Blackpink Lisa Solo Debut: 15 Best Fashion & Beauty Moments From Her New Music Video

blackpink lisa solo debut

Say Lalisa love me, Lalisa love me. Don’t fool yourself, you know you have that song stuck in your head too. Blackpink’s triple threat had us all eagerly anticipating her solo album the moment the teasers dropped on Instagram. And wow, was it worth the wait! The music video quickly racked up 10 million views within the first 90 minutes and amassed over 100 million views in just two days. It’s now the fastest music video debut by a solo artist to hit that milestone. Naturally, it served major fashion and beauty inspo that flawlessly embodied Lisa’s personal aesthetic. So, sit back and relax as we take you through this visual feast, compiling 15 best looks from Blackpink Lisa’s solo debut music video, Lalisa

Best Fashion Moments From Blackpink Lisa’s Solo Debut

Giambattista Valli Gown 

black evening gown
Credit: YouTube

The opening scene of her solo debut sees Blackpink Lisa dressed in a stunning Giambattista Valli gown from the Spring 2019 couture collection. Talk about a grand entrance! If that isn’t enough to hook you in, we don’t know what will. 

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Printed Blazer Set

no name graphic blazer set
Credit: YouTube and @nonamestudiomx via Instagram

It’s not a K-pop music video without a bold, eye-catching outfit. Lisa takes power shoulder blazers and skirts up a notch with this graphic set from No Name. She’s paired this ultra-baddie ensemble with calf-high lilac platform boots from Marc Jacobs, enhancing her striking look. 

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Sporty Hoodie

sporty hoodie, blackpink lisa solo debut
Credit: YouTube

Even in her most casual of looks, Lisa still manages to make a major fashion statement. Case in point? This all-grey tonal get-up, consisting of an oversized hoodie, the teeniest pair of shorts, and sneakers. The grey beanie, with her name embroidered on the fold, is part of her merch—the perfect finishing touch to her look. 

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Boss Babe Blazer Suit 

boss babe blazer suit
Credit: YouTube

Contrasting her previous graphic blazer and skirt combo, Lisa is also seen rocking a more traditional (but tailored to perfection) suit set in her ‘Polisa’ concept. We don’t really believe in playing fashion police. Well, not too frequently at least, because everyone should enjoy the freedom to wear what they want. But since it’s QUEEN Lalisa Manoban, we’ll gladly make an exception. 

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Pretty In Pink & Purple 

isabel marant pink outfit
Credit: YouTube

This is the girliest outfit in Blackpink Lisa’s solo debut music video. The base, on its own, is pretty simple to recreate. All you need is a simple bralette and denim shorts. Meanwhile, the main scene stealers are none other than the pink embellished Isabel Marant jacket and matching fuchsia heeled pumps. 

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Custom Gold Traditional Thai Outfit

blackpink lisa solo debut, traditional thai outfit
Credit: YouTube

There’s no denying the countless killer looks Blackpink Lisa serves in her solo debut. That said, nothing beats this gold custom-made ensemble designed by Thai brand ASAVA, that pays homage to her Thai heritage. Traditional wear has never looked so good.

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Paco Rabanne Gold Dress

paco rabanne gold dress
Credit: YouTube

Sticking to her gold theme, Lisa looks regal in this shimmery, golden disc dress from Paco Rabanne’s Spring Summer RTW 2021 collection. 

Vivienne Westwood Satin Corset 

vivienne westwood satin corset
Credit: @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Keeping up with the regencycore fashion staple, Lisa is donning a satin corset from Vivienne Westwood, paired with embellished hot pants. She went ham on the gold jewellery here, including an array of Serpenti Seduttori rings from Bvlgari—another luxury brand she’s been recently crowned ambassador for. 

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Best Beauty Moments From Blackpink Lisa’s Solo Debut (Hair & Makeup)

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

blunt bob hairstyle, blackpink lisa solo debut
Credit: YouTube

Blackpink Lisa rotates various hair looks in her solo debut. Her current hairstyle is a blunt bob that makes a frequent appearance throughout the music video. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Lalisa look without her signature full, straight-across bangs

Two-Toned Hair

two toned hair
Credit: YouTube

The two-toned hair trend has been thriving throughout the year. Here, Lisa is rocking a subtle version of the hair colour. Instead of the popular half-and-half, the Thai rapper opts for two white strands to highlight her long hair extensions and frame her face. 

Long & Straight Hair 

long straight hair
Credit: YouTube

While her current warm brown hair colour does wonders at bringing out her complexion, Blackpink Lisa with black hair is a lethal combination. The darkness of her long locks contrasts beautifully with her white bandeau top and cargo pants, giving her an edgier vibe.

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Dramatic High Ponytail

dramatic high ponytail
Credit: YouTube

Speaking of long hair, can we also talk about this dramatic high ponytail? Paired with monochromatic pink makeup (from lips to nails) to match her outfit, this is by far Blackpink Lisa’s most feminine hair and fashion look yet. 

Glitter Eyeliner + Body Jewels 

glitter eyeliner, body jewels
Credit: YouTube

Y2K fashion is making a resurgence and even Blackpink Lisa’s solo debut music video was no stranger to the concept. In her pole dancing scene, Lisa sports some bedazzling rhinestone stickers stuck across her décolletage. The shiny bling narrative continues from the neck to her eye makeup too with a sharp glittery wing. She’s also got some metallic chrome nails to tie the whole look together.

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Statement Nails 

statement nails, blackpink lisa solo debut
Credit: @nail_unistella via Instagram

Besides chrome nails, Lisa experimented with all sorts of statement fake nails and nail art for this comeback. Be it with diamond nails, checkered prints with flames, mismatched comics, or the intricate golden embellished nails, Miss Lalisa rocks them all! 

Bold Lipstick In Gold And Red

bold lipstick
Credit: @sooyaaa via Instagram and YouTube

The drama doesn’t stop at her nails, because Lisa was not afraid to go bold with her lipstick shades. Besides fuchsia lips, she also sported a golden shimmery liquid lipstick and a classic matte red—all of which were perfectly colour-coordinated with her outfits. 

Which Style Was Your Favourite In Blackpink Lisa’s Solo Debut Music Video?

With that, you’ve reached the end of our round-up of Blackpink Lisa’s best fashion and beauty moments from her Lalisa music video. Craving for more Blackpink fashion and all things K-pop? Then check out our other article on Blackpink’s best off-duty and on-duty outfits. You can even rope in the BF with these Korean outfits for men inspired by stylish K-pop boy groups to match your K-style aesthetic.

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