8 Best Treadmills In Malaysia For Big Houses And Small Apartments

Running is a convenient sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. You don’t need much to start—just a pair of good running shoes, comfy workout clothes, lots of space. But with the pandemic still happening, running outdoors is not exactly a good idea. That said, it doesn’t mean you should retire from this good exercise. With the best treadmills in Malaysia, you’ll be back to crunching KMs in no time from the comfort of your own home.

The Best Treadmills In Malaysia For Bigger Houses

ADSports AD919 Motorised Treadmill

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A treadmill is a good investment if you’re planning to spend hours on it daily. If that’s the case for you, then the ADSports AD919 model is worth the price tag. Sturdy with a heavy frame, it does take up quite a bit of floor space. Hence, we recommend putting it in a separate room, so you don’t have to worry about moving it around. 

A good choice for dedicated runners, a 4.0HP beefy engine powers the machine, allowing you to turn the incline up for steep climbs or tune it down for a recovery jog. The console also includes a five-inch LCD display showing heart rate measurement and calorie count. If you can’t jog without music, there’s a handy USB port to transfer your workout jams from a pendrive to put on blast via two built-in speakers

Johnson Fitness Horizon TR5.0 

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Love listening to podcasts while you run? Then the Johnson Fitness Horizon TR5.0 is undoubtedly the best treadmill in Malaysia for you. It doubles as an entertainment system with stereo surround sound speakers for you to listen without headphones, while Bluetooth capabilities let you connect smartphones and tablets easily. 

The console, which has a 2.0HP motor, comes with 35 running programmes. From short jogs to long-distance 24km marathons, there’s a mode for every type of runner. To get the most out of your workouts, you need to keep track of your progress, which the TR5.0 is able to give with detailed information on heart rate, distance, time, speed, and more. 

Columbus Fitness S800

best treadmill malaysia
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Are you a runner who enjoys climbing steep hills? If so, check out the Columbus Fitness S800, which has an electric incline system to simulate hills for you to feel the burn without being in the wild. That said, appropriate footwear and socks are still a must to avoid sustaining any injuries.

The machine is not especially large, making it easy to fit in a medium-sized gym room. Because hydration is crucial in cardio-heavy exercises (like running), there are two useful bottle holders for you to have protein shakes and energy drinks within reach. 

NordicTrack T10 Treadmill

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For a steeper price tag, you’ll get one of the best treadmills in Malaysia, hands down. The NordicTrack T10 is decked out in practical features and the latest in treadmill technology for you to personalise your runs to a T. For starters, there are 20 workout applications to choose from, catering to a wide array of running targets, such as calories and speed. 

Meanwhile, the deck cushioning helps absorb shock as you run, while the SMART-response motor keeps the machine from overheating. Everything you need to know about your runs is in full view on a clear seven-inch blue-lit display, so you can focus on hitting the pavement while the machine does the rest. 

The Best Treadmills In Malaysia For Condos & Apartments


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It still isn’t possible to bring this treadmill with you on a road trip, but it’s tiny enough to be stowed away after every use—it even has wheels for pushing! However, don’t let the size fool you. The AMAZFIT AirRun has a 500mm-wide anti-slip running belt, making it prime for both vigorous running and casual walking. 

Furthermore, there are sensors on the handlebars that transmit your heart rate to the LCD display on the dashboard. You’ll also find other info such as calories, distance, and speed on there as well. Finally, a convenient phone holder and a fitted JBL soundbar complete the set. 

Xiaomi KingSmith Foldable Walkers

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We know sitting all day is bad for health, yet we still do it, perhaps more so during this pandemic. While long working hours and lack of space contribute to our sedentary lifestyles, treadmills today are compact enough for you to stay moving anywhere. 

Like Xiaomi’s line of KingSmith foldable walkers. Small enough to hide under a work desk or sofa, they prop up like a foldable chair when in use, transforming your office space into a temporary jogging circuit in a matter of seconds. As part of the electronics manufacturer’s Mi ecosystem, you can sync up a Mi Band for a deeper dive into your exercise goals. 

GINTELL CyberTREK Sport Treadmill 

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The CyberTREK is one of the best portable treadmills in Malaysia because it can hit speeds of up to 14km/h and flattens to about 14cm in thickness for effortless storage. It’s also got a weight capacity of 100kg, which is impressive for a light treadmill.

To safeguard your feet from impact, the treadmill belt is lined with GINTELL’s Cloud Cushioning Technology. It provides ample protection across three cushioning zones, each focusing on a specific landing. That said, if you have a weak ankle or knee from prior injuries, it’s best to wear braces and guards for additional stability. 

Ellisa Cardio Indoor Treadmill 

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Just need a treadmill for easy runs, nothing too vigorous? Consider the Ellisa, a stylish model with a top speed of 10km/h and a breathable shock absorption belt that’s gentle on your footbed. 

The treadmill is ready right out of the box, so you don’t have to fret about the nitty-gritty of assembling. Furthermore, it comes with a clear display and Bluetooth capabilities to link up speakers or track calories in-app. Separately, a handy remote control lets you power up or down the treadmill from a distance. 

Break A Sweat At Home With The Best Treadmills In Malaysia

Credit: Magda Ehlers via Pexels 

Over the past year, personal fitness has gone through a major shift. People are still spending less time at gyms and the outdoors, opting to exercise indoors where they feel safe away from crowds. In terms of convenience and effectiveness, a treadmill is a good bridge to start building your home gym. Not to mention that they come in different sizes; some suitable for homes with extra space, others made for smaller abodes. 

Now that you’ve got the best treadmill in Malaysia for cardio, you need equipment to build strength, endurance, and muscle density. Check out our recommendations here to bring your home gym to the next level. 

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