A Good Date Idea In KL For Less Than RM50? Here’s How

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The rising cost of living (especially in the city) is showing no signs of reversing and it has led to many of us tightening our belts. This has significantly affected the dating scene since going out  often involves spending on food and entertainment, which begs the question: Can people still have good dates under such dire economic circumstances? Fear not, lovebirds on a budget! This article will show you that yes, it is possible to have enjoyable and meaningful dates with your S.O. without leaving a supermassive black hole in your wallet (PS: There are even free date ideas!) So, make yourself, your partner, and your bank account happy by following these cheap date ideas in KL!

Cheap Date Ideas In KL That Cost No More Than RM50

No need to break your piggy bank.

1.   Walk Among The Clouds At KL Tower

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Credit: Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower Official) via Facebook

What could make for a more memorable date than the two of you feeling on top of the world, like, (almost) literally? Forget KLCC, sweep your date’s feet off the ground and go 100 feet up KL Tower with the Tower Walk 100 attraction. Walk the exterior of the tower top (with a safety harness, of course) and enjoy a panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline together through an experience like no other!

Address: 2 Jalan Punchak, Off, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Daily (9am – 10pm)

Damage: RM18.80 per ticket (total RM37.60)

2.   Skate Into His/Her Heart At Sunway Pyramid

a man and a woman in a skating rink cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Sunway Pyramid Ice via Facebook

Picture this: you and your beloved, hand-in-hand, gliding through ice with happy faces à la romantic K-drama moment. Okay, while you can’t have an empty skating rink all to yourself, you can still enjoy that blissful moment at none other than the well-known indoor skating attraction at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. And when you’re done, why not head to these restaurants in nearby Subang Jaya for a delicious meal?

Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Daily (10am – 7.30pm)

Damage: RM23 per ticket on weekdays (total RM46)

3.   Have A Fun Discovery Date At Petrosains KLCC

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Credit: Petrosains – The Discovery Centre via Facebook

Who says Petrosains is only for kids, school-going teens, and parents? With so much to see, discover, and interact with, the science exhibition centre located within Suria KLCC can be a fun place to spend some quality time together as it features over 290 interactive exhibits and programmes.

Address: Petronas Twin Tower, Level 4, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Daily (9.30am – 5.30pm, except for weekends which extend to 6.30pm)

Damage: RM22 per ticket on weekdays, RM25 per ticket on weekends and public holidays.

4.   Let’s Go For A Lego Date

Lego figurine heads cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Nik via Unsplash

Even if both of you aren’t big Lego fans, you can have a great time with this cute date idea. Head over to a Lego Store and have fun putting together your very own Lego Minifigures in the BIY (build-your-own) section! You can build it however you want, but here’s an idea: the two of you build a Lego version of yourselves to be given to each other. Not only will it guarantee some chuckles, but you two get to keep a memento to remember each other at the end of the day!

Address: Any Lego Store

Opening hours: Refer to the Lego Store’s operating hours

Damage: RM49.50 for a pack of three Minifigures.

Cheap Date Ideas In KL That Cost No More Than RM30

Looking for even cheaper dates? We gotchu fam.

5.   Go On A Cute Ice Cream Date

a man feeding a woman cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Keriliwi via Unsplash

Getting ice cream for your partner is one of the cutest things you can do and who can really say no to an ice cold treat? So why not pop into an ice cream shop and have a sweet time engaging in heart-to-heart talk or people-watching over some fine gelato?

Damage: Typically not more than RM15 per scoop

6.   Have An Art-Fulfilling Time At A Museum

a couple embracing while looking at a picture cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Lucía Garó via Unsplash

There are plenty of eye-opening museums in KL, which are great cheap date ideas to break the shopping mall/café-hopping date routine. Some charge a nominal entrance fee, while some are free to enter. Some great museums you can bring your partner to include The Urban Museum for quirky contemporary art and the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, which is known to have plenty of Instagrammable spots.

Damage: Entrance fee typically not more than RM15 per person

7.   Make Each Other’s Tummy Happy At A Night Market

a scene in a night market cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Job Savelsberg via Unsplash

Can’t afford to dine in fancy restaurants? You can have just as enjoyable of a time going through a little gastronomical journey with your sweetheart in one of the many happening pasar malam locations in KL. From the one at Jalan Alor to Taman Connaught, you can spend a little to sample a variety of street food and come out of it satisfied. Happy tummy, happy partner!

Damage: A little snack here and a little bite there won’t cost that much. 

Cheap Date Ideas In KL That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Free dates are no less fun.

8.   Hike Together

a couple on top of a hill cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

Hiking is a wonderful activity for couples to enjoy together. It is a great way to challenge yourselves physically and push each other to reach new heights while having the chance to share moments of quiet intimacy. KL is a hotbed of hiking trails with many open to the public for free, which means you have no shortage of dating plans for the weekends.

9.   Take A Stroll In The Park Together

a couple walking hand-in-hand cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Bryce Carithers via Pexels

If hiking is too strenuous an activity for both of you, opt for a stroll in the park instead. A leisurely stroll is a perfect time to have a candid conversation or even a heart-to-heart talk without the distraction of electronic devices and activities that require focus. Time your walk to coincide with the sunset and you have a magical backdrop for a romantic walk!

There are many serene public parks in the Klang Valley and surrounding areas in which you and your partner can take a stroll such as the Perdana Botanical Gardens, Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, and TTDI Park. Hint: if you have a dog-lover partner, Desa Park City’s Central Park is a must-visit!

10.   Spend Some Quiet Reading Time Together At A Public Library

a man and a woman smiling at each other cheap date ideas in kl
Credit: Josh Felise via Unsplash

If you and your partner love books and reading, visiting a library together will definitely make for a great day out. The good news is, public libraries are aplenty. Of course, the National Library is one of the prime spots, but you can also swing by the Kuala Lumpur Library or the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Library for a fulfilling time that costs nothing out of your pocket.

11.   Frolick In Nature

two person posing behind some greenery
Credit: Kebun-Kebun Bangsar via Facebook

Have a nature-loving partner? You can take them out for a date at Kebun-Kebun Bangsar, a charming little community farm which is teeming with beautiful flora that makes for some good Instaworthy backdrops. Besides that, you can get up close and personal with farm animals including rabbits, turkeys, cows, sheep, and even a peacock. If that’s not enough, you can also participate in educational workshops that teach all about green living.

12.  Embark On An “Instagrammable” Mini Tour

a woman in front of a flowery backdrop
Credit: Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) via Unsplash

Here’s a fun little idea to break up the monotony of the same old, same old activities. Be the designated photographer of the day and treat your S.O. to an outdoor shooting adventure to pad up their Instragram profile. From Thean Hou temple to the street art alleys within Bukit Bintang, there are countless Instaworthy spots in and around the city that are worth making a beeline to if taking pretty photos for social media makes them happy. And all you need is your phone.

Cheap Date Ideas Are Plentiful In KL

a night view of Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur
Credit: Benjamin Sow via Unsplash

By getting creative and exploring the city’s hidden gems, you and your partner can have a good time together without spending a fortune. So, why not ditch the expensive dinners and movie nights, and try out some of these cheap date ideas in KL for a unique and no-less enjoyable experience? Remember, a date doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable. What matters most is every minute spent together and the memories created.

Before you go, these outdoor activities in KL can also be cheap date ideas for you to plan things out with your partner.

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