How To Contour Your Makeup According To Your Asian Features & Face Shape

how to contour makeup

Ladies, we all know how transformative contouring can be. When done correctly, they can instantly give you the illusion of a sculpted and lifted face. While there may be an endless supply of tutorials to teach you how to contour your makeup, it still requires some experimenting on your part. Everyone has their own unique set of features. That’s why it’s especially important to find the right technique that works for your face shape. Here’s how to do it! 

How To Apply Contour Makeup For Your Face Shape

Contour Makeup Tips: How To Contour Round Face


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Round faces are wide long, and tend to have more curves than angles to their appearance. The chin and jawline are rounded, resembling a perfect circle. The key to nailing your contour is by creating more angles and definition for your face shape. 

To minimise the roundness, dot on your cream contour just below the cheekbones at the sides of your face. Then apply three more dots along the sides of your jawline to get that snatched V shape. 

You can use the leftover product from your brush or apply a singular dot along the temples of your forehead. Finally, grab your favourite cream blush and layer it over the top of your contour. 

Tip: Instead of blending in circular motions, try blending your makeup upwards. This will create a more lifted effect. 

Contour Makeup Tips: How To Contour Oval Face


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Oval face shapes typically have prominent cheekbones and a longer face with a rounded jaw—kind of like an egg. Luckily for you, with a face structure as proportional as yours, almost just about anything goes for both makeup and hairstyles. 

The main goal for your contour is to enhance your natural features while maintaining the balance of your face. Apply your contour along the sides of your forehead and cheekbones. Then, take a concealer to highlight T-zone and under-eyes. Grab a fluffy brush and blend upwards to complete the look. 

Contour Makeup Tips: How To Contour Square Face 

Square face shapes are identified by their blocky and boxy structure. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw all have a similar width. Those with a square face also have a particularly well-pronounced jawline. With your face shape, you’ll want to soften any harsh angles and focus on softening the edges of your face. 

You’ll want to apply your contour at both sides of your forehead and jawline, as these are your sharpest features. As for your highlighter, be sure to keep the focus on the centre of your face. This includes the T-zone, C-zone, philtrum, and chin. Highlighting these areas will make your face appear more three-dimensional and put less emphasis on its squareness. 

Contour Makeup Tips: How To Contour Heart-Shape Face


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Heart face shapes are often sporting a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a sharp, narrow chin. Apply your cream bronzer by drawing the letter ‘C’, starting from the temples of your forehead.

Follow the shape down just below the cheekbones and then apply your contour shade to your chin. This helps to smoothen out the shape of your chin and prevent it from looking too pointy. Complete the look with concealer on the centre of your forehead and around the under-eye areas. Blend it all out with a big buffer brush and you’re good to go! 

Additional TikTok Contour Hacks For Flat Asian Nose

Start With Highlight First


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Wondering how to contour your nose makeup quickly and easily? Start by placing your highlight along the centre of your nose. Use a flat brush to perfectly line your contour along both sides of your highlight. 

For a longer nose, extend the contour up and connect it to your eyebrows. Otherwise, if you want your nose to look shorter, connect your contour up to the crease. 

Flare your nose to find the highest point of your tip, then apply the highlight wider than your nose bridge. This makes your nose appear more lifted from your side profile. Go back in with your contour and shade along the tip highlight to sharpen your nose even further. 

Contour From The Eye Socket


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If you’re still struggling with your nose contour placement, this is a hack you’ll definitely want to try! Makeup artist @looksbylou recommends beginning at the edge of your eye to get the most natural contour look. 

Tilt your chin up and look down to find the crease of your eye socket. Then, start sweeping your contour product across your entire crease and follow it down to the sides of your nose. Highlight your nose bridge and that’s all there is to it! Pretty simple, right?

Learn How To Contour Your Makeup For A Perfectly Sculpted Face

how to contour makeup
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We hope these tips helped you learn how to contour your makeup in a way that flatters your face shape and brings out the best of your Asian features. Struggling with short, pin-straight lashes? Then take your pick from our list of mascaras for Asian lashes to keep them looking long and curled! 

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