The Ultimate Guide On How To Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size, Discreetly Or Otherwise

How to measure Malaysia ring size

So you’ve found the love of your life and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her. You’re planning a surprise proposal, but you’ve found that it takes a whole lot of conspiring and hatching up secret plans, and perhaps the most important of all, prospecting for the perfect engagement ring. That, on its own, comes with the herculean task of figuring out her ring size, all while keeping the proposal under wraps. We get it—you need ideas on how to do it discreetly and our definitive guide exists for this exact purpose. From how to measure Malaysia ring sizes in cm to tips on how you can do it without raising eyebrows, you’ll want to equip yourself with everything there is to know before you bite the bullet on a pricey rock.

What Ring Size Does Malaysia Use?

What ring size does Malaysia use
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It’s fairly common for different countries to have different ring sizes. The US, for example, carries a size range of 3 to 12, while the UK uses an alpha-numerical sizing system. In Malaysia, however, ring sizes typically follow that of Hong Kong’s, which can go anywhere from size 5 to 30. 

How To Measure Ring Size In CM

For the best fit, it’s crucial to get your partner’s ring size right, or at least as close to it as possible. This usually involves taking down diameter and circumference measurements, then matching them to the corresponding ring size number. Here are three of the easiest ways on how you can measure your partner’s ring size in cm. They’re not the most discreet of methods, but bear with us—we’ll get to that in a bit.

1. With A Ring Size Slider

Ring size slider how to measure Malaysia ring size
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A fuss-free way to measure one’s ring size is by using the ring size slider. It works somewhat like a cable tie, except you’re free to loosen or tighten it as you wish. Simply fasten the plastic strip around the base of the finger; in this case, the left-hand ring finger of your SO. It should fit snug enough so it won’t fall off but loose enough to slide over the knuckle with some resistance. When you find that sweet spot, that’s the Malaysia ring size you should go for.

Cons: The slider isn’t the most convenient indicator of diameter or circumference measurement.  So you’ll still need to measure it against a ruler to get those digits.

2. With A String Or Strip Of Paper

Not keen on ordering a ring slider and waiting for it to arrive? No problem. A piece of string or a strip of paper can do the job just fine. How you can measure ring size in cm with this method is by wrapping the string or paper around the finger until it fits just right. Mark the overlapping point then measure the length with a ruler. Compare that with the circumference measurements in a Malaysia ring size chart and you’ve got your answer. If she’s in between sizes, it’s always safer to size up.

Cons: String can stretch, so you might run the risk of getting a ring size that’s a tad too big. To avoid this, don’t pull the string too taut while you’re measuring. Finger size can also change throughout the day—it expands when it’s warm and contracts when it’s cold. For the most accurate measurements, take them at the end of the day when the fingers are warm and at their largest.

3. With An Existing Ring

This method requires an existing ring, so if your partner is big on accessories, this is probably how you should attempt to know her ring size. First and foremost, pick out a ring that she frequently wears and you know fits her well. Then, there are three ways you can proceed:

  • Measure the internal diameter of the ring with a ruler, then match it to the closest size on a Malaysia ring size chart. Here’s a pretty generic guide by Wah Chan.
  • Trace the inner circumference of the ring on a piece of paper several times, measure the diameter, and calculate the average diameter. Better yet, bring the paper with you to the jeweller’s and let them figure it out for you.
  • Place the ring on a Malaysia ring size guide, like this one by Habib, until you find a diameter and size number that closely match the hardware.

Cons: Each finger typically differs in size, and the ring you’re measuring might not even be worn on the exact finger an engagement ring is worn. The best workaround is to select a ring that she wears on her ring finger, otherwise the middle finger is a close second.

How To Know Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Her Knowing

If you’re going to try measuring her finger while she’s asleep, all we’ll say is: Proceed with caution. But if you’re not willing to risk ruining the surprise, here are some tips and tricks on how you can identify her ring size discreetly.

1. Poke Around Her Rings

Poke around her rings
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This is just what we ordered in method number 3, but there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind if you’re planning to go down this route. First, we don’t recommend borrowing the ring for an extended period of time since she’ll likely notice it’s gone. This can send her into a tizzy or raise suspicions. Maybe wait for her to get into the bath or go for an evening jog, then swiftly make your move.

Second—and this might be a big ask—try choosing a ring that’s similar in width to the engagement ring you have in mind. Because if you’re eyeing a ring with a wider band, they usually come with a tighter fit, which means you’ll want to consider going up a half size or so.

2. Get Help From Family And Friends

Get help from family and friends
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Don’t have access to her rings? Friends and family can be a great help. (Besides, you’ll need to ask them for her hand in marriage.) She might have hinted at ring sizes to loved ones. But if she hasn’t, they’d be far better candidates to ask about ring sizes without looking sus. 

A good way to get the ball rolling on the topic is meeting up at a mall then heading to an accessory store to shop for some rings. Or if she has a girlfriend who’s getting married, even better. Ask her engaged friend to discuss ring sizes with your partner, then have the friend report her findings back to you. Whatever the means, remember to keep it subtle.

3. Refer To Popular Women’s Ring Sizes

Refer to popular women's ring sizes
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If all else fails, make an educated guess. In Malaysia, the average women’s ring size ranges between 11 to 16 so a median size like 13 or 14 might just work for ladies with average-sized fingers. You know her hands best, so do the math and make a judgement call.

But to be very, very safe? You can always purchase a larger-than-average ring and have it resized later. Most retailers offer a complimentary one-time resize anyway. Trust us, you’d much rather have the ring fit through, even if it’s loose, than to have it stuck at the knuckle during the proposal. Plus, jewellers will attest that it’s easier to size down a large ring than to size up a small ring, so this is an instance where you should leave room for mistakes.

Now That You Know How To Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size In CM, Execute Your Plan Cautiously

How to measure Malaysia ring size
Credit: Marko Klaric via Pexels

In a perfect world, you’ll propose to your partner with the perfect ring in the perfect size. But more often than not, that won’t be the case when your proposal is a surprise. And that’s okay. So long as you keep these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll probably get pretty close to her actual Malaysia ring size!

Ring aside, you’ll need a solid proposal plan before you get her to say ‘Yes’. For a public proposal, we recommend making a reservation at one of these romantic rooftop restaurants in KL. But for something a little more low-key and intimate, an unassuming ‘staycation’ at a charming boutique hotel in KL, Melaka, or Penang always works.

Cover photo courtesy of Kevin Lanceplaine on Unsplash.

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