9 Super Cool Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home

fun science experiments for kids

Is science your kid’s favourite subject in school? Do they aspire to become a scientist one day? Then here’s what you should occupy their time with at home: fun science experiments! Help them understand the abstract concepts of science through simple hands-on projects using just a few household items. From chemical reactions to the law of physics, here are some super cool science experiments for kids that will educate and entertain your little ones.

Fun And Easy Science Experiments For Kids 

Rain Cloud In A Jar

What better way to teach the kids about the water cycle than through this stunning rain cloud visual made of shaving cream? Even if your child isn’t interested to learn about the weather, they’ll definitely be keen on putting together this relatively easy and fun project. The best part is, of course, the beautiful end-product when the ‘rain’ drops and creates different textures. Besides using blue food colouring to mimic rain, have your kid choose a mix of other colours too!

Things you’ll need: 

Gravity-Defying Magnets

With just a few supplies like paperclips and magnets, your child can make magic! In this science experiment for kids, they’ll get to learn more about the concept of gravity and how it pulls everything towards the Earth. That’s why the paperclips fall down to the ground. With the presence of magnets, however, they’ll learn that there are other stronger forces that are able to overcome gravity. Which explains why the paperclips can also stand up straight in the air! 

Things you’ll need: 

DIY Lava Lamp

Different liquids—like oil and water—have different densities, but how do you demonstrate that to a child in an engaging way? Enter the DIY lava lamp project; a cool science experiment for kids that teaches them about density. The key ingredient here is baking soda or an effervescent tablet, which produces bubbles that flow to the top thanks to the carbon dioxide created.

Things you’ll need: 

Self-Inflating Balloon

Here’s another science experiment for kids that involves the use of baking soda and vinegar to create a chemical reaction that will inflate a balloon. It’s a great way to teach the kids about gases and how the production of carbon dioxide can blow up a balloon on its own. Plus, unlike the popular (and messy) erupting volcano experiment using the same ingredients, you won’t have much to clean up after. Phew!

Things you’ll need: 

  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • Paper
  • Water bottle
  • Balloon

Instant Ice Experiment

Does your child dream of becoming a snow queen (or king) like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen? Then this waterbending science experiment for kids will allow them to gain the power of turning water into ice. Precision is key in this project, as you’ll need to freeze the bottled water until it’s almost frozen, but still in liquid form. Get the timing right and your kid will be able to make instant ice sculptures and freeze water with a touch of a finger. How cool!

Things you’ll need: 

Leak-Proof Water Bag

Ask your kid this: What happens when you pierce a bag of water with a sharp pencil? Chances are, they’ll say it’s going to leak, but this science experiment will prove their hypothesis wrong. That’s because plastic bags are made up of long chains of molecules called polymers. And when pierced, these polymers will immediately re-seal around the pencils, thus preventing any leakage from happening.

Things you’ll need: 

Walking Water Experiment

Amaze your kid with this science experiment that tackles capillary action in the form of coloured water ‘walking’ from full to empty cups. Three food colourings in blue, red, and yellow are the primary supplies (and hues) you’ll need for this project. Connect the cups with folded paper towels as per the video tutorial, then watch and wait as new colours in liquid form fill up the empty cups.

Things you’ll need: 

Magic Milk Experiment 

Make this experiment a colourful one by grabbing as many hues of food colouring as you can. Then, a tiny touch of dish soap on the food colouring droplets in the milk base is all it takes for the colours to start ‘dancing’ (due to the broken surface tension). It’s a fun science experiment for kids that’ll surely put a smile on their faces!

Things you’ll need: 

Apple Oxidation

This is one of the simplest science experiments for kids that can be done spontaneously in the kitchen. Just cut an apple into two and rub one half with lemon juice. This experiment shows your child that an apple oxidises and turns brown when its enzyme comes into contact with oxygen in the air. Meanwhile, the other half remains white due to the presence of lemon juice. Not only does it form a barrier, but its citric acid content also stops the apple’s enzyme from working.

Things you’ll need: 

Amaze Your Kids With Exciting Science Experiments For Multi-Sensory Learning

fun science experiments for kids
Credit: YouTube and Sergio Souza via Unsplash

With these fun and engaging science experiments, your kids won’t find learning the subject such a bore anymore. Just remember to supervise them for added safety. Now, all they need to complete the scientist look is a lab coat and a pair of goggles. For more activities to keep children entertained at home, check out these easy crafts and indoor activities

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