9 Great Apps To Help You Navigate Your Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful periods a woman can go through in her lifetime. It is also one that is filled with anxiety and uncertainty. As a mum-to-be, carrying a baby inside you for nine months isn’t easy. Therefore, you will need all the support that you can get. Did you know your smartphone can help tremendously too? There are lots of apps specifically created to help you throughout your pregnancy journey, and they offer assistance in more ways than you can imagine. So give these apps for pregnancy a try as every little help matters!

Apps For Your Pregnancy: Why You Need One

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As you will learn going through all the apps for pregnancy featured in this article, they offer a great level of assistance as you go through the ups and downs during your nine-month journey. They can come in the form of pregnancy trackers which will help you keep close tabs on your baby growth and health, something that every expecting mum will desire. 

Pregnancy comes with a lot of uncertainties and it will be uncharted territory for first-time mums. Information is vital as the more you learn about pregnancy, the more you will be prepared for it and be reassured mentally. There are apps that provide all the answers you seek for with just a few quick taps. Meanwhile, pregnancy is also a period of constant battle with your own body as it undergoes a big change. Sleep will get disrupted, eating patterns will go awry, and your mood will fluctuate. Thankfully, all these can be managed with the help of pregnancy-related apps (including a few for dads-to-be!) to ensure you and your baby stay healthy.

Best Apps To Track Your Pregnancy

What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

what to expect apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

One of the most important apps for pregnancy you should have installed on your phone is a pregnancy tracker. What To Expect is an app from the most-trusted pregnancy and parenting brand. It features a personalised pregnancy tracker that shows your baby’s daily and week-by-week development, besides helping you understand your changing body. On top of that, it also provides month-by-month baby development guides, which include sleep schedules, milestones, feeding trackers, and more.

Download: iOS l Android

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

ovia pregnancy tracker app for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

You can watch your baby grow every day with the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app! It’s all thanks to its “in the womb” feature that provides realistic illustrations of your little one on a weekly basis. Also, it features a helpful calendar that you can use to track everything; from doctor appointment reminders to baby bump photos. These are just some of its many other great features like a customisable health tracker, baby size comparisons, and even a baby name generator for you to get some ideas!

Download: iOS l Android

Best Apps For Pregnancy-Related Info And Support

WebMD Pregnancy

webmd apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

WebMD Pregnancy provides trusted health information with more than 900 doctor-approved articles, common Q&As, safety tips, expert-curated checklists, slideshows, quizzes, and more. What’s more, you can also connect with other mums to seek support and maternity advice in the app’s active Pregnancy Community.

Download: iOS

The Bump 

the bump apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

The Bump offers expert-backed information curated by their award-winning editorial staff in the form of daily articles tailored to your journey. It covers everything from identifying pregnancy symptoms to tips on how to ward off morning sickness. You will also love exploring its interactive 3D visualisation of your baby’s growth week-by-week, where you will be able to learn new biological facts about babies in addition to the changes happening inside your body. 

Download: iOS l Android


babyname apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

Naming your newborn is serious business. You want the best name that both sounds great and is meaningful. But getting that perfect name isn’t always the easiest task, especially when it needs to go through your partner’s approval as well. Fret not as BabyName is here to help! More than just a simple baby name generator, this app lets you and your partner choose your newborn’s name in a fun, Tinder-style manner. Swipe through cards with baby names on it together and when you both like the same name, it’s a match! These names will then be stored in your favourites list so you can make a final selection later.

Download: iOSAndroid

Best Apps For Pregnancy Health And Wellness


baby2body apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

Baby2Body is an all-rounder health and well-being coaching app for pregnancy and motherhood. With this app, you have a virtual assistant to help you stay healthy by coaching you on matters relating to fitness, nutrition, and emotional well-being. All the programmes are created with the help of top experts in women’s health. It even comes with a seven-day free trial, after which you can subscribe to continue getting more pregnancy-friendly tips like safe workout plans, delicious yet healthy meal plans, and stress-reducing meditations.

Download: iOS


headspace apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

Every mum knows that getting enough rest while going through a pregnancy is crucial and yet, it is a big struggle. Thankfully, there are apps like Headspace that will help you sleep well. You can use Headspace to sleep better with its wide array of sleep-focused features such as breathing exercises, guided meditations, and sleep music among others. Aside from that, it is also a very useful app to help you relax your mind and manage your stress. Couple this app with some comfy bedding and you’re in for a good slumber.  

Download: iOS l Android

Best Pregnancy App For Dads

Daddy Up

daddy up apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

Like first-time mums, new dads are navigating new territory too and will be facing a lot of the unknown. Enter Daddy Up, an app that’s self-described as the “the dad’s field guide to pregnancy”. The handy app for your partner includes features such as weekly information about your baby bump, a customisable daddy checklist, journal log, and contraction counter to help him be the best supporting husband throughout your pregnancy period. With wise input from seasoned dads and useful information relayed in a fun manner, Daddy Up is a must-have app for every future dad!

Download: iOS l Android

Quick Tips For New Dads

quick tips for new dads apps for pregnancy
Credit: Apple App Store

While you do all the hard work during pregnancy, your partner has to assume equal responsibility in taking care of the newborn once the baby is out. So, it is never too early to prep him for the monumental task ahead. Have him download this “ultimate survival guide for new dads” on his phone. Featuring hundreds of how-to guides, tips, and checklists among others, Quick Tips For New Dads will equip your partner with the know-how to be a great dad right out of the gate. No more clueless dad excuses from him.

Download: iOS

Stay On Top Of Your Pregnancy Journey With These Apps For Future Mums And Dads 

Credit: John Looy on Unsplash

No doubt pregnancy will take a heavy toll on you, both physically and mentally. But the journey will also leave you with unforgettable memories and joy of a lifetime that only a mum-to-be can experience. Having support from everyone will ensure a smoother journey for you and your baby. For your own part, help yourself stay healthy and informed by making full use of some of these featured apps for pregnancy!

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