8 Types Of Traditional Malay Clothing To Wear On Hari Raya

traditional malay clothing

Hari Raya is fast approaching, and you know what that means? It’s time to start searching for your brand new traditional outfit! After all, you want to look picture-perfect in your baju raya for the festive season. Not sure what to wear? Fret not, we’ve put together a guide on the different types of traditional Malay clothing to help you find your best Hari Raya outfit. 

Types Of Traditional Malay Clothing For Women

Here are six styles to choose from.

1. Baju Kurung Kedah

baju kurung kedah
Credit: Owl By Nora Danish, sitikhadijahofficial, and GENE MARTINO OFFICIAL STORE on Shopee

The baju kurung Kedah features a shorter blouse hem that cuts off at the hips and three-quarter sleeves. This traditional Malay clothing for women has a boxy yet tapered fit that makes it easy to move around, so you can go about the day’s tasks without any difficulties. The top is paired with either a batik sarong or a long, ankle-length skirt. For a more striking look, you could use a kain pelikat with a bold motif that’s tied securely in the front.

2. Baju Kurung Pesak

baju kurung pesak
Credit: nrsaidaaqilah on Shopee

Need some comfortable traditional Malay clothing? Then, consider the baju kurung pesak. Compared to your regular baju kurung, the blouse top is longer and falls below the knees. In addition, there are two types of styles to choose from: baju kurung pesak buluh and baju kurung pesak gantung

The baju kurung pesak buluh is more structured in design with two side pesaks and a straight cut. Pesaks are an additional cloth sewn around or under the armpit area; it provides more flexibility to the outfit. Meanwhile, its matching sarong bottom has triple side pleats. These pleats are really forgiving on the body, leaving plenty of room to accommodate your food baby after a joyous feast!

On the other hand, the baju kurung pesak gantung has a similar design. The difference is that the pesak stitching begins just a couple of centimetres below the armholes.

3. Baju Kurung Pahang

baju kurung pahang
Credit: rejinahfashionrs on Shopee

Baju kurung Pahang is a traditional Malay clothing that’s usually worn on more formal occasions. Its origins stem from the relationship between the two states of Pahang and Riau, which is why it was initially known as baju kurung Riau-Pahang.

Like the baju kurung pesak, this style consists of a longer blouse hem that flares out towards the end. Pair the accented piece with a more fitted kurung bottom to finish off the look. This will flatter your body’s proportions and balance out the entire outfit.

4. Baju Kurung Johor

Baju kurung Johor traditional Malay clothing
Credit: byhafi on Shopee

Did you know that baju kurung Johor was introduced during the reign of the late Sultan Abu Bakar when His Majesty resided in Teluk Belanga? That’s why it’s also known as baju kurung Teluk Belanga. This loose and comfortable traditional Malay clothing features a knee-length top and a long skirt with pleated folds on one side. The latter is called sarong ikatan ombak mengalun in Malay, as it resembles the lapping of waves. For special occasions, this ensemble is often styled with a gilded hair accessory called cucuk sanggul.

Unsurprisingly, this baju kurung is particularly popular among Johorean women, who would often wear them during festivities or special events.

5. Modern Baju Kurung 

baju kurung modern
Credit: Owl By Nora Danish on Shopee

The humble baju kurung has certainly progressed over the years in Muslimah fashion with newer designs and cuts. Currently, most modern baju kurung styles are more closely trimmed to the body. Blouse tops are typically shaped with a prominent, cinched-in waist and don’t have a pesak. Instead, it’s replaced with zipping and darts instead. 

Meanwhile, the kurung bottoms fall over the hips and legs in a mermaid silhouette or a long A-line skirt. The bottoms can be worn in either a wrapped or pleated style. So, if you’re looking for traditional Malay clothing to reflect your trendy sense of fashion, then this look is for you. 

6. Baju Kebaya

baju kebaya
Credit: Zalora Malaysia Official Store and Altelia Amani & FAR8 Official Store on Shopee

Baju kebaya is known for its intricate lace trimmings and floral-patterned embroidery. As such, this traditional Malay clothing is the embodiment of all things elegant and feminine. Just like most modern baju kurung styles, the baju kebaya features a well-defined waist to highlight your figure modestly and fashionably. 

Also, the kebaya has a blouse with a (typically) sheer design worn over a kemben or torso wrap. Ladies fasten the central opening using a kerongsang (statement brooch) to secure the flaps of the blouse in place. The blouse is then paired with an A-line or mermaid silhouette skirt, but you can also pair it with a long kain or sarong wrapped around the hips.

Types Of Traditional Malay Clothing For Men

Only two styles for the gentlemen.

baju melayu, types of traditional Malay clothing
Credit: Amar Amran and Nur Gallery on Shopee

7. Baju Melayu Cekak Musang

The baju melayu cekak musang (pictured above, left) is a timeless design when it comes to traditional Malay clothing for men. You need three main pieces to complete this look: a tailored long-sleeved shirt, a smart pair of trousers, and kain sampin. The top features a five-button, stand-up round collar, layered neatly underneath a kain sampin around the waistline. 

8. Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga

Meanwhile, the baju melayu teluk belanga style (pictured above, right) favours a more semi-formal attire through a tulang beluk (round-neck) collar and a subtle slit in the middle secured by a single button. Another difference is that the top is layered over the kain sampin, instead of under it. Lastly, complete the look with a songkok for the finishing touch to your traditional Muslimin wear

Look Festive & Stylish With These Traditional Malay Clothing On Hari Raya 

traditional malay clothing
Credit: Rejinah Fashion RS and Amar Amran on Shopee

Now that you’re aware of the different types of traditional Malay clothing, it’s time to find a style that captures your personality and fashion sense the best! For ladies, it doesn’t end with putting together your outfit and hijab. Take some time to tackle your makeup next to tie the whole look together.

Don’t be afraid to go extra glamorous with a bold eye look. You can also try graphic liners and metallic eyeshadow to help you to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a classic smokey eye for its sophisticated appeal. For parents, consider matching your outfits with your daughter or son for a colour-coordinated look.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration with family and friends this festive season. And if you’re thinking of shopping for Raya, don’t forget to drop by Salam By Shopee for the best deals and discounts. Stay safe and Selamat Hari Raya

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