10 Best Makeup Remover Wipes In Malaysia That Break Down Makeup Effortlessly

Best makeup remover wipes Malaysia

Kicking off your shoes and curling up in bed can be extremely tempting after a late night out. And if you can’t muster the energy to carry out your usual skincare routine, makeup remover wipes can be a lifesaver. These cotton sheets are saturated in oil- or water-based cleansers that lift away makeup, dirt, and impurities without over-drying the skin. So a thorough wipe is all you need before you hop into bed. We’ve outlined 10 of the best makeup remover wipes you can pick up in Malaysia just ahead, so you won’t run the risk of waking up to clogged pores and breakouts.

Is It Good To Use Makeup Remover?

Absolutely! Makeup removal should be an essential step in your daily skincare ritual because it cleanses away cosmetics, dirt, impurities, and sometimes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This not only promotes better absorption of skincare products, but also prevents irritation, breakouts, and premature ageing.

The Best Makeup Remover Wipes In Malaysia

Good for tossing into your carry-on, work, or gym bag.

1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena best makeup remover wipes Malaysia
Credit: Beauty Tree Pharmacy on Shopee

Remove makeup anytime, anywhere with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. Individually packed for ladies on-the-go, these alcohol-free facial wipes gently and effortlessly dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup—even stubborn waterproof mascara. Skin is left feeling clean and fresh with no heavy residue, so there’s no need to rinse.

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2. Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes

Credit: Watsons Malaysia on Shopee

It’s little wonder why these best-selling makeup remover wipes have earned the loyalty of ladies all over Malaysia. Infused with Biore’s Smooth Cleansing Oil, these 100% natural fibre wipes easily break down pore-clogging makeup, including waterproof mascara, without excessive rubbing. It’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid, so skin stays supple and comfortable after every wipe.

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3. Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Sheet Moist

Bifesta best makeup remover wipe Malaysia
Credit: Mandom Official Store on Shopee

When it comes to these best-selling makeup remover wipes in Malaysia, one sheet is all you need to remove a full face of makeup, and sweep away dead skin cells and impurities. Since the formula contains moisture-laden amino acids, you can skip the double cleanse and hit the hay sooner rather than later.

4. beplain Mung Bean pH-Balanced Facial Cleansing Wipes

Credit: beplain on Shopee

If K-beauty products dominate your shelf, you’ll love beplain’s fragrance-free facial cleansing wipes. Mung bean extract ensures these ultra-soft sheets effectively rid the skin of makeup, oil, and city grime, while green tea leaf extract offers anti-ageing benefits by retaining moisture and protecting the skin from free radical damage.

5. Simple Micellar Wipes

Simple best makeup remover wipes Malaysia
Credit: PureCare H+B on Shopee

One of the best makeup remover wipes in Malaysia that’s gentle on skin but tough on makeup—even waterproof ones—is the Simple Micellar Wipes. Infused with nourishing ingredients like Vitamins B, E, and triple-purified water, these hypoallergenic towelettes provide instant hydration to the skin while thoroughly removing makeup, dirt, and oil build-up.

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6. Alia Aloe Vera Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

Credit: Watsons Malaysia on Shopee

Homegrown and halal-certified skincare brand Alia is fast moving up the ranks of the best makeup remover wipes in Malaysia. Its aloe vera cleansing sheets are infused with Habbatus sauda and Jeju cherry blossom extracts, which hydrate, protect, and tone the skin for a more radiant complexion. Of course, they also remove excess oil, impurities, and waterproof makeup, so your skin is ready to take on the next skincare step.

7. EVERLY Collagen Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

Everly best makeup remover wipes Malaysia
Credit: BEAUTYSTALL on Shopee

Is your skin intolerant towards alcohol? Well, these low-irritation EVERLY cleansing wipes contain none at all, but that doesn’t dilute its ability to dissolve all traces of makeup—waterproof or otherwise—thoroughly. These velvety tissues do, however, contain collagen and vitamin E, both of which help to promote more youthful-looking skin.

8. Silkygirl Just Wipe Makeup Cleansing Wipes

Credit: SILKYGIRL Official Store on Shopee

Silkygirl’s alcohol- and fragrance-free cleansing wipes are enriched with aloe vera and chamomile extracts that hydrate and soothe the skin as you give it a thorough wipedown. But that’s not all. With antioxidant tea tree oil in the mix, you’ll also be protected from environmental damage and early signs of ageing.

9. Elianto Makeup Cleansing Tissue

Elianto best makeup remover wipes Malaysia
Credit: Elianto Make Up Official. on Shopee

Elianto carries some of the best-selling makeup remover wipes in Malaysia, thanks to its affordable price and high efficacy. These cleansing tissues do a fine job in removing eye, face, and lip makeup as well as daily impurities without leaving a sticky residue. The aloe vera version soothes and hydrates, while the green tea one smoothes and softens.

10. VT Cosmetics Cica Mild Cleansing Tissue

Credit: VTcosmetics Official Store on Shopee

VT Cosmetics’ Cica Mild Cleansing Tissue is a quick and easy solution for deep cleansing and hydration after a full day of wearing makeup. The mildly acidic formula ensures the facial skin’s natural pH balance is maintained. Plus, it contains the mighty Cica or Centella asiatica, which alleviates sensitivity and delivers moisture back to the skin.

Take The Day Off With These Best Makeup Remover Wipes In Malaysia

Best makeup remover wipes Malaysia
Credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash

Celebrities and beauty gurus have always emphasised the importance of removing your makeup no matter how tired you are. And we’re lucky to have an abundance of the best makeup remover wipes in Malaysia to simplify and expedite that process. It’s worth the little effort it requires, and whether you choose to head to bed or go on with the next skincare step, that’s entirely up to you. The most important thing is to let your skin breathe every night, so it can renew itself while you sleep.

On days when you’re not in a fatigued state, using an emulsifying cleansing balm will truly ensure makeup is removed from every nook and corner of your face.  For unbeatable deals and discounts on personal care items, head on over to the Shopee Health And Beauty Hub.

Cover photo courtesy of Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash.

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