13 Retro Hairstyles That Are Back On Trend In 2022

retro hairstyles for women

With the rise of mullets and shag haircuts, the current hair trends are giving us a blast from the past in all their retro glory. In this article, we’ll be covering all the different retro hairstyles of the decades, starting from the ‘60s right up to the early noughties. So sit tight as we take you down a trip to memory lane with all these iconic looks. 

‘60s-Inspired Retro Hairstyles For Women

Flipped Ponytail

60s hairstyles
Credit: @arianagrande, @sooyaaa, and @mimmiiiya via Instagram

The voluminous high ponytail is one of the most popular retro hairstyles from the ‘60sIt’s typically worn with soft feminine waves, as seen on Blackpink’s Jisoo. Otherwise, you could also opt for the sleeker option with flipped-out ends like Oh My Girl’s Mimi look. If you’re willing to experiment with hair extensions, you could also try Ariana Grande’s dramatic headband ponytail. 

Hollywood Flipped Short Bob 

hollywood bob
Credit: @taeyeon_ss via Instagram and IMDB

This ‘60s retro hairstyle is for the ladies who love a classic do. Inspired by Jane Fonda, this hair look features loose Hollywood waves that hit at chin-length, as seen on soloist Taeyeon. Don’t feel comfortable with such a short hairstyle? Then draw inspiration from Beth’s collarbone wavy bob in The Queen’s Gambit for a slightly longer style. 

Video Tutorial:

Flipped-Out Lob 

flipped out lob
Credit: @rowisingh and @wm_ohmygirl via Instagram

Not too keen on cropping your locks, but still want to give your hair a trim? This is the retro hairstyle for you! The ‘60s flipped-out lob (it was also really popular in the ‘90s) is one of the best low-maintenance styles for mid-length locks. Plus, it’s not that difficult to achieve even if you’re a complete amateur in styling your hair. Simply apply some mousse for volume and blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer, using a round brush to curl the ends upwards. Then spritz on an anti-frizz spray for a smooth finish. 

‘70s-Inspired Retro Hairstyles For Women

Farrah Fawcett Blowout

70s retro hairstyles for women
Credit: @haileesteinfeld and @juliaadang via Instagram

You’ve probably seen the blow-up of Farrah Fawcett’s blowout all over TikTok. This ‘70s feathered hairstyle has been reinvented in many ways, with the shaggy cut being the hottest layered hair look this year. Alternatively, Hailee Steinfeld’s loose waves offer a great alternative for a softer look. To achieve this look, grab your curling iron and curl each layer outwards away from your face. 

Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs
Credit: @selenagomez, @centrohairsalon, and @kikalateef via Instagram

We all know about curtain bangs, but have you met their daintier little sister? Bottleneck bangs are the new fringe trend that’s going to be everywhere this year. They’re just a tad shorter than curtain bangs around the middle before fanning out to a longer length at the sides. 

Sleek & Straight

sleek and straight hair
Credit: @sooyaaa and @jennierubyjane via Instagram

If you prefer sexier styles, you can never go wrong with a long, shiny, and pin-straight hairstyle. Many K-pop and Western celebrities have all rocked this chic retro hairstyle at one point, but the real pioneer of this look came from Cher in the ‘70s. For naturally straight hair, run your locks through with a flat iron to get that super-sleek look. 

‘80s-Inspired Retro Hairstyles For Women

Crimped Mermaid Hair

80s retro hairstyles for women
Credit: @farina.aguinaldo and @jessyluxe via Instagram

Hear us out, because the ‘80s crimped hair has been revamped with a more beachy take. Instead of tight crinkly and frizzy-looking tresses, the modern version of this retro hairstyle features a more flattering look with looser, mermaid-like waves. 

Princess Diana Short Feathered Style 

princess diana waves
Credit: @princessdianaexhibition via Instagram

Princess Diana will forever be remembered as the People’s Princess even for the years to come. On top of that, her sense of fashion and beauty has also left a lasting impression that stands the test of time. TikToker, Rose Nora Anna, demonstrates how she recreates Diana’s signature on her short feathered layers in her viral video. The best part? All it requires is a blow-dry brush styler and lots of hairsprays to keep the style in place. 

‘90s-Inspired Retro Hairstyles For Women 

Half-Up-Half-Down Ponytail Flip

90s retro hairstyles for women
Credit: @rachelteetyler via Instagram

Another trendy ‘90s hairstyle for women is the half-up half-down ponytail flip. Almost everyone was sporting this look at the time, from Sporty Spice to Topanga on Boy Meets World. This is a fun look that instantly gives you a more youthful vibe. 

Video Tutorial:

Voluminous Blowout 

90s voluminous blowout
Credit: @friends via Instagram and IMDB

Besides the ‘70s, the ‘90s blowout is also taking over TikTok as the next hottest layered hair trend. Think Rachel Green from Friends and Cher in Clueless when creating this fluffy hairdo. 

Pro tip: Use hair rollers after blow-drying and curling your hair to maintain the extra volume in your locks. 

2000s-Inspired Retro Hairstyles For Women

Bubble Braids 

Y2K bubble braids
Credit: @oliviarodrigo, @euphoria, and ye._.vely618 via Instagram

The Y2K aesthetic is still going strong this year and besides fashion, the noughties’ hairstyles are on the rise. Bubble braids are by far the most popular hair trend of the year and for good reason! Not only is it super versatile, but it also doesn’t require any styling tools; just a handful of elastics

Space Buns 

space buns
Credit: @jessicah_oh and @yeji.itzy via Instagram

Space buns are another retro hairstyle that’s taking over 2022. What used to be a look that was only popular in the rave and festival scenes is now an everyday Y2K trend now. Plus, it’s just super-duper cute and sure to elevate any outfit. 

Space Buns Video Tutorial:


Messy space buns using @slipsilkpillowcase ties so much kinder on the hair #spacebunstutorial #schoolhairstyles #easyhairstyles

♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – The Moving Stills

Mini Space Buns Video Tutorial:


Mini space buns tutorial ⚡️? #hair #hairtok #hairtutorial

♬ Nail Tech – Jack Harlow

Claw Clip 

claw clip bun
Credit: @stxph.h via Instagram and TNK Shop on Shopee

How could we talk about Y2K hairstyles without mentioning the claw clip? There are so many different ways to wear this hair accessory, but the most common style would be the effortless bun. The classic French Twist is a great style for a more elegant look. Otherwise, you could also try the spikey bun for an edgier vibe. 

Spikey Bun Video Tutorial:


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♬ Rihanna Wild Thoughts Ft. Bryson K D Remix – Kevindaveprod


French Twist Video Tutorial:


French twist trick for claw clips ✨ #shopsmall #smallbiz #clawclip #clawcliphairstyles #hairtutorials #frenchtwist #canadiansmallbusiness

♬ Locket – Oui Lele

Throwback To The Past With These Retro Hairstyles

retro hairstyles for women
Credit: @haileesteinfeld and @sooyaaa via Instagram

Just like with hairstyles, fashion is also heavily influenced by the decades of the past. Pick your era and pair your retro hairstyle with one of these vintage-inspired outfits to complete your old school aesthetic. Or why not take to our guide on Korean hairstyles for women to feed into your inner K-pop or K-drama fangirl? Regardless of your hair preferences, we hope you have fun exploring your brand new look! Don’t forget to head over to Shopee’s Beauty Carou-sale for more beauty trends and updates. 

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