Get To The Root Of Postpartum Hair Loss With The Best Hair Growth Tonics In Malaysia

Best hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia

So you’ve had the best hair of your life during your pregnancy, and now your crowning glory is shedding like there’s no tomorrow? That sounds to us like a classic case of postpartum hair loss, caused by the fluctuating hormone levels in your body during and after your pregnancy. The good news is, postpartum hair loss is rarely permanent, and by the time your child celebrates their first birthday, your hair growth is most likely restored. But if you simply cannot wait it out, the best hair tonic in Malaysia can help reduce hair fall and stimulate your scalp for healthy hair growth.

What Is The Best Hair Tonic For Hair Growth In Malaysia?

If you’re overwhelmed by the endless options, here’s a rundown of the best hair tonics for hair growth that you can find in Malaysia.

1. Some By Mi Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Tonic

Some By Mi best hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia
Credit: Some By Mi Official Store on Shopee
With 22,000 bottles sold to date, Some By Mi’s best-selling hair tonic for hair growth is truly head and shoulders above the rest. Made with peptides, cica, and biotin, this tonic improves hair elasticity and deeply hydrates the scalp to control excessive sebum production. (A greasy scalp can lead to clogged hair follicles and, eventually, hair fall.) What’s more, the menthol-infused formula is cooling on the scalp and not at all heavy on your locks.

2. Naturals By Watsons Aloe Vera Hair & Scalp Tonic

Naturals by Watsons best hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia
Credit: Watsons Malaysia on Shopee
For mamas on a budget, Watsons offers one of the best value-for-money hair tonics for postpartum hair loss. The refreshing formula features organic aloe vera extract that prevents dandruff build-up, and regulates moisture and sebum levels on dry and oily scalps. After all, a healthier scalp equals healthier hair!

3. GRAFEN Root Booster Tonic

Grafen best hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia
Credit: Grafen Korea Official Store on Shopee
If you’re a mum who spends a lot of time outdoors, the GRAFEN Root Booster Tonic is among the best hair tonic for promoting hair growth. As a heated scalp from direct exposure to sunlight can exacerbate postpartum hair loss, GRAFEN’s cooling hair tonic can instantly lower scalp temperature. Plus, it contains plant-derived extracts, keratin, and 17 types of amino acids, which work in tandem to reduce scalp oil and improve root volume.

4. Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Hair Tonic

Safi Shayla Malaysia
Credit: Wipro Unza Official Store on Shopee
Hijabistas, best look out for the Safi Shayla hair tonic if you’re looking for a step up in your hair growth game! Boasting a hijab-centric formulation that includes the 7 Habbatus Sauda Complex and Korean red ginseng, this restorative remedy soothes the scalp, visibly reduces hair loss, and boosts hair volume—all without weighing the hair down.


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5. Schwarzkopf Seborin Activ Hair Tonic

Seborin Malaysia
Credit: Watsons Malaysia on Shopee
The Seborin Aktiv Hair Tonic is a time-tested treatment for thinning hair and weak strands. Massaging it daily onto the scalp can help regenerate the hair from the roots to the tip. And that’s all thanks to the ginger root extract that revitalises the scalp, and Pro-Vitamin B5 that penetrates deep into the roots to repair damaged hair from within.

6. Cavilla Hair Tonic

Cavilla Malaysia
Credit: indahonline on Shopee
If Cavilla’s best-selling lash serum is any indication of its formula’s prowess, you can expect great things from this hair loss tonic. Harnessing the benefits of Chinese herbs, this decoction boasts a quicker absorption compared to oral supplements and other topical treatments. So you’ll sooner be able to enjoy thicker, stronger, and healthier-looking tresses. And without worries too, as this hair tonic is GMP-certified and safe for all skin types.


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7. Good Virtues Co. Hair Fall Control Tonic

Good Virtues Co best hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia
Credit: Watsons Malaysia on Shopee
Restore your crowning glory minus the premium price tag with this best-selling hair tonic for hair growth by Good Virtues Co. At just under RM20, this high-performing hair tonic—infused with loquat leaf and ginger root extracts, as well as black seed oil—helps strengthen hair follicles, regulate scalp health, and soften under-nourished hair.

8. KUNDAL Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Care+ Scalp Tonic

Kundal hair growth tonic
Credit: Guardian Official Shop on Shopee
Did you know that caffeine is an excellent source of nutrition for a hydrated, pH-balanced, and healthy scalp? KUNDAL certainly knows that, and it’s reflected in their caffeine-based scalp tonic. Each bottle contains 10,000ppm of caffeine to nurture the scalp back to health, as well as L-menthol, salicylic acid, and dexpanthenol to alleviate postpartum hair loss. Not to mention Korean red pine leaf extract, which helps relieve sensitive scalp from irritation and inflammation.

9. Nature’s Organic Sense Anti Hair Loss Tonic

Nature's Organic Sense
Credit: J.T Beauty & Clothing on Shopee

Breastfeeding mums who prefer an all-organic alternative free of parabens, colourants, and fragrances can look to Nature’s Organic Sense. It carries one of the best organic hair tonic options for hair growth, including one specifically tailored for sensitive scalp. The regular version, pictured above, features chamomile flower extract, aloe vera, rosemary extract, and caffeine, which aid in prolonging the hair’s natural growth phase.

10. Toyokami Vitalmint Essence

Toyokami Vitalmint Essence Malaysia
Credit: Faculty of Hair on Shopee
Hailing from Japan, the Toyokami Vitalmint Essence is a culmination of years of research on a key ingredient—peppermint. Its healing essence is said to repair and rebalance damaged scalp, and increase blood flow to stimulate hair growth. It doesn’t just accelerate the generation of new hair, it also helps reduce the growth of white hair. Now isn’t that a nice bonus?

11. DermaMed+ Laboratories RENOXIL Ultimate Hair Loss Treatment

Dermamed Laboratories Malaysia
Credit: DermaMed+ Laboratories on Shopee

The DermaMed+ RENOXIL is one of the best newcomers in the hair tonic department, owing to its clinical formulation that optimises the hair growth cycle. Its ultra-lightweight but emollient texture ensures efficient penetration into the hair follicles. But in particular, it’s recommended for ladies with thinning hair, alopecia, and sensitive or dry scalps.

Can I Use Hair Tonic Every Day?

Yes, these best hair tonics for hair growth typically require daily use. However, it’s always best to follow the instructions that come with your hair growth tonic of choice.

For best results, we recommend cleansing your hair with shampoo and towelling dry before applying the hair tonic on the entire head. Then, massage the scalp gently to boost absorption and comb through your locks to ensure all strands are coated. Leave it on until your next wash or application, whichever comes first.

Alleviate Postpartum Hair Loss With The Best Hair Tonic For Hair Growth In Malaysia

Credit: Scandinavian Biolabs via Pexels

If curating this list has taught us anything, it’s that a healthy scalp is the basis for healthy, shiny, and full hair. And these best hair tonics for hair growth in Malaysia will certainly come in handy if you’d like to mitigate postpartum hair loss as soon as possible. Do keep in mind to consult your doctor prior to using any of these hair tonics, especially if you are breastfeeding. And remember to be patient—it may take some time, or several bottles, before any results show.

For the best effect, try pairing your hair tonic with a shampoo targeted for hair loss. If there are still no visible improvements, some lifestyle changes or a visit to the doctor might help.

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