These 11 Standing Fans Are Bestsellers In Malaysia For A Reason

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The reality of living in Malaysia is that we’re constantly battling the heat. Save for the time we’re in an air-conditioned premise or blessed by the occasional rain, the heat struggle is real. Good for those who can afford to turn on the A/C at home whenever they like, bad for those who can’t. For the latter, relying on just the ceiling fan isn’t always enough to beat the sweltering heat. If you’re looking for an alternative—and a relatively affordable—way to cool down, these standing fan models in Malaysia are your best bet.

11 Best Standing Fan Models To Buy In Malaysia

Modern standing fans come in all shapes and sizes (some even shape-shifts!). We picked out the best standing fan models in Malaysia packed with beneficial features.   

1.   SAMView 16” Pana Stand Fan

SAMView 16” Pana Stand Fan best standing fan malaysia
Credit: SAMView on Shopee

One of the best-selling standing fan models on Shopee Malaysia, the SamView stand fan features three-speed control ranging from small wind that is ideal for sleeping when the weather is mild to strong wind that provides rapid cooling in the hot summer climate. Its five aerofoil fan blades are highly flexible and produce high volume rotational air supply.

2.   Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2

Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 best standing fan malaysia
Credit: Mi

What does a “smart” fan do, you asked? In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Standing Fan 2, it can be controlled remotely via an app and supports voice control too. Imagine just yelling at your fan instead of having to grudgingly get up from your comfy sofa or bed to change the settings!

In terms of actual performance, the Mi Standing Fan 2 has two layers of fan blades that rotate simultaneously to increase airflow for powerful cooling. It is highly adjustable too, as you can set the fan speed to any point between 1 and 100. Other highlight features include 140° horizontal swing, low-noise operation, and the ability to use it as a standing or table fan interchangeably.

3.   Khind Tower Fan

Khind Tower Fan best standing fan malaysia
Credit: Smart Lifestyle Distributor on Shopee

Standing fans are not the most aesthetically pleasing of things to have in a room. If you are looking for one that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as much, consider a tower fan

The Khind Tower Fan gives you features like a three-speed setting, 8 hours timer, motor overheat protection, and auto oscillation up to 50°. You can set it to normal, sleep, or natural mode to suit your cooling needs at different times of the day. On top of a soft touch control panel, it also comes with a remote control for added convenience points.

4.   PerySmith Bladeless Tower Fan Zefer Series T11

PerySmith Bladeless Tower Fan Zefer Series T11 best standing fan malaysia
Credit: PerySmith

Taking the tower fan design to a new level, the PerySmith Zefer Series T11 is futuristic-looking and one of the best standing fan models in Malaysia that will surely be a conversation piece among visitors at your home.

Using the company’s unique Zefer technology, the tower fan creates consistent airflow for a gentle breeze with a nearly soundless operation (at only 35dB). What’s more, its large digital display screen and soft-touch panel lend it a premium user experience.

5.   Midea Tower Fan

Midea Tower Fan best standing fan malaysia
Credit: SNF Online on Shopee

A more affordable tower fan you can consider is the Midea tower fan. It brings a quiet but strong breeze with three-speed levels, a timer function, and an oscillation function that widens the cooling area. A convenient built-in carry handle makes it easy to move around. 

6.   Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07

Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07
Credit: Official Dyson Store on Shopee

Have the moolah to spend and want nothing less than the best standing fan models in Malaysia? They don’t get any fancier than the Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07. With its state-of-the-art Air Multiplier technology, the bladeless fan can project an uninterrupted stream of powerful, smooth, and high-velocity airflow (and do so silently) – as opposed to the choppy air produced by fans with blades. 

The fan’s sealed filter combines an activated carbon and glass HEPA filter to capture 99.95% of ultrafine particles and gases from the air. Moreover, its bladeless design also makes it much safer in households with active and curious children.

7.   Khind Stand Fan

Khind stand fan best standing fan malaysia
Credit: Smart Lifestyle Distributor on Shopee

For those who don’t need all the extra bells and whistles and want nothing more than a simple yet reliable fan that does its job well, check out this stand fan from Khind. With over 20,000 units sold on Shopee, it has clearly gotten the seal of approval from many users. 

It has three 16-inch blades and three-speed settings which can deliver satisfactory cooling performance in most weather conditions. Add in an affordable price tag and mostly positive reviews, and you have one of the best affordable standing fan models in Malaysia with little to complain about.

8.   JISULIFE Rechargeable Portable Fan

JISULIFE Rechargeable Portable Fan best standing fan malaysia
Credit: Geardio

In terms of sheer portability, few come more highly recommended than the JISULIFE fan. Being a cordless fan, you can take it to literally any corner of any room. Who needs a socket?

The fan’s built-in Li-Ion batteries have a rated endurance of up to 28 hours between charges. And speaking of that, it charges up quickly via USB-C. Despite being smaller than most standing fans, it is no less powerful. You can feel the strong wind from this fan from eight meters away! (For context, a typical fan can blast wind that reaches two meters out).

9.   ELBA 2-in-1 Convertible Stand Fan

ELBA 2-in-1 Convertible Stand Fan
Credit: Elba

This unit from ELBA has a flexible 2-in-1 convertible design that can shift between being a stand fan or a living fan with adjustable heights to suit your cooling needs. Furthermore, it has five transparent A5 blades with three-speed fan settings and a wide oscillating angle. A thermal safety fuse installed inside the motor provides extra safety.

10.   Acson Foldable Floor Fan

Acson Foldable Floor Fan
Credit: Acson Malaysia

We often think of a standing fan as belonging inside a premise, but what if you can bring one with you wherever you go? The Acson foldable floor fan is, as its name suggests, foldable. Yes, you can collapse it down to roughly the size of a robot vacuum cleaner and easily take it to places. Ever wished to bring a fan to the beach or a camping site? Now you can!

Specs-wise, the Acson fan has eight levels of adjustable airflow with a 180° vertical swing angle and automatic horizontal swing. It is cordless and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

11.   Opolar 4-In-1 Multifunctional Fan

Opolar 4-In-1 Multifunctional Fan
Credit: opolar.malaysia on Shopee

Opolar’s multifunctional fan is another option worth looking into if you want a versatile and easy-to-carry fan. At a height of 42cm, it makes for a good table fan and it can be further extended up to 110cm to make it a standing fan. Furthermore, you can fold it all the way down for easy carriage and storage.

With a built-in 10,000mAh battery, you can keep the fan on for up to 20 hours in between charges. There’s also a 20,000mAh option if you want a longer-lasting model.

If Aircond Is A No Go, Get One Of These Best Standing Fan Models In Malaysia Instead

a standing fan in front of a window
Credit: Andrew George via Unsplash

Not every household can afford to install A/C units and keep up with the monthly bills as well as maintenance costs. A fan, though, is 100% a necessity and a survival tool for everyone living on this side of the tropical world. If you are thinking of investing in a better-quality standing fan, these best options in Malaysia should be at the top of your shopping list!

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