Kids Hairstyles: Picks For Girls That Are Cute And Practical

kids hairstyle for girls

Every girl’s hair is her crowning glory, and yours is demanding for her hairdo to look as pretty as the princess that she is (sometimes when she’s not getting on your nerves). However, we all know there are days when you just simply don’t have the time to create those elaborate dos that your daughter wants. So, here are some cute but simple kids’ hairstyles for your girl to try. 

Gorgeous Kids’ Hairstyles For Girls That Are Easy To Achieve

Top Knot

A top knot is the go-to kids’ hairstyles for girls amongst parents. It’s easy to do but looks so sleek and neat as well. All you need is an elastic rubber band to tie her hair in a high ponytail. Then, wrap the ponytail around onto the top till it forms the shape of a bun. Tuck in any loose stray hairs (or you can leave some out for a purposefully messy look) and secure the bun with bobby pins. If you want to transform your little girl’s top-knot into a neater, ballerina bun, use a hair doughnut to get the perfect shape. Those with short hair can still rock this look by going for a half-updo rather than a whole bun. 

Pull-Through Mermaid Braid

Mermaid braids don’t have to be as complicated as they appear to be. This method is great for those who can’t braid without their daughter’s hair resulting in a bunch of tangles. Instead of the usual criss-cross and under braiding, tie two front sections of your daughter’s hair together into a low ponytail. 

Then flip the ponytail inwards and repeat the process for the entire hair. Loosen and scrunch up the faux braids until it fills up all the empty spaces and covers the clear elastic bands entirely. Ta-da, you have a kids’ hairstyle for girls with a princess appeal that’s done under 10 minutes. 

Bubble Ponytail

If your daughter doesn’t want her hair tied up into a typical, “boring” ponytail, then maybe an Elsa-esque bubble ponytail would suit her fancy. It’s a fun kids’ hairstyle for girls on days when she’s being active in sports. First, tie up the hair into a half ponytail, taking the front sections just above the ears. Cover up the elastic band by wrapping a strand of hair around it and securing it bobby tins. 

Next, take the middle sections of hair that are behind the ears and tie them together. This will make your first bubble; pull at the sides to make it look more voluminous. Finally, tie all of the remaining hair and repeat the previous step. From here, you can just keep creating the bubbles until it covers the entire length of the hair., You can also use different brightly- coloured hair ties as statement accessories for a playful look. 

Space Buns

This kids’ hairstyles for girls is similar to the top knot. However, rather than one large bun sitting at the top of the head, we’ve got two buns on the sides instead. It’s a quick hairstyle fix that you can do for your daughter when she’s rushing for school. For this hairstyle, section the hair in two and tie them into separate ponytails. 

On the last tie, instead of pulling the hair all the way through, just take in enough to create small bumps. These will serve as a base to help you shape the space buns properly. Gently twist the remaining hair and wrap it around the base. Pin the space buns with bobby pins to hold them in place. For short hair, just like the top knot, you can achieve this hairstyle by taking smaller sections for a half-do look instead. 

Milkmaid Braids

This regal braided hairband may seem way above your skill level, but it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. Just pleat your daughter’s hair into two simple braids and loosen them slightly for bigger volume. Take one braid and pin it on top of her head before doing the same for the other braid. Though, with the second one, be sure to tuck the end underneath the first braid to give the illusion of a single braid tied all around the hair. Pull out the first few front strands to better frame the face and make it less perfect. 

Frozen Princess Anna’s Double-Braid Back Hairstyle

Anna’s double-braid back look from Frozen 2 is one of the simplest, most princess-like kids’ hairstyles for girls that your daughter will surely love. It’s done in a half-up half-down manner, so you won’t have to battle with taming her whole head of hair. Plus, it acts as a nice compromise for whenever she doesn’t want her hair tied (and looking like a beloved Disney queen definitely helps too). 

For an accurate imitation, create loose curls with a curling iron. However, if you don’t feel comfortable applying that much heat then you can use heatless hair curlers; leaving it straight is also completely fine. Take two front sections of hair (about two inches) and braid normally. Then place one braid across the back of your head and pin it down. Lay the second braid on top of the first to cover it and tuck the tail underneath. 

Front Twist Ponytail 

If your daughter has extremely short hair and you’re struggling to come up with different hairstyles then this look is one you should try. This will add a sweet, feminine touch to her chic bob and keep the bangs out of the way. Comb and part her bangs to side (if they aren’t already), twisting the front section. Grab a thin strand of hair from the middle and use a clear elastic band to combine it with the twist. 

Short Hair Twisted Updo

Another easy kids’ hairstyles for girls that will look great on short hair is this elegant updo. The little twists give more dimension to the ponytail and it doesn’t take much time at all to achieve. Measure the two front sections by placing a finger underneath the ears and then twist them. Bring them to the back of the head to pin securely. After that, tie the remaining hair into a ponytail. 

Try Out These Simple But Pretty Kids’ Hairstyles For Girls On Your Daughter 

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So, now that you know the variety of options, which look are you and your daughter going to try out first? We hope this list has been helpful in providing you with ideas for the best kids’ hairstyles for girls. Need ideas to encourage bonding time with your daughter? Check out our other article on our top board game picks to liven up your time together.

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