Want To Build Your Own Home Gym? Start With These 10 Workout Equipment

gym equipment for home

With gyms temporarily closed due to the nationwide MCO 3.0 in place, it’s back to home workouts! And if you haven’t built your own home gym yet, now’s a good time to start setting one up. Not sure what to get because you’ve got limited space or budget? Not to worry. Here are 10 essential home gym equipment that won’t cost a fortune but will still get you in shape without you having to leave the house.

Best Home Gym Equipment To Work Out With Ease

Adjustable Dumbbell Weights

adjustable dumbbell weights, gym equipment for home
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Dumbbells are standard weight training equipment that’s versatile enough to cater to many different types of exercises. This home gym equipment is great for training muscles on your arms, legs, glutes, as well as core strength. While a standard pair may help you maintain your fitness level, getting adjustable dumbbells will probably be more useful.

This is because you’ll be able to modify the weight accordingly over time by increasing the number of weight plates. In doing so, you get to push those body muscles to their maximum capabilities. Plus, you’ll also be getting stronger each time you increase your weights! The heavier the dumbbell, the more intense and effective your workouts will be. 

Adjustable Kettlebells

gym equipment for home kettlebell
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Besides dumbbells, kettlebells are another great home gym equipment that you can use for an all-around workout that combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility. In the long run, kettlebell training will help you burn fat, build muscle, and increase your range of motion. Whether you swing it, lift it, or squat with it, the best part is, you don’t need much space to get your workout done, making it perfect for your home gym!

Pull Up or Push-Up Bars

Pull Up or Push-Up Bars
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This is another highly useful home gym equipment, and it’s super easy to get installed too. A pull-up bar is best used for training the upper body and having it attached to your room’s doorway will serve as a quick reminder to get in some training for the day.

Alternatively, you can leave it unmounted and use it for sit-ups, along with other exercises. The foam handles will make it easier to grip and are less harsh on your hands. Get a bar with central padding to comfortably (well, as comfortable as you can while holding a pull-up) rest the chin. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands
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Resistance bands may not seem like much but are actually a versatile piece of equipment. One of the benefits of resistance bands is that they provide a safer strength training option for workout beginners. They put less strain and force on the joints, as they don’t rely on gravity like weights. So, training with resistance bands will make you less prone to injury. 

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pressure when working out with them. As resistance bands are elastic, the more you stretch them, the more resistance you feel. Your muscles will be forced to hold your form fully throughout the movement, effectively building strength. This home gym equipment is also so easy to store! 

Ab Rollers

Ab rollers, gym equipment for home
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This little tool can seem like one big gimmick at first sight. All you have to do is roll out the wheel forward and roll it back up. Seems straightforward right? Wrong! 

When ab rollers are used correctly, your abs will be screaming within minutes, and in time your core endurance will improve. A stronger core means better balance and stability, leading to an improvement in posture. Ensure that your shoulders remain steady while keeping your core and glutes tightened whenever you use this nifty home gym equipment.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes, gym equipment for home
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Playing jump rope was a fun sport during our childhood. And as an adult, this activity is great for boosting cardiovascular levels and improving coordination and bone density. A mere 15 minutes of jumping rope alone can burn 200 to 300 calories. Now that’s great for those who want to lose weight. Want to see quicker results while improving your strength? Try a weighted jump rope

Exercise Bikes

Girl working out on exercise bikes
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Exercise bikes are a good investment as your home gym equipment. Biking is one of the best cardio exercises to get the heart pumping while strengthening the lower body muscles. It’s considered a moderately low-impact workout, but with great results. So, you’ll be able to burn off those calories without placing too much stress on your joints. 

That said, you can still amp up the intensity for interval training by alternating the speed of your pedalling. For example, for HIIT workouts, you can pedal to your fastest speed in short bursts. Likewise, for low-intensity training, you can pedal at a slower pace but at a longer interval. The good thing about exercise bikes is that they’re relatively easy to use and you can even use them in front of the TV!


Treadmills, gym equipment for home
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Besides exercise bikes, treadmills are another great addition to your home gym. They usually have pre-programmed, integrated workout settings that are perfect for your training routines. These workout settings adjust the level of speed and incline throughout the exercise so that you’re challenged with each set. 

You can also customise your own training schedule according to your fitness level and workout needs. That said, some treadmills are bulkier than others, so do take note of the size before you pick one for your home. For smaller spaces, go for portable options that you can stow away easily. They’re usually slimmer and more lightweight too.

Non-Slip Mat

non slip mat gym equipment for home
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Whether for yoga and Pilates or regular bodyweight exercises, a non-slip mat is an essential home gym equipment that every fitness enthusiast needs. Besides preventing your floors from being damaged (in case you drop a heavyweight), it cushions your joints to prevent injury. Alternatively, you could also place interlocking puzzle mats in the designated gym area in your home.

Foam Roller

foam roller
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Feeling sore after your home workout? Stretching after your exercise is important for proper recovery. With that, a foam roller is another post-workout home gym equipment that you should consider. Inexpensive yet effective, you can even use them to relieve a sore back after a long day of slouching at your home office desk!

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals With The Right Home Gym Equipment

different workout exercises
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Building your own home gym is not difficult when all the essential exercise equipment you need can easily be bought online. If you need some virtual assistance, here are the best fitness YouTube channels to watch as you break a sweat. Love video games? Then the Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch will give you hours of fun workouts!

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