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia Under RM300

Splurge away.

17. Sonno Huggy Blanket

Sonno weighted blanket
Credit: Sonno Official Store on Shopee

For the anxious sleeper, the Sonno weighted blanket is a game changer. The pressure from the quilt is said to lower heart rate and breathing, lulling one into a calmer state of mind, and eventually, sleep. It also mimics the feeling of being hugged, which might well be what solo dwellers need.

18. Kapas 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton Fitted Bedsheet Set

Kapas Living bedsheet set
Credit: Kapas Living Official Store on Shopee

We spend most of our time in the bedroom, so why not give friends or loved ones this housewarming gift by Malaysian bedding brand Kapas Living? These silky 400 threadcount sheets are cooling and extra luxurious on skin, ensuring the cosiest, comfiest snooze.

19. PETKIT Eversweet Wireless Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

PETKIT pet drinking fountain
Credit: PETKIT MY Authorized Store on Shopee

The PETKIT smart drinking fountain may just be the best housewarming gift idea for paw-rents. The wireless pump houses a multi-layer filtration system that dispenses safe drinking water for fur babies. Plus, its settings can be adjusted remotely via a mobile app, so no pet will ever go thirsty.

Take Your Pick From The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas In Malaysia

Best housewarming gift ideas Malaysia
Credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexels

Before you add a gift to cart, you might want to consider the recipient’s style and personality, the general look and feel of their new space, and most importantly, your budget. That way, you’ll get something they’ll likely put to good use and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. We hope one of these 19 best housewarming gift ideas in Malaysia will hit the sweet spot!

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