Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, BTS, & Other Celebrity-Inspired Punk Fashion Outfits

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If there’s anything we’ve learned about trends is that fashion and music go hand in hand. The pop-punk genre has made a strong comeback in recent years along with its gritty aesthetic. Music icons like Avril Lavigne brought grunge to the mainstream back in the 2000s. And now today’s current artistes are putting their own spin on the subculture in both sound and style. Here are nine pop-punk outfits to add some punk fashion to your wardrobe. 

Plaid Pop Punk Fashion Outfits 

avril lavigne pop punk outfit
Credit: @avrillavigne via Instagram

Plaids are the most dominant prints in most pop-punk outfits. Whether it’s on mini skirts and dresses or pants and jackets, you’ll find plaids almost everywhere in this aesthetic. And who better to draw inspiration from than the OG princess of pop-punk herself? 

Avril Lavigne made a massive return by going back to her rocker roots with her Love Sux album. Her teaser photos are very reminiscent of her Girlfriend era, featuring plaid mini skirts, graphic T-shirts, and platform boots. 

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olivia rodrigo plaid style
Credit: @oliviarodrigo via Instagram

Gen-Z’s favourite breakout star, Olivia Rodrigo, also showcased her range in the genre with hits like Good 4 You and Brutal. Here, she puts a more modern, Y2K twist to her pop-punk outfit by opting for a simple plaid mini dress and tying her hair up in two pigtails. 

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Leather Pop Punk Fashion Outfits

leather pop punk outfit
Credit: @min.nicha via Instagram

Even the most current K-pop groups are dabbling into the pop-punk genre. (G)I-DLE showed a cooler side to them in their lead single, TOMBOY. Besides their hard-hitting vocals, the music video is a visual feast for all pop-punk or grunge fashion enthusiasts. Clad in a leather jacket, the members look incredibly bold and edgy. We also love the addition of the tie. After all, it isn’t punk without defying the rules of fashion. 

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gidle minnie tomboy style
Credit: @min.nicha via Instagram

With her oversized leather jacket and distressed shorts combination, Minnie’s individual look from TOMBOY is practically the embodiment of punk fashion. This is further enhanced by the sheer crochet top she wears over her white bralette. Alternatively, you could also opt for a white tank top to add more coverage if you don’t like exposing too much skin. 

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BTS V pop punk fashion
Credit: Fandom

ARMYs, let’s take a trip down memory lane back to 2014 with BTS’ B-side track, War Of Hormone. Now, lyrically, it’s not their best song about women and fans were quick to hold them accountable. But there’s no denying that it’s still a bop and we hate that we love it. Or as TikTok likes to say, “I can feel the feminism leave my body when this song comes on”. 

Their catchy tune is coupled with some edgy retro outfits, with V’s and Jungkook’s looks lending a particularly punkish touch. V’s pop-punk outfit infuses formal with casual by pairing a leather jacket and T-shirt with tapered pin-striped pants and Oxfords

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Pop Punk Fashion Outfits With Ripped Knit Sweater

BTS Jungkook War Of Hormone style
Credit: Fandom

Meanwhile, Jungkook fully embraces the punk fashion aesthetic with a grungier ensemble. Forget about the cute sweater-weather look, because the more rips and holes your pullover has, the better. He completes the look with a matching pair of black jeans and shoes to coordinate with the stripes of his sweater. 

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TXT Beomgyu pop punk fashion
Credit: @beomgyu.qt via Instagram

Known for their magical and bright youthful concept, TXT surprised fans with a more emo-rock side in OX1=LOVESONG. Admittedly, this look was taken from their Christmas holiday merch collection, but we love the cosy edginess of Beomgyu’s pop-punk outfit. Even more so when paired with his long wolf-cut hair and yellow highlights. 

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Pop Punk Fashion Outfits With Graphic T-Shirts

TXT Beomgyu band style
Credit: @beomgyu.qt via Instagram

TXT continued their rebellious style even in their Japanese Chaotic Wonderland album albeit with a slightly cuter touch. Beomgyu looks like the picture-perfect rocker boy you’d have a crush on in high school. His outfit overlaps with the skate-punk fashion aesthetic, featuring oversized T-shirts, ripped jeans, and Vans sneakers. 

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xdinary heroes grunge style
Credit: Xdinary Heroes

JYP debuted their newest boy band in December 2021. It’s the first boy band they’ve had in six years since Day6. And judging from their first comeback single, Happy Death Day, they’re already off to a smashing start! 

Jooyeon’s pop-punk outfit is every e-boy’s favourite combination—an oversized graphic band tee layered over a button-up shirt. Instead of ripped jeans, he’s dressed in cargo pants for an added utilitarian flair. 

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Makeup For The Pop Punk Fashion Aesthetic

Smudged Eyeliner/Intense Smokey Eye

punk makeup
Credit: @avrillavigne and @patrickta via Instagram

Want to fully tap into your inner punk? Then bring out your eyeliner pencil or black eyeshadow stick to colour your lids for an intense smokey eye. But if the messy smokey look is a bit too much for you, you could also opt for a strong eyeliner wing instead. 

Get Ready To Rock Out In These Pop-Punk Fashion Outfits 

pop punk fashion
Credit: @beomgyu.qt  and @avrillavigne via Instagram

Whether you’re trying the aesthetic for the first time or an avid participant of the subculture, we hope you have fun putting together your pop-punk outfits. You might also like the e-girl aesthetic, as they share many similarities to punk fashion. Otherwise, you could also check out the soft boy and soft girl aesthetic for a, well, softer style.

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