Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Squid Game, Anime & More

easy halloween costume ideas

Spooky season is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your Halloween costumes in order. And with all the exciting shows we’ve had in the past two pandemic years, there are plenty of characters to draw inspiration from. If you still don’t know what to dress up as, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From Squid Game to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, here are 14 easy Halloween costume ideas that singles, couples, and even groups of friends can pull off at the very last minute! 

Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas For The Squad 

Squid Game 

Robot Doll

robot doll
Credit: @netflixkr via Instagram, YDDY Women’s Clothes Shop, Cheetah Official Shop, ECMLN Underwear, and Abaro Shoes Official Store on Shopee Malaysia

Squid Game has been all over the news and social media lately. No doubt, you’re all equally familiar with the robot doll’s eerie ‘red light, green light’ chant by now. So why not dress up as her for Halloween? This costume idea is relatively easy to recreate—you can even use clothes from your own existing wardrobe!

All it requires is a plain yellow blouse worn underneath an orange, square-neckline dress (or this similar burgundy dress). Finish off with a pair of knee-high socks and black loafers, and tie your hair back in two low ponytails for the full effect. 

Front Man

squid game front man
Credit: @netflixkr via Instagram, sunnyfun.my, seafeel.my, and Fraser.my on Shopee Malaysia

You don’t need an introduction for this Squid Game character. But let’s all admit that the words, “This is the front desk speaking” have never sounded cooler. This just might be the sleekest Halloween costume idea of all. The best part is that it’s the most effortless too! Plop on this ready-made polygon mask and complete the look with a long black hooded coat, formal pants, and smart dress shoes. Don’t forget a pair of leather gloves for the finishing touch. 


squid game player, easy halloween costume idea
Credit: formaldress.my on Shopee Malaysia

The players of Squid Game were dressed in green tracksuits with an identification number attached to the breast pocket. These were reminiscent of the gym uniforms director Hwang Do-hyuk wore back in elementary school, feeding into the horror of tainted childhood innocence. Whether you’d like to play the game or not, there’s no denying they’d make for the easiest and trendiest Halloween costumes in 2021. And if you’re a big fan of Jung Ho-yeon’s character as Kang Sae-byeok, you can try to fully emulate her look with this makeup tutorial:


Def goin on my girl crush list ✍️?

♬ MONEY – 리사 (LISA)

Masked Man

squid game masked man
Credit: @netflixkr via Instagram

Contrasting the 456 players’ green tracksuits, the masked men sported hot pink jumpsuits. Their masks are the only factors to distinguish among themselves and are marked with three different shapes—circle, triangle, and square. Director Hwang explains that the reason for this design was inspired by ant colonies. Like ants, the masked men have clear designated roles. Similarly, they too, are stripped away of their individualities just like the players and only function to operate the system. 

Money Heist

money heist, halloween costume idea
Credit: IMDB and Anime Star on Shopee Malaysia

Looking for another easy jumpsuit costume? Then recreate the striking jumpsuit and masked moment from Money Heist. It’s a fail-proof Halloween costume idea that you and your friends can easily throw on at the very last minute. And, hey, if you’re part of both the Squid Game and Money Heist fandoms, you can save your coin by wearing the same jumpsuit and swapping out the masks. 

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Anime Fans

Jujutsu Kaisen


sukuna and itadori costume
Credit: @soundtiss via Instagram, fm.my, and LE CHILL Shoes Wholesale on Shopee Malaysia

If you’re a makeup pro and an anime lover (especially of Jujutsu Kaisen), this Halloween costume idea is for you! In this series, the main character, Itadori Yuji, is a vessel for the strongest cursed spirit, Sukuna. The double red eyes and black markings have become a popular trait that shows up whenever Sukuna has taken over Yuji’s body. The outfit is pretty straightforward, even more so with this red-collared top and pants combo. However, if you want to take it up a notch, try following the makeup tutorial below to capture the essence of both Yuji and Sukuna. Then complete the look with a pair of bright red sneakers

Sukuna Makeup Tutorial:


gojo satoru
Credit: korentrending.my on Shopee Malaysia

As one of the most powerful jujutsu sorcerers with a cocky (but still charming) personality, it’s not hard to figure out why fans love him. All you need for this Halloween costume idea is an all-black ensemble and a black blindfold. Don’t have time to coordinate your outfit? Well, no worries, because putting together Gojo Satoru’s look is made even easier with this affordable costume set. You can complete the look with a wig for his striking white hair. Or use this occasion as the perfect excuse to dye your hair and try a new hair colour


haikyuu, halloween costume idea
Credit: Anime Star and Pndodo on Shopee Malaysia

Haikyuu has been a comfort anime for many during the pandemic with its motivational underdog-on-the-rise story. And there’s no better way to express your love for these lovable characters than wearing their uniform as a Halloween costume! If your friends are fellow Haikyuu fans, rope them in on the fun with matching volleyball jerseys and sports jackets. Now the question is, which team are you on? Whether it’s Karasuno, Nekoma, Aoba Johsai, Fukurodani, or Shiratorizawa, we hope you have fun getting into the team spirit!  

Demon Slayer

demon slayer
Credit: lijinlong81.my on Shopee Malaysia

Planning to dress up as your favourite character from the hit anime series, Demon Slayer? Well, the good news is that you won’t have to hunt down for each individual piece of this Halloween costume. Despite the elaborate designs, you can find everything you need with these Demon Slayer costume sets! From the colourful robes to the black demon slayer corps’ uniform, this set has got you covered on all bases. 

Attack On Titan

attack on titan
Credit: MINI MART MALAYSIAAnime Star, and Boutiquemall on Shopee Malaysia

When it comes to the coolest anime Halloween costume ideas, Attack On Titan always wins. Get ready to fight for humanity and take down the titans with this easy Halloween costume. Start off your base with a matching white button-up shirt and pants. Then, start accessorising with harnesses and garter belts to fully emulate their combat gear. Reach for your cropped brown jacket, along with the scouts’ statement green cloak and you’re all set to head off into battle! 

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples


One of the easiest and most iconic Halloween costume ideas for couples is from the hit musical movie, Grease. There are many drool-worthy fashion moments, but how could we ever forget Sandy and Danny’s classic black leather outfits? Here’s how to recreate both their looks:

For Him: Danny Zuko

grease halloween costume ideas
Credit: @gogrease via Instagram, fushan.my, Elegance Castle, and Thousand Miles Official on Shopee Malaysia

As your resident heartthrob Greaser, Danny is often seen in a black leather jacket. His common outfit combination consists of basic wardrobe staples—a white T-shirt and black pants—and there’s no way anyone can look bad in that get-up. Replace the white T-shirt with an ultra-fitted black one, as Danny has done in the closing scenes, to completely match with your partner. 

For Her: Sandy Olsson

sandy olsson outfit
Credit: @gogrease via Instagram, FancyQube, Lishengfashion.my, and homegardeningshop.my on Shopee Malaysia

Sandy left a huge impact with her total femme fatale, bad-girl look. Ditching her typical preppy and neat style, she opts for a pair of form-fitting, black leather pants, an elastic belt, and an off-shoulder top to seduce her leading man. Let’s just say, we don’t blame Danny for getting weak in the knees over Sandy’s super hot transformation. Finish this fire outfit with a pair of red heels, red lipstick, and permed hair. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Are you and your partner sitcom lovers? Then tap into both your humorous, funny sides with these easy Halloween costumes of the ‘it’ pair, Jake and Amy, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For Him: Jake Peralta

jake peralta, brooklyn nine nine
Credit: IMDB, Pro-Biker Malaysia, MUJI Official Store, homexiaoxia.my, and Colegacy Concept Store on Shopee Malaysia

Messy, playful, and with a whole lot of unresolved daddy issues, Jake Peralta’s detective attire is often kept on the simpler side. Very rarely will you see him without a rugged leather jacket worn over a blue or checkered shirt and black pants. But sometimes, he’ll alternate his leather outerwear for a dark zip-up hoodie instead. Make sure to add on a badge with a chain to showcase your NYPD status. 

For Her: Amy Santiago 

amy santiago, brooklyn nine nine
Credit: IMDB, cosmofashioncenter.my, MISSRUI, ZANZEA Official Shop, Ith8888, and LOVITO OFFICIAL STORE on Shopee Malaysia

You know what they say, opposites attract, and that couldn’t be more true with Jake and Amy. Even their outfits are proof! Unlike Jake’s somewhat rougher get-up, Amy’s look is a lot smarter and put together. Since she’s a bit (a lot) of a neat freak, you’ll usually find Amy in a well-pressed blazer and suit pants that are ironed to perfection and completely crease-free. She ties the whole look together with a salmon-coloured or pink V-neck blouse, a leather belt, and (most importantly) a massive binder file titled “Conflict Resolution”. 

Enjoy The Spooky Season With These Fun & Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas

easy halloween costume ideas
Credit: @netflixkr and @soundtiss via Instagram, and IMDB

Now that you’ve got your costumes settled, all that’s left to do is to have fun! Got movie night plans with the besties or bae? Then turn on Netflix and compete to see who’s the bravest with these 15 scary Asian movies or 11 thought-provoking horror films. The first one to scream or flinch loses. Happy Halloween!

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