Girl Gamers, Here’s What You Need To Create A Unique Pink Gaming Room

Step aside, boys! The age of a male-dominated gaming world is a thing of the past. From esports to live game streaming, we are seeing an increasing number of female gamers getting involved and excelling (read: kicking male gamers’ butt). If you are a girl gamer yourself, we are sure you would jump at the chance to set up your own gaming paradise. Look no further as we bring you some cool and kawaii ideas for your gaming room setup in your bedroom. Spoilers: there will be lots of pink.

These Will Look Fire For A Gaming Room Setup In Your Bedroom

The Main Setup

Although an all-black gaming rig never goes out of style, this is a girl’s gaming room we are talking about. For sure, it needs some dash of pretty colours, starting with the main gaming machine.

AOC AGON AG273FXR bedroom gaming room
AOC AGON AG273FXR l Credit: Just IT Technology on Shopee

If you are gaming on a PC desktop, a nice-looking monitor would be the highlight of the gaming room setup in your bedroom. You’ll want to check out the AOC AGON AG273FXR 27-inch gaming monitor with pink and white accents. Not just a pretty face, it comes packed with gameplay-enhancing features like a high 144Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering that could affect how games are presented visually.

MSI Prestige 14 Pink bedroom gaming room
MSI Prestige 14 Pink l Credit:

For those whose main gaming machine is their laptop, perhaps the MSI Prestige 14 Pink will strike your fancy for an upgrade? More than just a pretty shell, it is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM that will aid in gaming performance.

The Gaming Furniture

GTGAMEZ gaming desk bedroom gaming room
GTGAMEZ gaming desk l Credit: Kitchen Z on Shopee

The desk is the centrepiece of your whole setup, and you would not only want it to look good but also function well. This gaming desk from GTGAMEZ will fit just nicely for a gaming room setup in your bedroom. The wide surface area exudes a clean aesthetic while keeping it resistant to water and scratches. 

Razer Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition bedroom gaming room
Razer Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition l Credit: Razer Official Store on Shopee

Next, you’ll want a gaming chair that looks the part. May we suggest the Trixie Throne from Gaming Freak with colours that will make your heart flutter. Speaking of the heart, it even comes with a heart-shaped lumbar pillow. If you want to go all-out on the price (and especially if you are a huge Hello Kitty fan), the Razer Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition will definitely melt your heart away!

The Gaming Essentials

Razer Blackwidow V3 in Quartz bedroom gaming room
Razer Blackwidow V3 in Quartz l Credit: Wellplay Gaming on Shopee

A pretty-looking keyboard and mouse will instantly boost your mood  whenever you sit down on your desk. The Razer Blackwidow V3 is a fan-favourite gaming keyboard with features like mechanical switches and an ergonomic wrist rest. But what really takes the cake is the Quartz colour option! 

Meanwhile, the Aukey KM-G15 mechanical gaming keyboard and the Fantech Gaming Keyboard Pink Sakura Edition are great alternatives if you have a smaller budget. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are the way to go if you have a bigger budget to spend.

Fantech VX7 Crypto Gaming Mouse Pink Sakura Edition bedroom gaming room
Fantech VX7 Crypto Gaming Mouse Pink Sakura Edition l Credit: Fantech Malaysia Official Store on Shopee

As for our mouse of choice, take your pick between the Razer Viper Ultimate (Quartz) and the Fantech VX7 Crypto Gaming Mouse Pink Sakura Edition. Both of these mouses come equipped with programmable buttons and sensitivity adjustment that could give you a performance edge.

Can’t make up your mind? Set your sights on the Onikuma gaming keyboard and gaming mouse combo instead and you’re all set!

The Gaming Accessories

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition bedroom gaming room
Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition l Credit: Razer Official Store on Shopee

If you have extra to spend, we recommend throwing a pair of headphones into your setup. Good audio can make a world of difference to your gaming experience. And tell us, how can you resist not getting your hands on the Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition or the Hello Kitty and Friends Edition

Also, don’t forget to protect your wrists! If you spend long hours in front of your computer, some form of wrist padding goes a long way towards providing you with overall comfort. This ergonomic mouse pad and wrist pad combo set from VicTsing will do the job (and fits the theme, too!).

a pink webcam

A webcam is a must if you often play multiplayer games with friends. While there is a sea of options out there, perhaps nothing comes close to this bear head-shaped webcam that just screams kawaii!

The Finishing Touch

a desk setup bathed in pink glow bedroom gaming room
Credit: Designecologist via Pexels

Ever looked at pictures of the best gaming setups and wondered to yourself “OMG, how do they make it look this good?” A large part of it has to do with the room lighting. The good news is you can easily achieve a similar effect to turn your bedroom into an aesthetic gaming room without needing to spend tons of money.

RGB light strips are cheap and easy to install. Once you have a roll, it is up to your imagination to decorate your room however you want. For starters, we recommend putting a strip behind your desk so the light can reflect off the wall for maximum effect. After that, you are free to customise and display any colours to set up different moods.

With the right lighting and colours, you can transform the gaming room setup in your bedroom from plain-looking to jaw-dropping!

Ready For A Bedroom-Gaming Room Makeover?

a gaming desk setup
Credit: Sharad Kachhi via Pexels

With a little bit of effort and the right products, any girl gamer can transform her bedroom into a gaming room that gets everyone gushing. We hope that you will gain some ideas and inspiration from here to build a gaming setup that is uniquely yours—pink or not. Should you want more gaming room ideas, be sure to check out our budget gaming room setup recommendations and also take a peek at the cool Ikea X ROG gaming furniture lineup!

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