7 Best Spin Bikes In Malaysia For Home Workouts And Indoor Cycling

Heart-thumping music, bursting neon lights, and rhythmic moves that leave you breathless in glorious post-workout glow. Spin classes are fun, exhilarating, and an effective way to burn off chunks of calories at one time. Sadly, classes have been put on hold and there’s no knowing when it’ll be safe for them to reopen. But if you’re itching to spin again, read further as we’ve rounded up the spin bikes in Malaysia you can buy right now. 

How To Choose A Spin Bike In Malaysia?

Like buying a treadmill or a folding bike, you need to anchor your purchase based on your needs. Are you a casual cyclist? Or do you require heavier wheels for more intensive routines? Consider your budget as well because spin bikes are an investment. You’ll want to enjoy it for as long as possible, and not be looking for a change in a year or two.

Here are some pointers to follow when shopping for spin bikes in Malaysia

  • Stability: Cycling is a vigorous sport and spin bikes can wobble and creak under intense pressure. If you’re a lightweight then this is going to impact you less. But anyone who’s heavier in weight is going to look at this more carefully. 
  • Resistance: Your spin bike must provide enough resistance for whatever level of spinning you’re at. If you cycle regularly, then you might need a bike with more power. But if you’re just looking to lose weight, a basic option should suffice. 
  • Price: Set a budget and go along with it. 

Best Spin Bikes In Malaysia To Burn Calories And Stay Fit At Home 

Columbus Fitness Bike 

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Credit: U Store on Shopee

The sleek and versatile design of the Columbus makes it suitable for any home gym set-up. The adjustable resistance system and full-cover stainless steel flywheel provide plenty of challenging intensity, and the three-point stable design ensures a comfortable ride even during high-intensity routines. The handles and seat are adjustable too, so anyone can get on the bike without problems. 

Furthermore, the bike’s groove belt produces minimal noise. This nifty feature lets you ride without disturbing your family or neighbours, especially if you live in an apartment. At only 24kg, it’s easy to assemble and portable enough for an office, should you choose to squeeze in a couple of miles during lunch breaks. 

Xiaomi Yesoul Spinning Bike 

Credit: XCORE FITNESS on Shopee

Fusing technology and fitness, Xiaomi’s Yesoul is a future-proof investment for spin bike enthusiasts in Malaysia prioritising features and safety. It’s equipped with a 6.5kg flywheel, which provides a smooth ride. And if you want to increase the flywheel’s resistance, just turn the knob on the top of the bike. Meanwhile, you can customise your fit by adjusting the bike’s seat and handlebars, and rest assured that the strap pedals will keep your feet in place. 

If you’ve just started spinning, you can sync the Yesoul to selected apps for guided runs and routines, so you can focus on achieving your workout goals. Alternatively, you can hook up your smartphone or tablet to play your favourite jams while you ride. 

Maxx Sportex Spinning Bike

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Credit: Fitness Concept Official Store on Shopee

The Maxx Sportex provides you with a satisfying spinning experience without breaking the bank. An 8kg flywheel coated with stainless steel creates a seamless riding experience without losing balance or momentum. To ensure your safety, the braking system comes with an emergency knob to immediately stop the flywheel from moving. 

Although this model lacks a fancy touchscreen LCD display, the built-in monitor tracks your speed, calories burnt, and speed. There’s also a bottle holder within reach, so you can stay hydrated with water or energy drinks while working out. 

SB200 Home Spinning Bike

Credit: FITNESS DISPORT on Shopee

If you’re on a tight budget, then the SB200 is a solid pick. Among spin bikes in Malaysia, it stands out with great features for a wallet-friendly price tag. The stationary bike comes with a chunky bi-directional wheel that gradually ups the resistance as you cycle. Despite the increase in intensity, the belt system keeps the noise level at a minimum for a quiet and seamless ride. 

Though it boasts a slim profile, the SB200 supports a weight of up to 150kg with levellers to keep it stable. It’s simple to assemble and set up in your living room, and the roller wheels on the front make it easy to stow out of the way once you’re done with your workout. 

XC8918 Spinning Bike

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Credit: XCORE FITNESS on Shopee

Looking for a bike reminiscent of spin classes? Then you should check out the XC8918. The heavyweight design is sturdy and stable against any floor surface. Additionally, the 13kg stainless steel flywheel provides a smooth and quiet ride, which you can adjust to your liking by turning the resistance knob on the bike’s frame. 

If you like your feet to be snuggly secured during rides, the bike comes with adjustable straps and pedals resembling proper cycling ones. But if the fit still feels loose, just slip on some socks and cycling shoes for an efficient ride. 

Schwinn IC8 Indoor Cycling Bike

Credit: Fitness Concept Official Store on Shopee

Want your indoor ride to simulate the great outdoors? Considering how much time we’ve spent indoors this past year, we totally understand if you do! Here’s the Schwinn IC8, a Bluetooth-enabled spin bike in Malaysia to connect with popular cycling apps like Explore The World, so you can transport yourself to any corner of the globe for a scenic route. 

While most spin bikes have between 10 and 20 resistance levels, the Schwinn IC8 has over 100 micro-levels for you to scale your rides no matter what level you’re at. What’s more, the handlebars are lined with perforation to ensure comfort even during the most vigorous routines. 

X-Bike Foldable Magnetic Bike

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Credit: FITNESS DISPORT on Shopee

Don’t judge the X-Bike by its appearance. While it may look like a simple contraption that can’t hold a candle to most modern spin bikes in Malaysia, it still holds up well with ample features. First of all, it’s completely foldable and really lightweight—so you can easily fit it into a closet

And for a stripped-down spin bike, it’s got some technology packed into it too, such as a display meter that shows your workout stats.

It also comes with an adjustable seat and ergonomic U handlebars for comfort. Without any resistance or pre-programmed intensity, you can go as fast (or slow) as you want. This means it’s friendly for all ages, from kids to older folks. 

Get Your Heart Racing With These Spin Bikes In Malaysia

Credit: Erlend Ekseth via Unsplash

Due to the pandemic, we’ve all grown accustomed to home workouts. Whether it’s through exercise apps or YouTube classes, our exercises are limited to an indoor setting until it’s safe enough for us to be out again. The same goes for spinning. Once a community-based activity, it’s now a solidarity affair. But we hope you can now bring your favourite spin classes to your home with these spin bikes in Malaysia.

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