11 Best Style Moments & Fashionable College Outfits From Korean Drama ‘Nevertheless’

nevertheless korean drama college outfits

We’re sure you’re all swept up by the latest Nevertheless Korean drama craze by now. Even if you aren’t, you’ve probably heard your K-drama enthusiast friends talking about it once or twice. In the show, co-stars Han So Hee and Song Kang portray a realistic relationship that many can relate to. And what keeps viewers hooked is their alluring will-they-won’t-they dynamic and sensual scenes that go further than most typical K-dramas. 

Moreover, not seeing actors in their late twenties playing high-schoolers is a major plus. But apart from all that, another reason we can’t help tuning in each week is because of the characters’ killer varsity fashion. Below, we’ve compiled their best college outfits from episodes 1 to 6, that you can replicate for your next Zoom class. 

The Best College Outfits Worn In Korean Drama Nevertheless      

Sauve “Heartbreaker” Attire (Episode 1)

nevertheless korean drama jae eon
Credit: hancinema.net, INCERUN Official Store, Gildan Official Store, Forest Official Shop MY, and CONVERSE MY Official Shop on Shopee

Jae-eon has a way of making us close an eye to his many, many signs of toxic behaviour. He’s a walking red flag and yet, we’re all suddenly colour blind. So it’s only natural that he has, what we call, a “player” type of outfit that fully personifies his oozing sex appeal. Enter long coats and blazers to leave a trail of broken-hearted “butterflies”.

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Feminine Seo Ji-wan (Episode 1)

seo ji wan college outfit
Credit: @yoonseoah_ via Instagram, MS Julia, Fashion Online.my, and daduhey clothing local store on Shopee

For all the feminine ladies, Seo Ji-wan’s girly style will be right up your alley. The Nevertheless Korean drama character normally favours cutesy dresses and skirts for most of her college outfits so this pants combo is the only exception. Even then, Ji-wan still likes to maintain her youthful look with loose pigtail braids and a tweed jacket. 

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Comfy Casual Wear (Episodes 1 and 6)

jae eon casual college outfit
Credit: MyDramaList, Gildan Official Shop, Forest Official Shop MY, @jtbcnevertheless via Instagram, and Levi’s Official Store on Shopee

Park Jae-eon’s (Song Kang) outfits best represent what college students wear on almost a daily basis. The charming male lead cycles through a collection of hoodies and sweatshirts in several neutral colours. Otherwise, he’s sporting his striking, signature hue: purple. 

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Hipster Nam Gyu-hyun (Episode 2)

nam gyu hyun style
Credit: hancinema.net, DYF kedai butik, Beauty_Store, and HY Store on Shopee

Of course, we all have our resident hipster classmate in college. Nam Gyu-hyun’s outfits are seldom complete without a beanie, casual pants, and some form of outerwear (usually in denim). With a loose but tapered fit, his looks are the embodiment of effortless and street style-chic. 

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Everyday College Attire (Episodes 2 and 5) 

nevertheless korean drama nabi
Credit: hancinema.net, inMALL, daduhey women’s clothing, MyDramaList, w6093.my, and eiffany.my on Shopee

Yu Na-bi (Han So Hee) likes to keep her everyday outfits in college as simple as possible. Whether she’s rocking an oversized hoodie or a V-neck cardigan, you’ll usually find her in a minimalistic and clean, cream-coloured palette. 

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Festive Glam (Episode 4)

nabi floral dress outfit
Credit: hancinema.net, Jasmin Noir Official Store, GOXEOU Official Store, and choodan.my on Shopee

You always need at least one glammed-up look to wear to class from time to time. So why not take cues from Na-bi’s statement one-piece floral number? Very rarely will you see the Nevertheless Korean drama actress in prints, but she looks absolutely stunning when she does wear them. 

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Cool Girl Yoon-sol (Episode 4)

yoon sol cool girl style
Credit: @holly608 via Instagram, dachuang.my, Children’s clothing wholesaler, and daduhey women’s clothing on Shopee

Yoon-sol is far from the nerdy top student stereotype. This Nevertheless Korean drama character’s laid back yet sincere personality is reflected in her tomboyish, cool-girl style. Her standard uniform? Oversized shirts and jackets, graphic tees, and boot-cut jeans.

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Presentation Day Ready (Episode 5)

nabi presentation day outfit
Credit: MyDramaList, Celmia Official Store, Warm Station, and GOXEOU Official Store on Shopee

Ugh, presentation days; the bane of every student’s existence. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but still, there’s no denying how nerve-wracking they can be. That said, even if you secretly feel like throwing up, you can still fake your confidence with the right outfit. Too frazzled to put together a polished look? Throw on a smart casual shirt dress just like Na-bi and you’re ready to take the stage. 

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Bit-Na’s E-Girl Aesthetic (Episode 5)

e girl bit na
Credit: @hazzisss via Instagram, Pomelo Official Store, xialuo.my, xiexiaofei.my, and GOXEOU Official Store on Shopee

Bit-Na’s outfits are the edgiest out of all the Nevertheless characters in this Korean drama. From all-black ensembles to plaid patterns and combat boots, her fashion consists of many E-girl elements. She’s also not afraid to experiment with different hair colours to match her artsy aesthetic. 

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Jae-eon’s Smart-Casual Look (Episode 8)

jae eon smart casual outfit
Credit: hancinema.net, Edwin Jeans Fashion Store, EI KA Men Clothes, HI STYLE, and ALDO Official Store on Shopee

When he’s not in his usual hoodie or sweatshirt get-up, Jae-eon can be seen wearing collared shirts over T-shirts. And really, you can’t go wrong with this fail-proof ensemble. It’s the perfect in-between for when you want to look dressed up but not too dressed up. 

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Na-bi’s Final Outfit (Episode 10)

nabi episode 10 outfit
Credit: @songkang_myworld via Instagram, Jasmin Noir Official Store, GDTima.my, and GOXEOU Official Store on Shopee

Sadly, every good K-drama needs to come to an end. Here, Na-bi says her final farewell with a classic white top and jeans outfit combination. Meanwhile, her go-to sneakers or boots are swapped out for a classy pair of pointed high heel pumps instead. She also has her mid-length hair pulled back into a half updo. Regardless of whether you think she’s chosen the right guy or not (no spoilers here), let’s all admit that she looks absolutely radiant in the closing scenes! 

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Look Stylish For Your Zoom Class With These College Outfits From Korean Drama Nevertheless

nevertheless korean drama college outfits
Credit: hancinema.net and MyDramaList

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