15 Popular K-Drama Characters To Watch For Their Great Taste In Fashion

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Staying cosy in our PJs and binge snacking while watching Netflix is a pastime most of us are all too familiar with. With the battle against the pandemic still ongoing, we’ve turned to addictive Korean drama series as a source of escape and comfort. Riveting plotlines and dramatic slow-motion, kiss scenes aside, can we also talk about the fashion, please? K-drama characters are always dressed to impress in every episode, giving us the best outfit inspos for real-life. To emulate their polished Korean fashion style, these 15 K-drama characters are the ones to watch (and draw #ootd inspiration from). 

The Best Korean Fashion Styles As Seen On K-Drama Characters


vincenzo power suit outfits
Credit: @tvnvincenzo via Instagram, Marks & Spencer, ZANZEA Official Shop, and Houseofcuff Official Shop on Shopee

Starting off strong, we’ve got everyone’s favourite Italian mafia Korean drama, Vincenzo, to begin our list. This action-packed, crime series is filled with some major power suiting moments from Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeon-bin. Let’s just say, taking down villains and getting revenge has never looked so good. 

Shop Hong Cha-young’s style:

Shop Vincenzo’s style:

True Beauty

true beauty outfits
Credit: tvN DRAMA, @truebeauty_styles via Instagram, Miss Jan, GOXEOU Official Store, mujuzeofficial.my and Guten Inc Official Malaysia Store on Shopee

Ah yes, the growing pains of being a teenager, because God forbid anyone from seeing our bare, makeup-free face. Moon Ga-Young’s character in True Beauty represents the societal pressure every young girl experiences—to look prettier, dress up more, and be popular. Naturally, it’s no surprise to see that a lot of thought has been put into the female lead’s outfits. 

From cropped cardigans, pleated skirts, and feminine dresses to slouchy hoodies and sweatshirts, the fashion style in this Korean drama never disappoints. Opposite her, co-star Cha Eunwoo channels his best boyfriend-material vibes with neat pullover sweaters, formal pants, and chinos

Shop Lim Joo-kyung’s style:

Shop Lee Su-ho’s style:

So Not Worth It

so not worth it, korean fashion style
Credit: @gidlefashion via Instagram, alongso.my, meilun.my, hancinema.net, yiyuheng.my, and INCERUN Official Store on Shopee

Admittedly, So Not Worth It is more of a sitcom than a Korean drama, but the fashion style showcased is absolutely worth mentioning. Minnie from K-pop girl group, (G)I-DLE, has won the hearts of many fans and viewers with her first acting gig. Apart from her lovable and sassy character, her eclectic looks were a visual feast for the eyes of every fashion enthusiast. She’s not the only one either; GOT7 Choi Young-jae looks just as charming and cute as his mischievous character, Sam, with his stellar outfit combinations. 

Shop Minnie’s style:

Shop Sam’s style: 

Youth Of May

youth of may
Credit: @youthofmay_kbs via Instagram, Miss Jan, C’CHIC.my, Pierre Loues Official Store, and INCERUN Official Store on Shopee

Retro fashion style lovers, this Korean drama is for you. Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si unfold a heart-fluttering romance between a nurse and a medical student during the Gwanju uprising. Set in May 1980, the wardrobe in this series consists of modest, vintage attire. Think midi to maxi skirts and dresses for the ladies, and collared shirts and denim jeans (or dress pants) for the gentlemen. 

Shop Kim Myeong-hee’s style:

Shop Hwang Hee-tae’s style : 

Crash Landing On You

cloy, korean fashion style
Credit: hancinema.net, MS Julia, VONDA Official Store on Shopee; hancinema.net, Miss Jan, and hermicci.my.skirt on Shopee

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s sizzling chemistry in hit drama Crash Landing On You (CLOY) wasn’t the only thing that left viewers swooning. This Korean drama served style after iconic style that spanned from business and smart casual to granny chic. Whether you prefer Seo Dan’s sophisticated and colourful prints or Yoon Se-ri’s #ladyboss get-up, each will make you feel ready to conquer the world. 

Shop Yoon Se-ri’s style:

Shop Seo Dan’s style: 

It’s Okay To Not To Be Okay 

it's okay to not be okay drama
Credit: hancinema.net, Ladies Formal Wear Store, MyDramaList, AILICEGO, and VONDA Official Store on Shopee

We can’t have a list of the best Korean fashion styles without mentioning Seo Ye-ji’s character in It’s Okay To Not To Be Okay. Ice queen Ko Mun Yeong makes every single episode her personal runway and we’re enjoying the show from the front row seats (aka our beds). Elegant up-dos, ruffled dresses, and oversized sunglasses—she’s immaculate from head-to-toe and not a single accessory is out of place. Even her sleeping nightgowns are way too fancy to be worn just for sleeping! But then again, what’s the harm of amping up our loungewear seeing as we’re stuck at home anyways? Hmmm, Ms Ko Mun Yeong, you may be onto something. 

Shop Ko Mun Yeong’s style: 

Shop Ko Mun Yeong’s sleepwear style: 

Hotel Del Luna

hotel del luna, korean fashion style
Credit: hancinema.net, MyDramaList, Celmia Official Store, MagicStar, and Nose Official Store on Shopee

Another Korean drama with impeccable fashion style is Hotel Del Luna. Jang Man-wol (played by singer IU) is a cold, temperamental hotel owner with a penchant for drinking and dressing in over-the-top, avant-garde outfits. Well, she has been condemned to the same place for 1,300 years, so we understand her urge to make a bold fashion statement. 

Shop Jang Man-wol’s style:

Itaewon Class

itaewon class
Credit: MyDramaList, Celmia Official Store, HI STYLE, @itaewonclass.official via Instagram, COCO BOUTIQUE, and Eashion Clothing on Shopee

If you’re not into feminine fashion styles that Korean drama female leads are known for, then Jo Yi-Seo’s (Kim Da-mi) edgier ensemble is for you. You can usually find her in a statement leather jacket worn over neutral pieces. Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon brings about a boyish, street-style appeal with his role as Park Sae-ro-yi, as he’s often seen in a rotation of oversized sweatshirts, hoodies, and bomber jackets

Shop Jo Yi-Seo’s style:

Shop Park Sae-ro-yi’s style:

My Roommate Is A Gumiho 

my roommate is a gumiho drama
Credit: MyDramaList, changingseason, Xiaozhainv Official Store, sezomall.my, and Qearl on Shopee

Hyeri’s outfits as main character Lee Dam mostly consist of classic staples that you probably already own. As a university student living with a 999-year-old gumiho (nine-tailed fox spirit), her style leans toward the simpler side. Well, at least, simple as far as Korean dramas go. However, let’s be real, no one looks that good when they’re juggling countless assignments on top of their thesis paper. 

Shop Lee Dam’s style:

Be The Main Character Of Your Own Story With These Korean Drama Fashion Styles 

korean drama fashion style
Credit: @gidlefashion, @itaewonclass.official via Instagram, and hancinema.net

From suiting up with Vincenzo to attending university classes with Lee Dam, which Korean fashion style from these popular K-dramas is your favourite? Let us know in the comments! 

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