7 Best YouTube Fitness Channels To Help You Workout From Home

Mustering up the sheer willpower to drag yourself to a physical gym is no small feat and one that most of us can fall short of. We then try to justify our not going with a long list of practical reasons. “It’s been a long day at work”, “I don’t have the money to invest in a fitness programme”, and the favourite, “I just don’t have time to go to the gym.” With YouTube around, there’s no excuse for not working out. There are a plethora of fitness channels that offer all sorts of exercise options, ranging from pilates and yoga to strength training and body-building. Not to mention, they’re all for free too! Without further ado, here are seven YouTube fitness channels to help you workout from home. 

Break A Sweat In Your Workout From Home Sessions With These YouTube Fitness Channels

Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh is a certified personal trainer whose videos cover just about everything to suit various fitness levels. Some include low-impact workouts for the fitness novice, daily exercises to get you through Ramadan, and killer circuits that can help you burn up to 400 calories. Whatever it is, you’re bound to find something for yourself for your workout from home routine.

Her meal prep ideas and food recipes are also a good guide for healthier eating. After all, having a consistent exercise regiment and a proper diet plan go hand in hand, especially if your fitness goal is to lose weight. Making certain food swaps is necessary and Joanna packs in her knowledge as an experienced nutritional coach into simple but informative videos. 


How could we have a list of YouTube fitness channels for your workout from home needs and not include Blogilates? One of the OGs of fitness YouTubers, certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho made her start through the introduction of POP Pilates. Essentially, POP Pilates is where she combines upbeat pop music with traditional Pilates routines.

Her channel offers fun and short Pilates workout videos, giving you the option to target specific muscle groups or go all out with a full-body exercise. Don’t have the proper equipment? Well, that’s no issue, because the majority, if not all, of her workouts, can be done without them. At most, all you need is a yoga mat, but that’s about it. 

The Fitness Marshall

For those who hate exercising with every fibre of their being, The Fitness Marshall might just be the channel to get you out of your fitness slump. This workout YouTube channel will leave you sweating up a storm with its energetic dance exercises featuring newly-released Top 40 tracks. Think you’re too uncoordinated for this workout from home session? Well, you can put your worries aside, because the choreography is simple enough for even people with two left feet (*raises hand*) to follow. The highlight of a Fitness Marshall dance workout? His sassy commentary that’ll keep you entertained as you get that heart rate up.


Founded by Coach Kozak and Claudia, HASfit is another YouTube fitness channel that provides a wide selection of workout routines. They aim to make the personal trainer experience easily accessible to anyone and everyone. With more than 1,000 full-length free workout routines, complete 30 to 90-day fitness programmes, and meal plan suggestions, there’s no shortage of choices. This channel is particularly great for those who prefer more strength-training exercises and whose fitness goals are to become lean and strong.

Yoga With Adriene

We’re probably not the first to admit that yoga just might be one of the most intimidating fitness practices. Its flexible poses and challenging headstands are enough to discourage anyone from even attempting to do yoga, which is where Adriene Mishler comes in. Her calm demeanour and relatable personality make yoga more approachable, motivating you to stay consistent. Plus, she has a yoga sequence for pretty much everything; from migraines and cramps to back pain and easing your anxiety. 

It’s one of the best platforms for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of yoga. People often feel especially self-conscious of their lack of skill when they attend a class full of advanced yoga practitioners. However, since you’ll be learning this workout from home, you’ll be able to exercise in peace and fully focus on your form. Just remember to have a few yoga props at home to ease you into more challenging stretches and poses.

Fitness Blender

Daniel and Kelli are the husband and wife duo behind this fitness channel which excels in offering exercise programmes for busy and time-poor people. They have compiled over 600 workout videos, with most designed to be relatively quick. These routines can be as short as five minutes, making it ideal for working adults who are struggling to find the time to fit in a workout session. Otherwise, their lengthy videos can stretch out to 45 minutes or longer for more in-depth training during the weekends. So, you can easily adjust your workout from home regimens to whatever time suits you best.

Walk At Home By Leslie Sansone

If you’re still feeling demotivated at the thought of working out from home, then maybe this low-impact fitness channel will be right for you. Walking is an overlooked exercise that reaps more health benefits than many may realise. This daily activity that everyone can do has the ability to improve your cardiac health, burn excess calories, and increase your stamina. Of course, this depends on how long and how fast you walk. A gentle stroll is certainly not going to cut it if you expect to see results. Plus, with the time spent at home, Leslie Sanson’s mile walk workouts are a good alternative to your outdoor or gym treadmill walks. 

Get Your Body Moving When You Workout From Home With These YouTube Fitness Channels

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Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or trying to maintain a consistent workout from home routine, we hope this list helped you find what you were looking for. Also, don’t be discouraged if you start poorly at first. Getting fit is a gradual process and with time, you’ll eventually be able to perform these exercises with ease. For more exercise-related content, check out our other article on handy gym equipment too.

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