9 Fun And Productive Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

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Cupids are buzzing and love bells are ringing. February 14 is fast approaching and couples everywhere are cosying up to spend this time together. But what does that leave you, a single person? First, it’s not the end of the world to be single on Valentine’s Day. Second, you certainly don’t need an SO to celebrate the holiday of love. So, whether you’re planning for some me, myself, and I time or a night out with friends, here are some things to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Treat Yourself Although You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Love yourself.

1. Cook A Nice Dinner 

slicing onion
Credit: Caroline Attwood via Unsplash

Nothing screams self-love more than a scrumptious meal. Just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a fancy three-course meal all by yourself. In fact, you’ll have the freedom to cook whatever you want, and isn’t that just liberating? Go ahead and open up a cookbook, throw on an apron, and start exploring your inner Gordon Ramsay. The nice thing about cooking for yourself is that you’ll probably have leftovers, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour for another day or two, using a microwave oven to heat up. 

2. Bake A Cake

baking cake, single on valentines day
Credit: American Heritage Chocolate via Unsplash

Being single on Valentine’s Day got you salivating for a chocolate cake? Instead of getting it from a bakery, why not bake one? The best thing about baking for one is, well, you don’t need to share it with anyone else! Think of it as a blessing. Remember the last dessert you ate? Did you want to share it? Probably not. Thus, by baking alone, you get to stuff your face silly with sinful desserts you know you will enjoy. If baking from scratch feels like too much work, there are plenty of hassle-free pre-mixes for cakes, cookies, and more. 

3. Work Out

riding exercise bike, single on valentines day
Credit: Element5 via Pexels

If you’re having a bad day, don’t allow pent-up frustrations to fester; vent through a sweaty workout routine instead! When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are chemicals in your brain that trigger relaxation and optimism. This gives you the confidence to conquer whatever life throws at you, even if it means celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person! Some good cardiovascular exercises you can do are jogging and swimming. If you’d prefer to work out indoors due to the ongoing pandemic, riding an assault bike or pumping iron will give you the same high-intensity workout you want from the comfort and safety of your own home. Alternatively, you can also follow the many fitness channels on YouTube for guided routines. 

4. Step Out In Nature

Credit: Scott Goodwill via Unsplash

While lovebirds are out frolicking in fancy restaurants and shopping malls, why not retreat into the lush embrace of mother nature for some me time? After all, it’s proven time and again that nature does wonders to the mind. Parks are good places to start, and the Klang Valley isn’t short of some really pretty ones. But if you have an adventurous soul, spend a day at these camping grounds.

5. Treat Yourself To A Hotel Stay

Credit: Rhema Kallianpur via Unsplash

It’s V-Day and love is the language; who’s to say it must be with a romantic partner? Pack your bags and check into a swanky boutique hotel for a staycation that you and only you deserve. We’re talking about silky-smooth sheets, the fluffiest pillows, deliciously scented body washes, and tasty on-site meals. Don’t sweat it, do whatever you want—snack on the bed, sleep in, binge on guilty-pleasures shows, anything. No one’s going to call you out for it.

6. Host A Game Night

playing uno, single on valentines day
Credit: Edgar Colombo via Pexels

Host a couple of competitive singles on Valentine’s Day for an intense night of board games! Whether it’s a fast-paced card game like the exhilarating UNO or a slow-burning strategy ensemble like Catan, a game night is great for you to connect with your friends through collaboration or rivalry. Who knows, you might even find someone in the midst of all that bickering over Draw 2 rules. Don’t forget to have something to munch on during sessions as no game night is complete without snacks. You’ll do no wrong with the classics such as potato chips and cookies

7. Unplug From Social Media

unplugging from social media
Credit: Sincerely Media via Unsplash

While social media has been an essential part of connecting with loved ones, it has also contributed to declining mental health due to social anxieties like FOMO, or “fear of missing out”. So, take a break from endlessly scrolling over #CoupleGoals pictures on Instagram for a day and shift your attention to activities like playing musical instruments, capturing the sceneries around the house with a camera, or curling up with a good book. Once you disengage from the virtual world and be more attuned to what’s around you, you’ll become happier knowing that you don’t need someone to make you feel cared for because you can do that yourself as a single on Valentine’s Day.

8. Organise Your Closet 

organising closet when single valentines day
Credit: Artem Beliaikin via Pexels

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you have no agenda, so why not do some closet decluttering? By clearing out closet space, you’ll discover old favourites that have not seen the light of day in months, probably even years! If they still fit, you can wear them again. But if they don’t fit as they used to anymore, consider donating them to a charity or a recycling centre. Besides that, clearing out the old means making room for the new, which gives you the excuse to buy some new clothes. When shopping, focus on stocking up on basics like socks and T-shirts, as they’re items that you’ll still be wearing for years to come. We’ve more tips to help clear up your closet space here

9. Binge-Watch TV Shows Or Movies

single valentine's day bingewatching netflix
Credit: Piotr Cichosz via Unsplash

Cosy up on the sofa, relax, have a bowl of popcorn on standby, and you’re all set for a binge-watching session of TV series and movies that suit your mood. Whether you want to be whisked away by a sobbing love story or just want to forget about your singlehood on Valentine’s Day with a nail-biting heist movie, there are plenty of options to distract you from the outside world. When it’s all said and done, don’t feel guilty about spending the day living the #couchlife.

Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is No Big Deal

rose stalks single on valentines day
Credit: Edward Howell via Unsplash

In the midst of perfectly put-together rose bouquets and exquisite chocolate boxes, it’s easy to get caught up in your singlehood on Valentine’s Day. However, let’s remember that love isn’t reserved for couples. Often overlooked, self-love is just as—if not more—important than romance. After all, if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? So, go ahead and do something for yourself this V-Day because you deserve it. And when you’re ready to meet new people, give these dating apps a go. 

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