The Ultimate Guide To Grooming Eyebrows For Men

eyebrow for men

Upkeeping your eyebrows is more important than you think. Just take a look at the number of threading services we have available specifically dedicated to the craft. For men, well-groomed eyebrows are the key to looking polished and professional. Sure, bushy eyebrows have a certain masculine appeal and are now, thankfully, on-trend. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to entirely forgo keeping them tidy. There are various ways to keep your arches neat and perfectly trimmed, so here’s our ultimate guide to grooming eyebrows for men

5 Ways To Groom Eyebrows For Men 

Get Rid Of Stray Eyebrow Hairs With Tweezers

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When it comes to grooming eyebrows for men, tweezing is still the preferred method. After all, it’s inexpensive and can be done at home. Plus, it’s one of the more natural techniques because no chemicals or heat are involved and all you need is a pair of tweezers. You also get to be as accurate as you want since you’ll be plucking out one hair at a time. 

With that being said, tweezing can be a tedious process and not a very comfortable one either. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be for you. As for those blessed with a flattering natural brow shape, you can get away with minimal tweezing to neaten them up. 

Tip: Take a hot shower before you tweeze your eyebrows. The steam will open up the pores and loosen the debris and sebum underneath, which lessens the sting. When tweezing, stretch and hold the skin taut as this will help to reduce the pain.

Use Scissors To Trim Your Brow Hairs

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For men’s eyebrows, trimming the longer hairs is another way to make them less unkempt. First, brush your brows upwards with a comb. This makes it easier to identify excess hair. After that, you can start cutting around the edges of your brow arch with a nifty pair of brow scissors. Or snip away at any hairs that are poking out between the comb’s bristles. 

Much like tweezing, it’s better to trim one hair at a time instead of going for a bold, straight-across cut. This gives a textured feel to your eyebrows and prevents them from appearing too overly groomed.

Be careful not to cut too much from the tail end of your brows though; you don’t want to end up with short, blocky brows. The same can be said for the unibrow area, as it’s super easy to get carried away and make the mistake of over trimming. The rule of thumb is to always leave a little more hair than what you think is appropriate. If you’re unsure about certain brow hairs, just leave it be and don’t pluck them. 

Opt For Threading And Leave It To The Professionals

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Don’t feel confident in your trimming abilities? Then leave it to the pros by going for the traditional method of eyebrow threading. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, eyebrow threading involves using twisted cotton threads to pull out the hairs in a straight line. 

It gets right into the root, plucking the hair follicle from its pore. Whether it hurts just as much as tweezing does, we’ll leave that up to you to decide. But at the very least, you’ll know your brows are in good hands and shape! 

For A Painless Method, Use Precision Eyebrow Razors/Electric Shavers

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Thankfully, grooming eyebrows for men doesn’t always have to be a painful affair. Using a precision eyebrow razor can garner similar results without nipping at your skin in the process. Shaving also doesn’t rip out the follicles, unlike tweezing and threading. As a result, your hair will grow back much quicker. So, even if you do make a shaping mistake, there’s no pressure. 

For a neat and tailored style, just glide the razor along the shape of your brows to remove the extra fuzz. Need a quick-shave solution? Then give electric eyebrow shavers a try. They function the same way as regular electric razors but are made specifically for your eyebrows instead of your facial hair. 

Add Volume With Brow Gel Mascara

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Coating your hairs with a brow gel mascara is an easy way for men to spruce up their eyebrows. It instantly adds volume and makes your brows appear fuller than they actually are. There are two main types of brow gel: clear and tinted. 

Go for a clear brow-setting gel on days when you want to rock a clean, fresh face. It’s made to set your natural brow hairs in place while shaping them into perfect arches that will stay put. Alternatively, opt for a tinted eyebrow mascara to fill in any sparse gaps and cover up any grey hairs. To apply, simply brush the spoolie applicator upwards, following the direction of your brow hairs. 

Look Polished With These Eyebrow Grooming Methods For Men 

eyebrow for men
Credit: samer daboul from Pexels

Getting your brows to look on-fleek is easy when there are so many eyebrow grooming methods for men. You just have to find one that suits you (and your pain tolerance) best! 

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