Check Out These Trendiest Short Pixie Haircuts To Try This Year

short pixie haircuts

Ironically, while most hair trends for guys are getting longer, women’s haircuts seem to be getting shorter and shorter. And today, it’s all about the pixie cut! From bixies to mixies, here’s a breakdown of all the top trendy haircuts for the short pixie cut. 

Short Pixie Haircuts: The Bixie (Bob Pixie) 

Tapered & Wavy

tapered haircut
Credit: Nichole Sebastian from Pexels

Combining both the bob and pixie, the ‘bixie’ is 2022’s latest hair trend. It features hints of shaggy layers that can look equal parts effortless as well as sophisticated, depending on how you style your hair. 

How to style: If you’re looking to enhance that retro-glam style, sweep your hair to the side and create some light waves with a flat iron. Start by taking the section of hair closest to the roots, and curl inwards—this will create more volume at the top. Then curl outwards when you hit the ends to create a flicked-out wave. 

Bleached & Straight 

bleached and straight
Credit: @centrohairsalon via Instagram

The bixie can be traced back to around the mid to late ‘90s. During this time, celebrity stars, like Winona Ryder, were seen rocking a straighter, tousled variation of this short pixie haircut. And for good reason! It’s classic, chic, and cool in the most understated way possible. Got naturally deep and dark hair? Then you can try dyeing your locks a lighter shade to bring out the layers of this look. 

How to style: Blow dry with a round brush and curl inwards to create volume. 

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Grown-Out Bixie

grown out pixie haircut
Credit: @norimasasawa via Instagram

This look is great for those who want to grow out their short pixie haircut gracefully. It features longer layers and the most flattering fringe type that all TikTokers love: curtain bangs! Even if you’re on team side-parting, there’s no denying how elegantly this popular fringe frames the face. 

How to style: If your hair is looking a little flat, spritz on some dry shampoo to give it some extra bounce. To style your curtain bangs, first arrange your fringe to a middle parting. After that, take a flat iron and curl one half of the fringe outwards. Then repeat on the other side. Otherwise, you could also use a hair roller for a heat-free alternative. 

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Short Pixie Haircuts: The Bowl Cut

Textured Bowl Cut

short choppy pixie haircut
Credit: @zendaya via Instagram

Zendaya is not one to shy away from any type of style, and the bowl cut is no exception. This short hairstyle is typically cropped at an even length all around the hair. It’s since been revamped to fit today’s modern standards with shaggier and more textured interpretations, as seen on the young Euphoria star. She’s also opted to dye her cropped locks with a honey-blonde hair colour, which does an excellent job of enhancing her warm skin tone. 

How to style: Add some lift to your roots with a volumising spray. Take a curling iron and curl your strands away from your face and hold for about five to eight seconds. Once you’ve curled the whole head, run your fingers through to loosen the curls. Set it all in place with a hair spray

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Wavy Mushroom

wavy mushroom hair
Credit: @norimasasawa via Instagram

Want a cuter look to your bowl pixie? Then you’d love this voluminous wavy hairstyle! Its bouncy curls instantly add a more youthful glow to your complexion, especially when paired with a clean, no-makeup, makeup look

How to style: To achieve this hairstyle, first, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and spritz on texturising spray for more body and volume. Then rough dry your hair and lightly muss up the roots for added texture. After that, you can grab a one-inch barrel curling iron to create loose, messy waves. 

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Short Pixie Haircuts: The Mixie (Mullet Pixie)

Edgy Mixie

edgy mixie
Credit: @ursulolita and @florencepugh via Instagram

Regardless of whether you’re sick and tired of hearing about the mullet, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still one of the hottest hair trends of the year. 2022 is seeing an edgy hybrid between the pixie and mullet, also known as the ‘mixie’. It consists of cropped baby bangs in the front with longer and choppier layers at the back of the cut. Seen on celebrities like Florence Pugh and Ursula Corberó, this shaggy haircut gives an instant punk-chic vibe to each of their personal aesthetic. 

How to style: The charm of a mixie cut is that you have the option of using less heat styling products in your hair. The focus is to enhance the choppy texture that you already have. Just a spritz of texturising sea salt spray should do the trick. If not, a volumising mousse on wet or dry hair will also give your locks extra body and bounce. 

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Straight Mixie With Long Bangs

straight mixie with long bangs
Credit: @norimasasawa via Instagram

While textured waves and windswept waves are the trendiest hairstyle choice for the mixie, you can still rock this look with your natural straight locks too. 

How to style: As for styling, all you need is your trusty hairdryer and round brush to create volume for this short pixie haircut. For the ends, simply twist them around your fingers to create subtle flicked waves. 

Modern Mullet

modern mullet
Credit: @i_icaruswalks via Instagram

Want a mixie with fewer layers? Then consider the shorter version of the modern mullet. Korean actress, Lee Joo-Young has her mullet cropped to hit the upper nape and lets her fringe fall below her eyebrows. This cheekbone length offers more versatility in styling—slicked-back, messy side-parting, neat curtain bangs. The layers are mostly kept to the back of the head, giving it a more streamlined look. 

How to style: Comb your hair over to the side as you blow-dry your hair to set the parting in place. Use a styling cream to shape your locks however you like. 

Short Pixie Haircuts: The Choppy One

Cropped & Textured With Fade

fade pixie
Credit: @akira_sato via Instagram

Willing to go even shorter with your pixie cut? Then go all out by incorporating a fade into it too! This cropped and textured pixie is perhaps the boldest look on this list, and a decision you shouldn’t make half-heartedly. So if you do decide to take the plunge, make sure you flaunt this new pixie style with confidence! 

How to style: No styling is needed with this look, so you can just let the natural cut shine and do its work. However, if you want to add more definition to your locks, just dust on some styling hair powder. If you have oily hair, this will mattify your locks while giving them texture. 

Extremely Cropped With Baby Bangs

short pixie haircut with baby bangs
Credit: @zoekravitzsource via Instagram

Not all of us are blessed with thick, luscious hair and might be struggling to achieve volume that lasts all day. If you’ve got fine and thin hair, Zoë Kravitz’s extremely cropped pixie cut is the perfect solution to your hairstyle woes. 

How to style: After a hair wash, let your hair dry; not all the way through, just enough till it’s damp. Apply some styling gel and comb your hair to the side. Leave it to air dry and then complete with a finishing spray to keep the style in place. 

Switch Up Your Look With These Bold Pixie Haircuts

short pixie haircuts
Credit: @centrohairsalon and @i_icaruswalks via Instagram

Whether you prefer a cleaner style with the ‘bixie’ or the edginess of a choppy cut, we hope this list inspires you to try one of these short pixie haircuts. Otherwise, you can take it up a notch by chopping off almost all your hair and opt for a buzz cut instead.

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