Mohawks, Man Buns & 7 Other Photogenic Haircuts For Your Baby Boy

Is your baby boy due for a haircut? Whether it’s for his first birthday or just because his locks are getting long, one thing’s for sure: you’d want him to look good. Especially if he’ll be in the centre of attention of his paparazzi parents! Can’t seem to settle on one hairstyle and need some inspiration? Keep scrolling as we narrow down the cutest and most photogenic baby boy hairstyles for your son. From classic cuts to modern styles, there’s bound to be one for your little boy! 

Timeless & Trendy Baby Boy Hairstyles For Your Son

Mini Mohawk

mini mohawk baby boy hairstyle
Credit: Pinterest & @babytynh via Instagram

If you’re looking for something cool, one of the most popular baby boy hairstyles is the mohawk. Though some babies don’t have much to work with, you can still go down this trendy route with an adorable mini mohawk. Your essential styling product for this look? Some hair gel, pomade, or wax. Most importantly, don’t forget to spritz some hairspray for a longer-lasting finish. For that extra edgy factor, ask the barber to design a pattern on the shaved sides! 

Classic Side-Part

side part baby boy hairstyle
Credit: @legendsbarbershop via Instagram

Prefer a haircut that’s timeless and universally flattering? You can’t go wrong with a neat side-part. This classic baby boy hairstyle is a favourite for a reason. For starters, it’s the safest and most foolproof option. What’s more, it looks good on boys (and men) of all ages, from tiny tots to full-grown adults. And the best part? Styling it is easy peasy. All you need is a fine-toothed comb, a dollop of pomade, and five minutes.

Curly Or Wavy Long Top + Short Sides 

long top short sides baby boy hairstyle
Credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Does your baby have curly or wavy hair? Then one of the trendiest hairstyles your baby boy can try is the long top and short sides combo that even adults seem to be sporting. It’s a stylish look that appears tidy (thanks to the shorter sides) while allowing his natural hair texture to shine. If he gets his natural curls or waves from daddy, why not get the same hairstyle for an adorable daddy-and-me #twinning moment?

Clipper Cut Fade 

clipper cut fade haircut
Credit: Pinterest & Sides Imagery via Pexels

Baby boys with straighter hair can also go for a similar long top, short sides haircut. In fact, one stylish hairstyle worth trying is the clipper cut fade. Using clippers or a pair of scissors over a fine-toothed comb, the barber would create a gradual fade from the volume-heavy top to the bottom. Besides looking smart and preschool-ready, another perk about this hairstyle is that it’s easy to wash and style!

Modern Mullet 

Business in the front, party in the back! ICYMI, the mullet is back in style. Thankfully, the dated ‘80s haircut has been given a modern makeover that looks contemporary in the 21st century. Plus, most kids’ haircuts are inspired by adult hairstyles anyway, so why not give it a try? If you want your baby boy to rock a bold hairstyle, you can trust the mullet to get him noticed, stat. 

Man Bun

man bun baby boy hairstyle
Credit: Pinterest & Pinterest

Newsflash: Man buns aren’t just reserved for adults. Even baby boys can rock this stylish top-knot effortlessly (a hair tie is all you need). If your little bub has grown out his locks but you don’t want to chop them all off, the man bun is the perfect hairstyle to maintain some (or all) of that length. Love dressing him up? Pair this cool hairstyle with a casual T-shirt and jeans combo, or formal attire and he’ll be the most handsome little heartbreaker in town! 

Korean-Inspired Two-Block Haircut 

Love the dapper hairstyles that K-pop stars or Korean drama male leads are sporting these days? Then one simple oppa-inspired look that’s worth turning into an adorable baby boy hairstyle is the two-block haircut. Seen on the likes of Hyun-Bin from Crash Landing On You, the two-block hairstyle features short, straight bangs on the front while the back and sides are trimmed or shaved. It’s a cute bowl cut cum military style that’s low-maintenance! 

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Naturally Tousled

naturally tousled baby boy hairstyle
Credit: Ricardo Esquivel via Pexels

Think bedhead, but a stylish baby version that will make hearts melt. If your baby boy is blessed with natural waves or curls, showcase his best asset by letting his hair grow out. Then, head to the barber for a little trim to maintain and elevate the effortless tousled style. Keep your baby boy’s hairstyle soft and silky by applying a gentle baby hair oil a couple of times each week. 

Sleek Side-Flip Bang

side flip hair
Credit: @elliotts_closet_ via Instagram

For mischievous toddlers, consider a hairstyle that brings some attitude to the table. For example, a punk rock-inspired comb-over is easy to pull off if he has long, straight bangs to begin with. Just flip his fringe to one side, and keep the sides fully shaved for a prominent contrast. Plus, it’s a versatile look that you can style in many different ways (spiked up or slicked down) for various occasions. 

These Adorable Baby Boy Hairstyles Are Great For Photo Ops

baby lying on bed with camera
Credit: Tuấn Kiệt Jr. via Pexels

Whether you’re looking for a timeless haircut or something on-trend, remember to pick a youthful baby boy hairstyle that matches his personality. After all, if you’re whipping out the camera to document these special moments, you’ll want him to look his best in photos! Browsing for a slightly more grown-up haircut because they’re growing out of the baby phase? Take your pick from these stylish kids’ hairstyles for boys or pretty hairdos for girls

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