Cool Off During The Hot Weather With These 10 Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Kids

best inflatable swimming pool

The weather is scorching, the kids are bored, and unfortunately, the public condo pool is still closed. Sounds familiar? Then consider setting up an inflatable pool in your outdoor space to cool off! What’s more, blow-up pools are pretty easy to install and come in varying sizes for children and even adults. Ready for your best backyard kids’ pool party yet? We’ve rounded up the best inflatable swimming pools for you to shop, along with a few tips to know beforehand. 

Tips On Setting Up An Inflatable Swimming Pool 

  • Place it on a flat surface. Make sure the inflatable pool is supported properly on flat, even ground. 
  • Consider the size. Is the pool mainly for the kids, or are the adults (be honest) going to join in too? Pick the right size and ensure there’s adult supervision 24/7 even if it’s just the kids splashing around.
  • Invest in an electric air pump. Some pool sets may come with it, but most won’t. So, consider buying a multifunctional one that’ll be useful for inflating other things like the kids’ floats
  • Drain out water when done. Never leave the pool out overnight as the stagnant water will attract mosquitoes. Instead, drain out all water and let it dry before deflating and storing it away. Most inflatable pools come with a drain plug to ease clean-ups.

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Kids (And The Whole Family) 

XL Size Inflatable Two Ring Pool

best inflatable swimming pool family
Credit: Best Living Official Store on Shopee   


For a fun and relaxing time with the entire family, go for this extra-large inflatable pool that accommodates up to five people. With wide durable vinyl walls, sturdy double-ring beam structures, and a heavy-duty repair patch for unforeseen mishaps, it’s one of the best inflatable swimming pools for bigger families. Bonus: It even comes with a free air pump

Size: 186cm x 143cm x 48cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Large and sturdy, fits 3 to 5 people 
  • Comes with heavy-duty repair patch for mishaps 

Inflatable Family Lounge Pool 

inflatable swimming pool lounge
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


Now here’s a pool that both parents and kids will approve of! For starters, this awesome family lounge pool comes with a built-in bench and backrest so parents can chill out while their little ones play in the water. There are also two cup holders on opposite ends so you can keep your beverage nearby to stay hydrated. 

Size: 229cm x 218cm x 79cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Comes with built-in bench and cup holders 
  • Big enough for adults too

Shootin’ Hoops Inflatable Family Pool 

inflatable swimming pool basketball hoop
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


If your kids love playing basketball, this Shootin’ Hoops inflatable family pool is a must-have. Featuring a basketball hoop and ball, your family can have a friendly basketball game together while cooling off on a sunny afternoon. Psst, there’s even one with double hoops.

Size: 256cm x 188cm x 129cm 

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Comes with basketball hoop and ball for extra fun
  • Easy to drain with the drain plug

Rainbow Arch Spray Pool

baby and kids pool rainbow
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


Searching for a shallow pool for your toddler? This Rainbow Arch Spray Pool may just be the perfect find. Suitable for two-year-olds and above, the rainbow arch acts as a semi canopy that sprays water to keep your little ones cool on a hot day. Remember to apply sunscreen nonetheless! 

Size: 147cm x 129cm x 86cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Cute rainbow design with spray 
  • Provides slight shade 

Lazy Snail Shade Baby Pool

lazy snail baby pool
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


If your toddler isn’t a fan of inflatable pools with sprays, here’s an alternative. The Lazy Snail Shade Baby Pool is a great kids’ pool that’s designed with a sunshade to provide partial protection against UV rays. Meanwhile, the soft inflatable floor offers extra comfort for your little one. Other adorable alternatives include this mushroom or unicorn baby pool.

Size: 145cm x 102cm x 74cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Adorable design for toddlers 
  • Comes with built-in sunshade for partial sun protection 

Sunset Glow Pool

sunset glow kids pool
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


For a splash-filled evening that brightens up the mood at the same time, this Sunset Glow Pool gets the job done. It’s a fuss-free inflatable swimming pool for kids that comes with a well-cushioned floor to soften clumsy children’s slips and falls. 

Size: 147cm x 33cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Colourful design with soft inflated floor
  • Comes with repair patch

Pinwheel Pool

pinwheel pool kids
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


Parents who care about #aesthetic, here’s a kids’ pool that’s worth posting up on the ‘gram. What makes this Pinwheel Pool special is that it’s constructed with uniquely embossed PVC that radiates a crystal-like sparkle. Meanwhile, the wide side walls provide extra cushioning as your children enjoy the water.  

Size: 229cm x 229cm x 56cm 

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Pretty pinwheel design with wide side walls 
  • Includes drain plug and repair patch

Snapset Pool

snapset pool
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


Want something less bulky? Try this Snapset Pool for kids. It’s got thin side walls that won’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for those with a smaller outdoor area. Plus, it’s easy to set up; just fill it up with water to hold the sides up! And with an affordable price tag, it’s one of the most affordable inflatable swimming pools on this list.

Size: 152cm x 25cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • Space-saving thin side walls 

Summer Colours Star-Shaped Inflatable Pool 

star shape pool
Credit: Intex Official Store on Shopee


Rectangular and circular inflatable pools are great, but this star-shaped pool is even better. For starters, there’s plenty of room for the kids to play around, the floor has extra cushioning, and the five corners offer a cosy nook for your little one to chill. The vibrant multi-coloured beams and see-through side walls are a nice touch too! 

Size: 185cm x 180cm x 53cm

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Fun and roomy star-shaped pool 
  • Comes with repair patch 

Themed Children’s Inflatable Pool With Slide

kids pool with slide
Credit: Impulse Gaming on Shopee


What’s better than having an inflatable swimming pool at home? Having one that comes with a slide! Available in five different children’s themes such as Volcano Park, Fruity Land, and Football Field, these large inflatable pools with a slide are heaps for fun for children as it’s akin to having a mini water park in your outdoor space. 

Size: Varies according to type 

Reasons to buy this: 

  • Comes with slide, easy to set up 
  • Durable and made of high-quality PVC

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into An Oasis With These Best  Inflatable Swimming Pools For Kids

best inflatable swimming pool
Credit: Shopee Blog

Your condo pool may be temporarily closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the pool to your abode! As long as you have some outdoor space (or be a rebel and set it up indoors), your kids can have a splashing good time with one of these best inflatable swimming pools. Don’t forget to get them a pair of goggles as well as some cute swimsuits and trunks to wear while swimming!  

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