Revamp Your Short Hair With These 8 Fashionable Hairstyles For Men & Women

hairstyles for short hair

Everyone loves a new hairstyle change from time to time. It makes you feel like a completely different person and can give you an added boost of confidence. Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge and go for a dramatic chop or maintain your current short hairdo, there’s sure to be a look that works best for you. Here are eight hairstyles for short hair to take inspiration from. 

Trendy Women’s Hairstyles For Short Hair 

Slicked-Back Wet Hair

The slicked-back bob hairdo is the epitome of sleek and sexy, especially when worn with impeccable power suits and bold eye makeup. The best part? It’s one of the easiest hairstyles for short hair that just about anyone can pull off with the right tools and products. All you need is some hair gel and hairspray to create the glossy, wet-hair effect. But be careful not to overdo it unless you want to end up with greasy-looking hair.

Easy Loose & Beachy Waves

There’s always something so effortlessly cool about loose beach waves. They’re chic, free-flowing, and make it seem like you just woke up with naturally perfect curls when the reality is anything but. Besides using your trusty curling iron or straightener, an easier alternative to expertly mimic this relaxed and universally-flattering hairstyle for your short hair is a hair waver. Simply hold the styling tool horizontally and clamp down each section of your hair, working your way from the roots to the ends. And that’s it; no complicated twisting and turning required. Alternatively, you could also go the heatless route to keep your tresses shiny and healthy.

‘90s Bob

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle for your pin-straight short Asian hair, then look no further than the ‘90s bob. This Instagram-baddie hairdo is the ultimate solution for lazy days when you don’t feel like doing your hair but still want to look cute. The collarbone to shoulder-grazing length and curled ends can be easily achieved with either a straightener or by blow-drying and styling your hair with a round brush. However, if you want the ends of your hair to hold a more dramatic curl, then using a straightener will be a better option.

Shaggy Pixie

The pixie cut is the go-to hairstyle for busy women with short hair who want something easy to style and maintain but still make an impact. There are plenty of styles that you can get from a pixie cut, but the one that’s all the rage lately is the voluminous shaggy pixie. Featuring choppy and textured layers, this hairstyle is about flaunting your boldness and strong character. For those with naturally wavy hair, this will definitely be your new favourite wash-and-go hairstyle. Otherwise, you can show off your top-notch styling skills and recreate the rock n’ roll vibe on your straight hair.

Suave Men’s Hairstyles For Short Hair 

Curtain Hair

As most of us find ourselves staying indoors more often, we’ve come across the dilemma of either letting our hair grow or risking a DIY haircut. If you fall under the former category, then this hairstyle for short hair will help you accommodate your longer fringe. You can either opt for a middle-parting as spotted on practically every e-boy on TikTok or rock an asymmetrical side parting for a half neat, half messy look.

Man Bun

Contrary to popular belief, the man bun does not have to be limited to incredibly long, flowy locks. The moment your hair length has gone past your chin and starts hitting your collarbones, that’s when you finally have a chance of pulling off the man bun. Even if your hair is a lot shorter than that, you can still achieve this hairstyle for your short hair by tying the tips at the back of your head or wearing it as a top-knot. For those with a slightly longer mane, you also have the option of going for a half-bun for a more casual look.

Messy/Neat Two-Block 

The two-block haircut is by far the trendiest Korean male hairstyle for short hair that you need to try this year. It’s a revamped version of the undercut that features the lower back and sides of your hair either being entirely shaved off or trimmed to an extremely short length. Not only is this look great for elongating the face, but its versatility allows you to create a wide range of different hairstyles; from messy and relaxed to polished and sophisticated. It’s a hairdo that’s frequently spotted on many K-pop idols including BTS’ Park Jimin and GOT7’s Jackson Wang. If you prefer a cleaner and neater appearance, Jimin’s chic hairstyle might be up your alley. Otherwise, go for Jackson’s windswept and flicked-out waves for a cooler vibe.

Messy Quiff

This hairstyle for short hair is a classic that will never go out of fashion and for good reason. Its ability to be readily tailored to fit both casual and professional settings makes it an excellent choice for the office or even your WFH days. You just never know when those last-minute Zoom meetings will suddenly pop up. So, rocking a quiff hairstyle will ensure that you look dapper and professional as you answer any unexpected video calls. If you’re working in a creative field where the dress code is more relaxed, wearing your quiff in a slightly messier style will create a seamless blend between effortless and classy.

Switch Up Your Look With These Stylish And Chic Hairstyles For Short Hair 

hairstyles for short hair
Credit: bts.bighitofficial via Instagram and Christian Diokno via Pexels

Decided which look you’re going for? Then get styling and have fun experimenting with your brand new hairstyle for short hair with the proper hair styling tools. Follow up with the right hair care products afterwards to keep your hair nice and healthy. Experiencing a particularly bad hair day today? Then check out our other article on how to wear a beanie for a quick and easy solution to hide your unruly locks while still looking chic and stylish.

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