Men’s Skincare: 5 Essential Products You Should Use Regularly

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Men’s grooming is certainly becoming more prominent over the years and even more so with the rise of K-pop idol groups and K-dramas. Even if you are still new to the world of skincare, it’s never too late to start now. Plus, you honestly don’t need much for a basic routine (too many products can also be just as damaging to the skin), and only a few handful of essentials are enough to maintain clear-looking skin. Here are some basic skin care products for men that every beginner should stock up on. 

5 Best Skin Care Product Essentials For Men To Kickstart Your Basic Routine

Facial Cleanser 

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If you still think that bar soap and shower water is all the skincare you need, then we implore you to think again. While bar soaps may be useful for getting rid of all the unwanted dirt and oil from your face, it can also remove the natural oils your skin needs to keep it hydrated. The harsh detergents present in the soap can be drying, resulting in dry, flaky, and irritated skin. You’ll be more susceptible to breakouts too, as your skin will try to overcompensate for the lack of natural oils by producing more oil. And that’s not all, because bar soaps disturb the skin’s pH balance as well.

What this means is that your natural acid mantle will get disrupted, leaving your skin vulnerable to accumulated bacteria and germs. Opt for a mild facial cleanser that caters to your skin type (dry, oily, combination, or acne-prone) instead. This is a basic skincare product for men that will clean the face and pores effectively, but without drying out your skin or disrupting the pH balance. Make sure to cleanse your face twice daily. Once in the morning to clean the dirt gathered from sleeping (pillowcases are a host for bacteria after all) and once at night to rinse away the day’s build-up. 

Face Scrub/Exfoliator

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Now that your face is properly cleansed, it’s time to go in with an exfoliator to tackle those dead skin cells. Thanks to this process, fresh skin cells are renewed, restoring your skin’s natural mechanism. The result? Clear, youthful skin with a smoother texture, even skin tone, minimised wrinkles, and reduced pores and blackheads. Besides that, the removal of these dead skin cells allows your moisturiser to be absorbed more easily. 

This keeps your skin supple and hydrated while decreasing flaky, dry patches. Still not convinced? Well, exfoliating also prevents razor bumps and in-grown hairs from forming every time you shave, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable shaving experience. Even if you do keep your beard, exfoliation helps control the production of dandruff, thus maintaining healthy hair follicles that stimulate strong beard growth. 

Needless to say, it’s one of the most essential skin care products for men. However, to avoid abrasion, it’s best to exfoliate only twice a week maximum. Gently massage the exfoliator in circular motions to buff the product into the skin. Take your time and don’t be too rough with the application. Stay away from sensitive areas like your under-eyes and around the lips, as the skin is too thin and may be aggravated by the scrub. 


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Moisturisers are soothing and hydrating skin care products for men that everyone must own. They provide vital nutrients and vitamins which help form a barrier to protect against external environmental toxins that could harm your skin. Furthermore, insufficient water and moisture can lead to inflammation, redness, along with fine lines and wrinkles. Water is key to proper skin functioning and a balanced complexion, so be sure that you apply your moisturiser twice a day daily. 

For morning: Your skin loses moisture when you sleep, which is why it’s necessary to restore the lack of hydration during the day. Aside from that, you’re also exposed to various skin-damaging environmental factors and free radicals. Wearing moisturiser in the morning will shield you against these harsh elements and keep blemishes from forming. 

For night: Your moisture levels naturally dip during this time. And when you’re asleep, your skin is actively repairing itself and would require hydration to do so. Face moisturisers and night creams contain crucial ingredients that replenish your insufficient moisture levels, maximising the body’s cell regeneration for skin repair. 

Eye Cream

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Your under-eye areas are the first place where signs of ageing will show, because of how thin the skin is. Pulled an all-nighter for an unfinished assignment? Your raccoon eyes and dark circles are there to greet you in the mirror the next day. Partied too hard from a fun night out? You’ve got massive puffy eyes to deal with on top of your raging hangover. Perhaps there isn’t even any specific cause but merely your age catching up to you and all of a sudden you’ve woken up to fine lines and wrinkles

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that dark, tired eyes can make anyone look dull and dreary. With eye creams, you get to solve all the above with just this one skin care product for men. Apply just one small drop for each eye every morning and night, using your ring fingers. 

Lightly tap them together to warm up the product before distributing the eye cream underneath your eyes, including the corners and brow bone area. Use gentle tapping or patting motions till the product is fully absorbed. Never ever massage or rub your eyes as this will only drag and stretch the skin, which will further worsen your wrinkles or dark circles instead of treating them. 


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Sunscreen is an absolute skin care product essential for men. This is something that you definitely shouldn’t skimp on. We all know that the sun’s UV rays are our skin’s biggest enemy, which we’re all exposed to daily. Besides being cancer-causing, exposure to UV rays can also lead to premature ageing and plenty of other skin issues, such as wrinkles, dark spots, dry patches, and sunburns. Hence, you must protect your skin with SPF and build a habit of wearing sunscreen every single day. 

And yes, you still need to use sunscreen even when you’re working from home. If your house has windows, which naturally they should, they only block out UVB rays. You’re still exposed to UVA rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin. Though you won’t suffer from a sunburn, you’re still at risk from skin damage. So, pack on that SPF 30 sunscreen so your skin stays fresh and bright. As tempting as it may be to rub the product all over your face, opt to apply with a patting motion instead. Not only is it gentler on your skin, but it helps your sunscreen to absorb better to form a protective barrier. 

Start Using Skin Care Products For Men To Achieve Clear, Youthful Skin 

skin care products for men
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Why wait till your skin starts acting up to start buying the right skin care products for men? It’s far easier to diligently maintain your good skin condition rather than treat a bad one. We hope this article has shed some light on the necessary items you need to begin a simple skincare routine. Looking to build your wardrobe? Then check out our other article on casual wear essentials.

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