Buzz Cuts Can Look Good On Anyone. Here’s How To Rock The Look

buzz haircuts

It feels like time has been at a standstill for the past couple of years. So it’s no surprise that everyone’s craving for some form of change in their lives. Maybe you’re feeling bored with the same ‘ol hairstyle and in need of a drastic hair transformation. If you’re willing to take the risk, why not try chopping all your locks off and go for a buzz haircut? The clean short look has long gone past the military-style stereotype and has many variations to suit today’s modern preferences. Here are seven different types of buzz cut hairstyles that both men and women can rock in 2022. 

Change Up Your Hairstyle With These Bold Buzz Haircuts 

Zero Buzz Haircut

Starting with one of the shortest buzz cuts is the zero buzz cut hairstyle. The ‘zero’ means that your hairstylist or barber will be using hair clippers without a guard in place. Most hair clipper guards can range from ‘1’ to ‘8’, with one being the lowest number. So, essentially, you’re pretty much getting your head shaved. Zero buzz cuts can either be an incredibly smooth shave or with a hint of shadow. Whichever you choose, it’s definitely an extreme hairstyle that you shouldn’t decide on half-heartedly. 

Induction Buzz Haircut

induction cut
Credit: @thejordanalexander and @realllllmino via Instagram

Alternatively, you could also go for the induction cut if you don’t want to go as short as a zero cut. This hairstyle uses a ‘0.5’ or ‘1’ guard to keep the hair at equal length—from the sides to the upper section of your head. 

Skin Fade Buzz Haircut

skin fade
Credit: @zaynews and @iamjamiefoxx via Instagram

Getting a fade is an easy way to experiment with your buzz cut hairstyle. The bottom of the hair is usually trimmed so short till the point where you can even see the skin underneath. It graduates to a longer length the higher it goes up your head. The lowest fade typically sits just above the ears and a mid will sit around two fingers width’s higher than a low fade. Meanwhile, a high and tight buzz goes all the way up to the temples—perfect for adding height and sharpness to rounder face shapes. 

Classic Crew Haircut

classic crew cut
Credit: @ryangoslinguk via Instagram

Just like the induction cut, the crew cut is another classic military-style haircut that gives a fresh and neat look. It’s a lot longer than most buzz haircuts, which requires using a ‘6’ guard to create its long top. This is usually about two centimetres in length. The style begins with a longer length at the front and then tapers out to blend in at the crown of the head. It’s a good haircut to start with if you’re not too sold on the idea of getting a buzz cut just yet. 

Brush Cut

brush buzz haircut
Credit: @bumkeyk via Instagram

Looking for more longer-style buzz cuts? Then the brush cut is another option you might like to consider. This hairstyle features a rounder cut throughout your entire head. Your barber would typically use guard ‘3’ or ‘4’ to shave the sides and back while keeping the top portion at a longer length. It ensures that you have enough length to work with to brush your hair forward, hence the name. 

Buzz Cut With Textured Top

buzz haircut with textured top
Credit: @zaynews via Instagram

Draw inspiration from Zayn Malik’s hairstyle for a suave modern take on the buzz cut. The former One Direction star incorporates a shaved mid skin fade on the sides and a grown out top. Since the upper portion of his hair is long, it’ll require a bit of styling to maintain the texture. Muss up your locks with a pomade or spritz on some sea salt spray. This helps to create that effortless “messy” hair look while keeping your choppy locks in place. 

Bleached/Dyed Buzz Haircut

bleached buzz haircut
Credit: @iamhalsey, @bleachlondon, and @rubyrose via Instagram

Want to give your buzz haircut an even bolder Gen-Z flair? Then tap into your wild, creative side and go all out with a fully bleached look. You can never go wrong with a solid hair colour for an edgy style. But nowadays, there are much more spunky, borderline outlandish (in the best way possible) ways to experiment with your hair dye. Whether it’s two-toned hair, leopard prints, or rainbow-coloured hues—there’s no limitation to self-expression. 

Take The Plunge With These Buzz Cut Hairstyles 

buzz haircuts
Credit: @thejordanalexander, @bumkeyk, and @zaynews via Instagram

While buzz cuts may be one of the most low maintenance hairstyles in terms of styling, a good hair care routine is still just as crucial. Continue to shampoo and condition your head and invest in the right scalp treatments for healthy hair growth. Not ready to commit to getting a buzz cut yet? Then take your pick from one of these TikTok layered hair ideas for a shaggy, rock-n-roll kind of vibe. 

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