From Blunt To Pixie, Here Are 7 Best Short Bobs You Won’t Regret Cutting

short bob haircuts

A short bob hairstyle will always be a classy hairdo that stands the test of time, regardless of the trends. But how many styles do you actually know? The popular hairdo has been revamped many times over the years, with the current styles ranging from classy to sassy. Planning to go short but don’t want to regret chopping off a huge chunk of hair? Don’t worry. Short bobs have long graduated from the typical school-girl look. Below are some of the best short bob haircuts you can happily show your hairstylist for inspo. Trust us, you’ll have #noragrets! 

Trendy Short Bob Haircuts To Try For Your Next Salon Appointment

Blunt Bob With Bangs

lisa short bob haircut
Credit: @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Lisa is not only killing it with her Lalisa solo debut, but she’s also absolutely rocking this short bob haircut! Despite its sharp cut, Lisa proves that you can look both feminine and bold with a blunt bob. As for styling, the choices are almost limitless. Bring out the flat iron and opt for a sleek and straight style to make your jawline appear more angular. Otherwise, you could also soften your features with curled-in ends or some light waves for a girlier touch. 


lob style
Credit: @imjennim via Instagram and

Short for “long bob”, the lob is the perfect haircut for those who are not quite ready to take the plunge with a big chop just yet. It’s on the longer side of most bob hairstyles with varying lengths that can either go just above the shoulders or below them. It’s especially flattering on round face types thanks to its elongating effect. 

Angled A-line/Inverted Bob

inverted style
Credit: Photo from author

If you’re looking for a way to add more dimension to your locks, this short haircut is for you. The difference between angled bobs and classic bobs is the overall length. Classic bobs are usually equal in length all around. Meanwhile, angled, A-line bobs are longer in the front before they gradually get shorter towards the back—think Posh Spice’s iconic bob from the 2000s. However, if extra volume is what you’re going for, request for an inverted or graduated bob instead. It’s similar to an angled, A-line bob except the inverted bob has more stacked layers at the back. 


squid game hoyeon jung
Credit: @hoooooyeony via Instagram and

It’s no surprise to see everyone falling in love with Ho-yeon Jung. The South Korean model turned actress shot to fame through her impressive television debut as Kang Sae-byeok in Netflix’s Squid Game. And while we’re still reeling from shock at how good her performance was as an acting newbie, that’s not the only thing that has caught our attention. Her shaggy and layered, short bob haircut was another show-stealer that many are emulating in their Halloween costume ideas, along with her makeup. But even out of character, Ho-yeon looks just as chic and effortless with her tousled waves. 

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French Bob

classic french look
Credit: @taylorlashae via Instagram

Much like the blunt bob, the French bob is also not a heavily layered hairdo. That said, there are still some other modern variations that include layers, but the French bob is more recognised for its equal, cheek to chin-grazing length. One thing to note is that while the blunt bob typically shows off its sleek cut, the French bob is all about being soft, natural, and wispy. Don’t forget to enhance your lips with bold red lipstick to capture the essence of this short hair look. 

Pixie Bob

short pixie bob haircut
Credit: @gojoonhee via Instagram

Planning to grow out your pixie cut? A pixie bob haircut is the way to go! This look ranges from ear to neck length, creating a modern interpretation of both hairstyles. Draw inspiration from actress Go Jun Hee to give your short pixie bob haircut an edgier flair with a striking new hair colour. You can let your long bangs fall straight for a more youthful look or smoothen it out with hair gel before flipping it over to the side for an elegant side-parting. 

Tapered Bob

suzy tapered short bob haircut
Credit: @skuukzky via Instagram

Bae Suzy made a huge impact with her short hairstyle during her role as Hong-joo in the drama While You Were Sleeping. The idol actress has always been (and still is) known for her luscious long hair and innocent charm. So when she went for a complete style change with this tapered bob cut, it’s not hard to see why it became such a huge sensation among Korean netizens. Here, her short bob hairstyle stops at collarbone length and features some subtle layers to lightly frame her face. She also kept her signature see-through bangs, highlighting her defined cheekbones and pearly whites. 

Look Chic & Stylish With These Short Bob Haircuts

short bob haircuts
Credit: @skuukzky, @hoooooyeony, and @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Nowadays, asking for a short bob haircut isn’t only limited to just one particular type of style, as proven by these seven different looks. Whether you prefer a bolder or more sophisticated style, we hope this list has helped you find a bob hairdo that suits you best. On the flip side, if you already have short hair and don’t plan on getting it cut anytime soon, here are some trendy styling options (for both men and women) that you can consider. 

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